Planning a Bachelor Party

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Elder Son is “known” for his speechifying–he is a natural wordsmith who peppers his public remarks at such things as Eagle Ceremonies and Anniversaries with puns, and literary/mathematical references; he uses humor in such a disarming way that you don’t realize exactly when his words became touching and sincere, only that you are suddenly wiping away a tear.

He is is quite honored to act as Best Man for a fellow he’s been friends with since the fifth grade and has already begun writing his speech for the reception. More challenging for him has been the job of organizing the Bachelor Party; he has discovered that getting extremely bright geeks and musicians to abandon irony and take something seriously for a sustained period of time, even if it involves only a dozen-or-so guys, is something akin to corralling kittens – or codifying anarchy.

This afternoon he wandered into my office with an amused expression on his face. “Now I understand why some brides become unreasonable maniacs. I’m just trying to pull together a one-night bachelor party, and it’s not easy. I can’t imagine what women go through when they have to consider every little detail for months and then depend upon others to do small things, like…respond.

“Yes,” I agreed. “Now you understand why some brides are completely frantic and insane in the weeks leading up to the wedding, even if they don’t mean to be.”

He nodded. “No wonder they hire wedding consultants.”

Ah…a guy who gets it.

Elder Son is already very appreciative of Kitty and her “mad-organizing skillz” (and her astoundingly thrifty shopping, too). After his little foray into event-planning, I expect he will only be more so.

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  • Sarah Kuvasz

    Kissed the Blarney, has he?

    [Oh, indeed. He's very gifted that way. -admin]

  • March Hare

    I read the headline and thought, “Elder Son proposed to g/f–and Anchoress didn’t TELL us?!”

    Okay, so after reading your blog for a number of years, I feel somewhat proprietary. I get that way about “my” Scouts, too. :)

    Sounds like being a Best Man is a good life lesson! I’m sure he’ll do well and the Bachelor Party will be great. Food and drink and–because they’re geeks–video games should really be all that’s required for a successful party.

  • Bender

    Well, it’s easier when folks don’t have an over-inflated expectation of THE GREATEST THING EVER. Thankfully, I think that guys tend to not need the fairy tale wedding as much.

    The last bachelor party I went to consisted largely of just going out to dinner. Of course, after saying that guys don’t need to go big, this was a dinner at Ruth’s Chris, and the groom was a sommelier at a fancy restaurant, so we had a few $500/bottle wines (mmm), but it was still just a bunch of guys eating, drinking, and talking.

  • newton

    I’m so glad that your Elder Son is the planner for that Bachelor Party. Guaranteed that it will never be like that hideous movie from the 80s…

    My poor husband once was a DJ at his college midshipman friends’ bachelor party. Their weddings had to be held before their graduation and after their final Coast Guard exams. The party was a respite from cramming four years in a four-hour test, so he took the gig.

    The planner, a classmate unknown to me (thank Heavens!) gave the guys the “honor” of a stripper’s presence. My impression from the pictures that I saw of the event, she wasn’t pretty… and the guys were not the least happy at her, either. She did her “job” and then shouted, “I wanna go after the DJ!” It must have been one of those “Ground, please swallow me!” moments, because whenever he talks about it, he has the remnants of a look of sheer terror. And he doesn’t talk much about it, either.

    What my husband had for “bachelor party” was a drink of Long Island Iced Tea with his Best Man, the night before our wedding. No need for a stripper: after all, he was going to have all the fun the next night…

    Your kid is all right! Be proud of that!

    [There will be no strippers at this party. That's not how these guys roll. -admin]

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  • Lori Pieper

    Very funny post – and very smart son you have!

    I remember when my brother was getting married, and found out what the “wedding industry” and the iron hand of wedding tradition was demanding of his bride-to-be, he said to her – “what don’t you women just . . . rebel or something?” Good question!

    Sounds like a great move – “Attack of the Killer Brides.” . . .