Paul McCartney, intellectual…UPDATED

…still trying to prove he’s as smart and as cynical as John.

Still trying to get John to love him.

How pathetic, infantile and classless. And totally uninformed.

And the reaction of the “guests” gracing the White House? Predictable. They are all, after all, stalled at age 14, and stuck in 1968.

Perpetual adolescence mixed with Botox is one creepy cocktail.

UPDATE: Over at J’s Cafenette Sue gives an example of class.

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  • Terrye

    Paul McCartney did not even get past the 11th grade.

    I read that Bush and Rove had reading contests. One year Bush came in second at 95, Rove read 110 books. I bet Paul McCartney has not read 95 books in his whole lifetime.

  • SuzyQ

    The Bush administration oversaw creation of a federal grant program to train a new generation of librarians. It’s called the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, and it has awarded $130 million to date. During Bush’s presidency, federal funding for public libraries grew from $163.2 million per year to $212.2 million per year – a 30 percent increase.

    But hey, at least he looks good be-boppin’ around on stage with a bunch of middle-aged and elderly celebrities and politicians. I love, just LOVE, seeing my president swaying and clapping and singing “Naaah na na na naaaah…” Such dignity.

  • jill e

    I was thinking the other day about the abuse George Bush received for continuing to read to the Florida school children upon hearing about 9/11. He took a brief time to gather his thoughts and respond with calm and determination.

    Compare that to Obama’s inability to take charge with regard to the BP disaster, the economy and unemployment. You could hear crickets chirping. Just knowing he’s concerned is supposed to be enough.

    Bush’s thoughtful pause vs. Obama’s incompetence is quite a comparison.

  • brad

    None of the Beatles would have been hired by Duke Ellington, their musicianship was too primitive. Their prominence was due to teenagers having disposable income, a common language between a receding power and the rising power and mass/targeted marketing. Need further proof of their mediocrity? Sir Paul’s swipe at Bush will due just fine. I’ll take Bush’s literacy over Paul’s bass playing any day.

    [Must disagree with you on the bass remark, though. McCartney played some of the most memorable and musical bass lines ever. And he reads no music. I suspect he doesn't read books, though, either, and his cheap shot was exceedingly tacky -admin]

  • HKatz

    You see this in academia too. Need a quick joke for a lecture, a conference presentation? Say something about Bush (Palin and Tea Partiers also work). You’ll get laughter (though if you’re observant, you’ll notice that the laughter isn’t from everyone, and that at times it sounds a little strained, like laughter by rote).

  • Andrew B

    I keep wondering when liberals will finally get tired of the “all Republicans are stupid” refrain. First, it has been going on since the founding of the Republican Party (Lincoln, after all, was called “The Original Gorilla” by one of this “superiors.”) Isn’t it time, after a century and a half, to try a new approach?

    Secondly, does it do any favors to your cause to say “Sure, we lose a lot of elections, but we only lose them to really, really stupid candidates!”? How does it bolster your cause to claim that you can only be defeated by stupid, unqualified candidates? It is like the Yankees saying “Sure, we lose ballgames, but we only lose to teams that are much, much worse than we are.”

  • dry valleys

    personally I do not care one way or other other as I am complertely bhammered” :)

  • Feeney

    Amazing that Sir Paul would throw away all the good will that the American people have for him, just to take a cheap shot at Bush. Very foolish! So long, Paul. You had a few good songs . . . .

  • Feeney

    As for the “Hey Jude” sing-a-long: EMBARASSING! No place for this crap in the White House. Phony, manufactured, pre-packaged excitement.

  • lisamom

    Paul was just taking up where the Mexican president left off. USA bad, Republican bad. Then he is probably soy intoxicated not responsible for himself.

  • gemma

    You are 100% correct (again if I may say)

  • John

    McCartney may not be stuck in 1968, but he’s definitely stuck in 2008, or at best, the first half of 2009 when it came to that remark. Paul apparently believes Obama is still universally beloved in America and seen as the man who will make the oceans fall and the clouds part, and that no one on this side of the pond could possibly miss George W. Bush as president — which might not be surprising if McCartney relies on the BBC and the left wing British press for his news of the States.

    It’s sort of a counterpoint to why the Dixie Chicks waited until they were overseas in 2003 before Natalie Maines trashed Bush in London, because at that time she thought it was safe to voice her true feelings over there, but not in front of the group’s fans in America. In this case, McCartney thought America in 2010 was like Europe in 2003, and everybody loves Obama and hates Bush, so there’s nothing controversial about the remark, right?

