What do they have in common?


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  • http://eastofedentoo.blogspot.com Anne Marie

    I love this video. Thank you Jesus for the gift of our son.

  • G.Willikers

    Beautifully conceived: unobtrusive, respectful, and effective. Thanks for sharing.

  • G.Willikers

    Beautifully conceived: unobtrusive, respectful, effective. Thanks for sharing.

  • unfatmatt

    It’s a good message, but a vast number of the people in the video are either pro-abortion (Clinton, Jesse Jackson, etc.), hedonist, anti-religion communist (John Lennon), or terrorists (Nelson Mandela).

    While it is good that they were all given life, many of those featured in the video have chosen to use their life to support the killing of others.

    Slightly ironic that CatholicVote.org features people you probably shouldn’t vote for.

    Good concept, bad execution.

  • Anne B.

    I’m not sure they all qualify as “adopted.”

    Eleanor Roosevelt was raised by a grandmother after the early death of both parents, and Babe Ruth was dumped in an orphanage, where he spent most of his childhood.

  • Aimee

    unfatmatt, that’s actually what I like about the video. I think it’s a good reminder–though subtle–that some of those who are most anti-life are themselves only here because their birth mothers chose to carry them to term, and other families were there to raise them. For me, that’s part of the political power of the ad.

  • Windy Wilson

    I agree, very powerful.
    Will this get any air play on a national network or will it be condemned because of some sort of “political” outlook, or because it is “too controversial”?

  • Therisa

    I like it. It is ironic that some who advocate abortion were given such a wonderful life themselves, despite precarious birth situations, but that makes the video more thought provoking, I think. You can take the message on the surface as life-affirming, or ponder the ironies, however it strikes you.

  • unfatmatt

    Point taken, Aimee.