Confused, Chilling Cold-Blooded Woman

This young woman is confused about many things.

Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?

Chilling Young Woman: Would I condemn Hamas?

Horowitz: …as a terrorist organization, a genocidal orga -

CYW: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?

An interestingly phrased answer that hints at cultural confusion. The Muslim young woman is a Jew-hater who alludes to the possibility of suffering a martyrdom most-identified with by Christians, should she declare her beliefs.

This young woman is further confused when it comes to matters of terrorism and free speech in America. She claims that if she voices support for Hamas, she will “be arrested for reasons of Homeland Security.”

Clearly this chilling young woman is unaware that in America, she enjoys–for the time being–a right to free expression that is unparalleled in the world. She appears also to be unaware that currently in America she would more likely be looked at with suspicion by Homeland Security (and the media) were she to participate at at a Tea Party, or call for limited, not expansive government.

Watch the whole video, to the end, though, and she does declare herself – quietly, chillingly, and with a single word.

You’ll need a sweater. Talk about your chill winds.

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  • Kim

    Truly frightening. Prayers needed!

  • Alice

    I am grateful she was so blatant.

  • Jennifer

    Creepy. That sly, satisfied smile on her face… stone cold hatred. How does that happen to a person?

  • newguy40

    Creepy? Chilling?

    Not really. It’s easier to see the attacker coming at you directly with the naked blade.

    She will be in my prayers as will all those who hate.

  • Greta

    Would be interesting to see how many in our State Department would also refuse to answer this question. Many in this administration do not want to even call acts of terror or terrorist by name.

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  • DeLynn

    Chilling indeed. I need a sweater–and not just because I have a fever right now. Wow. God help us.

  • Manny

    Incredible. I must link this.

  • Stacey

    I would suggest she is not culturally confused at all when she makes her reference to “placing herself on the cross.” She’s actually referencing an Islamic mode of execution, reserved for heretics and other enemies of Islam.

  • Stacey


    “Hamas members of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza have approved a new bill “to implement Koranic punishments,” including hand amputation, crucifixion, corporal punishment and execution. Drinking, owning or producing wine is punished by 40 lashes, while drinking in public adds three months’ imprisonment. Several laws are directed against Hamas’s Palestinian rivals, including a law intended to inhibit non-Hamas negotiators by sentencing to death anyone who was “appointed to negotiate with a foreign government on a Palestinian issue and negotiated against Palestinians’ interest.””

  • Stacey

    oops – I forgot to mention, Sura 5:33:

    5:33 (Y. Ali) The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;


  • Hantchu

    Chilling? Well, not exactly surprising. This really is the Islamic line for a LOT of Moslems. No, not all of them, but I’m never sure if their humanity is a reflection of or a deviation from their religious doctrine.

  • Western Chauvinist

    I believe what we’re seeing here is the fascist mentality. I don’t mean that in the Nazi sense, although obviously what this young woman shares with the Nazi’s Jew hatred is a lot. “We’re hosting our annual Hitler youth week – you should come out to those events.” Funny, she wasn’t afraid of Homeland Security over THAT one!

    No, I’m talking about the (unholy) piety that fascists feel justifies whatever it is they espouse. It could be rounding up all the Jews for annihilation. It could be imposing highly regressive taxes (like gasoline taxes) to “save” the planet. These people have succumbed to the totalitarian temptation.

    That little smile? That was the animal expression of the erotic effects of power.

  • Stacey

    “That little smile? That was the animal expression of the erotic effects of power.”

    It seems to me that at this point we are seeing a pagan soul unmasked. I wonder when we in the West finally wake up to the fact that we’ve seen this all before?

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  • Jane Greer

    I’ve posted this link on my Facebook page. Maybe it will get shared.

    It’s a terrifying world when Israel is considered evil but the organizations this woman supports are not.

  • Jeanette

    It’s chilling enough even she had to wear a coat, bandana and an Arafat scarf around her neck.

    And people wonder why we support Israel. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. They are surrounded by people who would murder all of them. Yet the world is becoming more and more blind to the hatred of Jews.

    God promises to bless those who bless Israel and punish those who punish Israel. I’m afraid our own country is losing its blessing because so many administrations have tried to tell Israel to give up land deeded to them by God Himself.

