Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother’s Day gift to all:
your own personal link to Pope Paul VI’s much-jeered-at, barely-read, and quite propheticHumanea Vitea

Neo-neocon writes on the 50th Anniversary of the Pill – it’s a must-read.

Another side of the coin:

We have now had several generations growing up with either missing parents or well-meaning but “barely-there” parents. A lot of what we learn regarding intimacy we learn from Mom and Dad and Grandma. If they’re barely in the picture, from whom will we learn it? The Nursery school teacher? If we have a society with intimacy issues (and I would define it thusly, rather than as loneliness issues), I’d wager it is because we have a society wherein intimacy has been pushed aside for the progressive lifestyle ideas which preclude learning the skill. The folks who are demanding free, government-provided child care are not helping society learn intimacy and interdependancy (even though – to be fair – in their minds, they really ARE; they believe they’re preaching “it takes a village” interdependancy – but that is not intimacy, that’s social duty, and social duty always ends up being humorless, perfunctory and expedient).

A quick “pill” roundup:
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A very busy weekend, but I have posted a brief podcast – kind of a meandering, stream-of-consciousness thing, which may bore you to tears.

God’s blessings upon all moms, and upon their children. Abundant blessings.

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