You can get that at Amazon?

Everyone once in a while, someone uses this site to portal into Amazon to make a purchase, and they’ll buy something that just knocks me off my seat.

Like this, for instance.

Who knew you could such things at Amazon?

Thank you for accessing Amazon through this site, though. That generated a nice kickback and will pay for another textbook, come September! Much appreciated!

Also, since we’re talking kickbacks, don’t forget that any purchases you make via links to Mystic Monk Coffee also help out Buster’s college fund. Some great Iced Coffee recipes, here.

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  • DeLynn

    I bet it is very interesting to see what people purchase! I put a link in my toolbar to your Amazon site in order to try to help me remember via your name.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Anchoress: My husband is lucky you didn’t link to that amazing shower system prior to my bathroom remodel, otherwise I would have made the investment in that unit. :)

  • newton

    My shower head just broke! I soooo want one of these!!!

  • Cherie

    I live far from stores I would like to shop in and so I purchase from Amazon often. All our family members live at least 1,000 miles away from us and I send gifts this way also. The free shipping is great. I just bought my husband a swim-p3 from Amazon for his birthday. I will remember to go to Amazon from your site from now on. Thanks.

  • EJHill

    Amazon sells things you can’t even talk about in polite company and things the Church says is a sin to use. (There’s bizarre stuff lurking deep within the ‘Health and Personal Care’ section!)

    So behave yourself, boys and girls (and er, others) and remember: The Anchoress is watching!

  • Ellen

    I’ve recently been baking cakes from Rose Levy Berenbaum’s book “Rose’s Heavenly Cakes” and I can see I might have to use Amazon for some of the flavorings and some of the cake pans.

  • Nerina

    How do I access Amazon through your blog, Anchoress? Is there a side bar icon or do I have to go to a different page on the First Things site? Thanks.

    [You can access Amazon through the Amazon search box in the right-hand sidebar, or via any link to amazon that I make within a blog post, as above. Thank you! -admin]

  • Dee

    Just got Mystic Monk for my birthday..I gave it for Christmas and a good friend knows how much I love my coffee and but did not purchase any for is delicious. Hazelnut for me this morning and a whole bunch of other choices for many wonderful mornings to come.

  • Piano Girl88

    I love to access amazon via your blog, as well as give Mystic Monk coffee to friends for Christmas. I only wish I could have afforded the cool shower head! Thanks for sharing the cool things that are purchased via your site.