    I pray for the safety of Israel and for this girl’s hatred to go no further than it already has.

  • archangel

    First off let me recommend Schoeman’s book, Salvation is From the Jews. The final 2/3′s of it details the fascistic tendencies within Islam as well as the connections to Hitler during WWII and beyond.

    The dear girl has done the world a service. They are coming out of the shadows and out into the open. IMO, she really isn’t all that chilling. She was simply a smug, full-of-herself deluded college student. The impression I got from her was that she joined her group to show the world she was bigger than she really is. In fact she kind of lost her composure when David Horowitz called her on it. He swatted her like a fly. Her final yelp was simply that of a loser. She thought she could stand toe-to-toe with him and her arrogance was no match for him. She started smug and at the end he brought out her hate. Made her look foolish really.

    Not sure how big the crowd was to begin with but I noticed the guy in the background snicker a bit. He knew a smackdown when he saw it.

  • archangel

    BTW- The “Hitler Youth” comment was done for effect as was her garb. She’s a poser.

  • Diane

    Unfortunately, it’s probably reasonable to assume that her boldness derives from the fact that she knows she has plenty of fellow fascists that share her views and that many who don’t will leave it to the few who offer boldness in return to challenge her.

    As far as I could tell, there was only one man in that room who had the courage to openly declare the proudly hateful woman’s support for genocide shameful.

  • archangel

    There was a pretty fair amount of applause for David Horowitz picked up in the video. Campus talks, like the one shown here, are magnets for every campus protest group. No doubt, outside the auditoreum there are tables set up for all the various campus groups offering their points of view and looking for members. This girl was simply chosen by hers to confront David Horowitz.

    The guy I thought snickered actually gave more of a “whoa” after the exchange. This stuff was common in my college days 30 years ago. The only proper response to her inside the venue was applause for Horowitz… which occurred. UCSD is a fairly large campus just outside of La Jolla. As such, you’re going to have all sorts of groups. The JDL probably has a presence there.

    The girl’s views are shared by much of Europe, the Middle East, and I’m sorry to say a fair amount of Americans. It has always been thus. I’d rather have them come out in the open. By all means let’s have that debate. They can not stand on any logical foundation. David poroved that. When their logic fails and they spout the Hitler-isms, they have no place but to go but onto their own hatred… which will eventually eat them alive.

    The “wailing and gnashing of teeth” does not occur out sadness of being left out… it comes from jealousy and hatred. One needs to know when to let the fools be foolish.

  • Andrew B

    People like this woman make me feel lost. I grew up in a mid-sized, moderate/liberal suburb near New York City. Perhaps 25% of my classmates were Jewish, as were perhaps 50% of the teachers.

    Back then, in the early 1970′s, it was an article of liberal faith that Israel was a beacon of enlightenment and goodness, beset by enemies crying out for Jewish blood. I remember hearing from many of my classmates “I would never fight for the US, but I would die for Israel.”

    What happened? How did we go from that to what we have today? No, Israel is not perfect, but then nothing crafted by Man ever shall be.

    I expect–and fear–that we may well see the end of Israel in my lifetime. A second Holocaust, and nothing but expressions of mild disapproval from the Western elites and wild cheers from the rest of the world.

    God help us all. Please.

    [“I would never fight for the US, but I would die for Israel.” - sort of reminds me of Bill Clinton saying he'd pick up a rifle for Israel. -admin]

  • Ricky Vines

    My exposure to Islam as a graduate student of theology gave me a benign and even holy outlook of them. As I got immersed in blogging, I become exposed to disturbing perspectives that made me question my basic view of this religion. Now I understand it as having various interpretations just like Christianity and Judaism would have their Orthodox and Reformed denominations. Hence, Islam to me has a peaceful group and a rabid group that will support another genocide without hesitation. Although, I suspect that all of Islam has that world view of a warfare against evil – not just personal sins but institutional evil comprised of the Westerm powers and Israel. Here is an excellent article about the danger in ignoring that. link


  • Moimeme

    I’m not as troubled by this child as others seem to be. Yes, it IS troubling that there are those out there who support Islamofascism. But this girl in particular? I don’t think she’s evil. She is obviously not Arab or a Middle Easterner, but a a home-grown girl who, lacking those qualities and characteristics that typically make girls her age appealing to others, has opted to play dress-up by wrapping herself in Palestinian-style drapery and ideology in an efftort to be relevant. Of course, the islamofascists on campus – the genuine articles, that is – are always delighted to exploit the confused outsiders of our own society. This child, IMO, is a pitiful dupe, nothing more, nothing less. That is not to say that she isn’t dangerous – dupes often are – but I see her less as evil than as a sucker who desperately wants to fit in somewhere. Hopefully, she will outgrow it before she gets into serious trouble she cannot extricate herself from.