  • Elaine

    I loved the Beatles when I was growing up and now this stupid, juvenile remark. It just ruins all the good stuff they do for me because I remember the very rude comments like George Clooney, Cheryl Crow, etc., etc. who did the same thing.
    It doesn’t make Obama look any better belittling Bush especially in the White House. Geez where are the manners and class with Paul. His Sir status should be lifted!

  • DeLynn

    Paul McCartney, intellectual…


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  • Joe

    I want to give Sir Paul the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was just playing to the audience with his bad joke, which, while making a point that is highly inaccurate, is something that liberals like to believe, even though they know better. I’m waiting for him to apologize and confirm my assumption, and he should, since about half of his fans supported Bush.

  • Joe

    On the other hand, the reaction of the audience, including the president, was shameful. Presidents with class don’t bash their predecessors, especially in front of non-Americans. Even Clinton had more class than that.

  • Trump

    I still love him but it’s really a shocking lack of class from someone who should know better. I expect that kind of classlessness from Obama but Sir Paul? Kind of sobering.

    Is there any occasion that libs won’t politicize? Sometimes it’s about other stuff. I really doubt anyone there really cared what McCartney thinks about politics.

    PS- George was the real genius of the group.

  • invernessie

    As mentioned above this was Paul’s “Dixie Chick” moment. I’ve always wondered why folks pull this kind of $#!+. After all, who asked them to opine in the first place? I always figure that the smart folks in the audience lose a bit of respect for the ‘artist’ as they clearly are pandering and presumptuous, assuming that everyone agrees with them.

  • Rand Careaga

    I’m happy to see that you’re holding our popular entertainers to a high standard. For some reason I seem to have misplaced your blog entry from three years ago when you took Ted Nugent to task for calling then-Senator Obama (I’m afraid I will have to employ some asterisks here) a “piece of sh*t” and then-Senator Clinton a “worthless b*tch.” It may be, of course, that you take particular exception to superannuated rockers presuming to disrespect former presidents, in which case I assume that Nugent’s invitation (brandishing an assault rifle) to former President Clinton to “ride one of these into the sunset” was regarded in these precincts as mere harmless joshing. It does seem, though, that this restaurant ladles out separate and distinct sauces for geese and for ganders. In my “tribe” we have an acronym for this.

    [Well, Rand, to be perfectly honest, I was not aware that Ted Nugent said those things. Had I known it, I would have been very critical of it, as I think you well know. That said, Nugent is not by any stretch of the imagination a former Beatle and musical legend, and I am betting he did not make those remarks in the White House, before the sitting president. You're on the warpath tonight. I could sit here and ask you if you are happy with Obama keeping 99% of Bush's policy in place, including "possibilities" of rendition (begun under Clinton, btw) and torture if it is absolutely, positively excruciatingly necessary, but I think I'll just go to bed. The truth is Obama plays with words and gets you guys believing he is somehow the noble "other" but he basically is doing what Bush did--and more--and most of the folks on the left (your "tribe" if I may) don't have much of an issue with it at all, or if they do, they aren't marching about it. Or...wait a minute...are you just snarling all over this thread tonight because we've dared to raise eyebrows at a sixties icon? Did you like Paul best? (smile) I can't believe it. I would have pegged you for a Lennon fan, Yoko included. I liked George, myself. -admin]

  • Andrew B


    Which of Mr. Nugent’s (admittedly ugly) outbursts took place with President Bush looking on and laughing? That’s the part of the equation that I can’t remember. It seems like very different sauces for very different sorts of birds.

    Nobody can control what addled has-beens say about politics, but I don’t think that our leader needs to be whooping it up with them.

  • Rand Careaga


    If justice prevailed in the world, George W. Bush would be packed in salt and transported via shipping container to stand trial for war crimes in The Hague. If the worst thing that happens to him in the post-Cheney Shogunate era is that he is mocked in the presence of his successor, he ought to thank the God who countenanced his sundry atrocities.

  • Greta

    One question for those on the left who see themselves as so smart and superior? Why have you allowed the education system in our country to degrade to its present level when your democratice party has owned education over the last 50 years? You and the education union prevent any competition from vouchers and charter schools. Why then do you look down on everyone who does not agree with your radical left agenda and try to paint them as obviously poorly educated? Bush last time I looked graduated from Yale and had more business experience than all those in the Barry administration combined. You run down republicans as dumb and it is the republicans that want to improve education for the masses while you want to dumb them down. It can only be fear that with even a little education, people start to see that there is really no wizard behind the curtain, only a socialist fool.

