It's a Catholic Thing

Or, perhaps, an Irish-Catholic Thing:

We just had a huge college graduation party with all kinds of family and friends and everyone paused so Gwam (my Mom) could lead us in prayer before we started in on the Corned Beef Tacos and Jameson’s shooters.

Sounds like something my Auntie Lillie might have written, if she had ever deigned to eat a taco.

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  • Rebecca Befort

    Corned Beef tacos? I’m intrigued. What goes into a corned beef taco?

  • March Hare

    Reminds me of the chain restaurant, “Carlos Murphy’s,” that was pretty popular here in the Bay Area back in the 1970′s & ’80′s. Besides corned beef tacos, they had corned beef tamales & enchiladas.

    There was also “Carlos Epstein’s”–not a chain, but they had pastrami tacos, enchiladas, and tamales. (Kosher Mexican–who’d a thunk?)

  • Manny

    That sounds great!! I wouldn’t mind a shot of Jameson right about now. :)

  • Ellen

    I read an article a while back on some of the small Jewish communities in the south and the title was “If its matzo balls and gravy, it must be Seder time down South”.

    We Americans do love to experiment with cooking.

  • Diane