  • Diane

    Archangel, I hear what you’re saying, but I think more people need to make their own opposition to fascism known. A person needn’t do anything outrageous or obnoxious, but their numbers must be witnessed so that others will find courage to represent and firm up their own convictions.

    It isn’t enough to simply remain seated and snicker or say, “whoa” as you watch two people unafraid to express their views verbally duke it out. That makes you a passive observer while leaving the enemy standing in equal stature to the friend. Horowitz should have received a standing ovation. Personally, I’d have remained standing until that hater either left the room or until Horowitz asked everyone to sit down.

  • Diane

    Sorry, I submitted my post before I was finished. I’m still learning how to use the I-Pad and my fingers sometimes get ahead of me.

    Several of my friends and I, all educated women who left professional lives to stay home and raise our children, have become increasingly frustrated with other women who passively sit by and watch our country going to hell through the actions of the current administration, which they elected into office. They would not listen to our objections during the campaigns. They would only listen for what they wanted to hear. Now, they are dissatisfied, but do not hold themselves accountable in any way. They say, Well, sometimes you get what you want and sometimes not. Then, you just vote for the other side and hope things get better.”

    Do you hear the passivity and helplessness in that? That attitude presumes every error can be easily corrected later and it disregards the harm in the meantime.

    Actions have consequences, whether it is voting from ignorance and blind hope or leaving the courage to challenge a hater only to the guy with the most experience. People with convictions need to stand up, speak out, and make their numbers known to support the courage of those on the front lines and to awaken those asleep at the rear.

  • archangel


    I could not have said it any better than Moimeme said it. Any other response, given the venue, would have simply justified the girl’s presence and made her relevant… which is clearly what she sought. By slapping her down and moving on, she was made irrelevant and denied her what she craved the most; justification.

    Sometimes the best weapon is the truth in a velvet gove. Deny a braggard an audience and you deny him/her lifeblood.

  • Western Chauvinist


    This is a somewhat hopeful thought:

    “Hence, Islam to me has a peaceful group and a rabid group that will support another genocide without hesitation.”

    We would all like to believe the best about others and their belief-systems. But, if we listen to Wafa Sultan (her book is The God Who Hates) or other Muslim apostates taking their lives into their hands to even talk about it, we will shortly be disabused of our hopeful notions about Islam even possibly being a “religion of peace.”

    There’s an excellent article at NRO titled, The Cultural Preconditions of American Liberty by Christopher Wolfe (sorry Anchoress, I’m boycotting the linkie love until First Things has a button). I think Islam sets up the cultural preconditions for fascism – as does collectivism.

  • AvantiBev

    Yes, yes Western Chauvinist! While listening to this girl I thought of the brave and endearing Dr. Wafa Sultan, Ms. Nonie Darwish and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They have all put their lives on the line to try to wake up the west. I would urge all readers/posters here to go to youtube and search for the videos of these women giving speeches and interviews.

    And God bless and grant repose (though we Italian women don’t DO repose well) to the soul of the late, very great Oriana Fallaci who first sounded the call to recognize global jihad as the 1400 year old world war that it is.

  • archangel

    Islam by its very nature IS Fascism. More need to look at the definition of “fascism” and then read the economic, social, and political thoughts in the Koran.

    Once free will is denied… you remove the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We’re back to that “choice” thing.