  • Rand Careaga

    Decline of American education. Comment #24: Exhibit A.

    [Or, Comment #25, making #24's points for her? Why so nasty, tonight, Rand? I don't understand how a guy who has all of his people in power, and everything going pretty much his way is always so angry. Is this still about the "tribe"? I thought I explained in an email that it was not what you thought. Well, I'm going to bed. Goodnight. -admin]

  • Manny

    Paul McCartney has been washed up and over the hill now for over 40 years. He was washed up the minute he left the Beatles. He had something special when he was with the Beatles. It just goes to show that the times and the group can make an individual. Take the group and the times away, and Paul has demonstrated he didn’t have any inherent talent. He was at the right place at the right time. And obviously he’s classless. Maybe too much pot smoking over the years has finally caught up with him.

  • Jeanette

    To show how bright McCartney is, if he was trying to get in a dig at G W Bush he failed miserably by saying “in the last eight years etc.” Seems to me Obama has occupied the WH for the last year and a half, give or take a few days.

  • bt

    I like a lot of McCartney’s music, and Wings Over America is still one of my favorite live recordings. I’ve spoken with more than one person who said his Seattle 1976 concert was one of the best concerts they ever went to, and there were a lot of good musical acts coming through at the time. McCartney always had neat instrumentation (how many other rock bands use a trombone?), and wrote some incredibly diverse pop music. And he has a great voice–not an opera quality voice, but a voice with a very human, warm quality to it, and I think his person really comes through in his voice and people like it. I also think he was the real face of the Beatles in that he added a happy go lucky joie de vivre to the group. I always thought this may have had something to do with his being baptized Catholic*. Lennon wrote some good songs (for example, Starting Over), but I think McCartney was the better musician and was the one that connected the group more with the listeners. Intellectual music comes in and out of fashion. Joyful music will always have an audience.

    That said, I wish McCartney would start exploring his Catholic roots. Who knows, he might be able to write some good Church music too.

    *I’ve always thought that if you’re Catholic, even if you’re writing heavy metal devil music, your heavy metal devil music will be a notch above the rest. ;)

  • DaveW

    Obviously the I-hate-Bush folks think this is clever. I don’t see why. I wonder if McCartney knows Laura is/was a librarian.

  • CV


    See SuzyQ’s comment #3 about how Bush increased federal funding for libraries 30 percent on his watch.

    I’m sure McCartney felt good sucking up to Obama by making that cheap shot at his predecessor while being HONORED IN THE WHITE HOUSE, for pete’s sake. The classless self-absorbtion is pretty staggering, if you ask me.

    The coverage of the comment also prompted some speculation on my part about how many hair plugs (and how much Botox) McCartney requires to keep that level of “cool” these days.

    Hope the self-satisfying snark was worth it, Paul!

  • Mimi

    When you’re that rich, for that long, I guess you just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore, is my guess. Think: what has he got to lose? No one could ever buy a Macca recording again and he’d still be one of the richest men in the world, for the rest of his life.

    There is no doubt a serious spiritual struggle going on with him; I’ve heard him say that the death of Linda eventually had him in such depths that the only thing for him to do was to give his pain up, to God.

    And if you check out his youtube channel, you’ll see a very interesting piece of artwork behind him in the opening video

    He’s a fool who has been surrounded by libs all of his life and drank (smoked?!) deeply from the hippie/drug culture, (and someone who was stupid and naive enough to be seriously taken to the $50 mil cleaners by a vapid, one-legged gold-digging vegan) but somewhere, deep inside, is a guy worth praying for.

  • Steve P in La Crosse, Wis.

    For close to 50 years now I have been — and remain — a big McCartney fan. He’s a great musician, and (unlike many rockers) has even been a creditable husband and father. I am *not* a fan of his politics, which betray his north of England leftist bias (or of his proselytizing vegetarianism). His infatuation with Obama has been no secret, either. But the library crack was a cheap shot that is really beneath him. To their credit, a Washington Post blogger corrected Paul on W’s actual record with libraries, at link

    And it’s worth recalling that W actually has earned degrees from both Yale and Harvard!

  • dymphna

    I felt sorry for poor Malia. I couldn’t have been fun listening to old folks music.