"No one wants to see Pope prostrate…"

As we’ve wondered about the impact of a Great Prostration, I remembered this discussion on In the Arena, the current-events panel show produced by NET-TV in the Diocese of Brooklyn:

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  • joan

    i believe that this scandal was orchestrated decades ago when the enemies entered the Church infiltrating seminaries and rising to leadership positions. Today is the time, foreseen years ago, when this ongoing scandal would be unleashed to cause the most damage. Satan’s only purpose is to lead souls to hell. A sex scandal is only one of his ways to try and weaken the Church.

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  • http://www.opey124.wordpress.com Mrs. O

    Thank you for posting this.
    I do think the coverage in the media right now is unfair because most is inaccurate and although it is valuable to respond to these older cases that are being brought to light, when these inaccuracy are pointed out, NYT and others do not correct these matter or publish them as another opinion.

    My concern in all of this is our misunderstanding of how we view Bishops and priests. I just heard a good interview with Phil Lawler on Raymond Arroyo about this too. BUT these Bishops and priests do not just have jobs. Their authority isn’t delegated from the Pope but from God himself during ordination. The Pope, while successor of St. Peter and head of the Church, is still the brother of these bishops not a CEO.
    I have been under this misconception for a long time because this is how it had been taught to me.
    I think we need to speak louder and clearer about this because some have the false notion that you need to sue the head, meaning Pope, and some is just nonsense because each Bishop has authority in his own diocese. HIs own, not borrowed from the Pope.
    When people start realizing this, the lawsuits that are being taken against the Pope will not make much sense.
    This whole matter is upsetting and heart breaking.
    My prayers, as always, for the victims.

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