  • Doc

    This young woman is simply a product of the American university Left. The fact that she is a Muslim gets her into the MSA, but many of her fellow students, indoctrinated by neo-Marxist professors, feel the same way she does. The Left nealy divides the world into oppressors who must be condemned and victims who can do no wrong. Israel and Jews are designated colonialist oppressors. Arabs and Muslims are designated victims. Rationalizing violence to punish oppressors in defense of victims thus becomes a guilt-free excercise which would earn her praise in her university environment. Her fantasy of Homeland Security arrest for political views is projection, as that is exactly what happens to opponents of the totalitarian regimes supported by this woman and her professors.

  • K Mendi

    WOW, just WOW. I am simply speechless.

  • Greta

    How can anyone be surprised after 9/11 if not before that attack? We have been at war with this thought strongly prevelent in the Middle East for decades. Attack after attack occured and we did not take action. We did after 9/11, but soon people wanted to kind of put this evil hatred away and defend the muslim religion. Folks, it is part of the Muslim faith in the Koran. Imagine for a moment that there was something in the Catholic Cathecism that stated that homosexual priests molesting teenage boys was acceptable in any way. Imagine it down in writing and what we would hear about the entire church with calls for action. Yet the Koran clearly states support of this radical jihad and all the terror attacks with 9/11 and the continuing attempts which one day will lead to a city being hit with some form of WMD.
    I will never understand why everyone is not saying that this religion cannot exist in our society until it renounces terror in very clear terms. We are now seeing this hatred taught in our cities as we witness Amerians using this “training” for attacks on our own soil. We are giving the Koran with this hatred in it to terrorist caught and put in our jails at government expense. We see it in our universities with professors paid with tax dollars and now see it with those preaching revolution and violent actions over the illegal immigration issue.
    We are shocked to see WWII blurbs that were used and actions against the “Japs” but we call them the greatest generation because they did name evil and went out to defeat it with everything they could find.

  • Steve on Long Island

    How about the cowards in the audience that say and do nothing as evil becomes blatantly apparent in their midst! As Edmund Burke wrote, all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

    The prince of this world has become very bold these days.

  • Steve on Long Island

    How about the cowards in the audience that say and do nothing as evil becomes blatantly apparent in their midst! As Edmund Burke wrote, all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

    The prince of this world has become very bold these days.

    This is what it is. This “religion” reveals its true “god” here. But don’t believe your lying eyes and ears, believe the cowards who tell you this is the “religion” of “peace”.

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  • Joseph Marshall

    Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Archangel that this was a pseudo-debate and the woman was a self-duped patsy whose only real function in context was to get the audience to applaud the hero and hiss the villainess.

    “Would you condemn Hamas?” is the classic rhetorical trick known as the Wife Beating Question and the only intelligent answer to it would be, “Mr. Horowitz, would you condemn Mossad?” The old and polished always defeats the young and raw, whatever abstract justice in the matter might be. It bears the same relation to honest debate that jacklighting does to deer hunting.

    Until the audience, there or here, gets over the notion that evil is the private possession and personal suit of clothes of any particular group or point of view, talk of who is facist and who isn’t is absurd and pointless. And until the young woman gets over it, she will always be a sitting duck for the Wife Beating Question.

    This is a Catholic publication and, presumably, has a committment to the theological notion of Original Sin. We all ought to weigh that notion carefully, whether we believe it or not, before calling anybody fascist or regarding anyone as irredeemably evil.

    We must defend ourselves from attack and whatever blood appears on our hands from that we must endure. But we do not need to pretend that we are guiltless of the evil of spilling blood. And I do not think that such pretence serves anyone well beyond death.

  • Mike O’Malley

    Upon reviewing the tape I think you are right Stacey. This woman is not culturally confused. She makes no allusion to the possibility of martyrdom but to Sura 5:33. You are right; she speaks from an Islamic cultural context. I think I also hear an allusion to Sura 4:157 in her answer (in which martyrdom by crucifixion of Allah’s prophet is avoided by the miraculous intervention of Allah) and an implicit jab at her interlocutor, a “Jew”. I think she was trying to intimidate or provoke Mr. Horowitz with a veiled anti-Semitic Christ-killer trope. I find no evidence in the video segment that David Horowitz picks up on this anti-Semitic trope, however

    I find evidence of calculated dishonestly in the woman’s tonal inflection when you refers to Homeland Security. Again I think she was trying throw David Horowitz off of his game with a veiled Christ-killer charge and thereafter she introduced Homeland Security as a foil.