Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Prelude to the second reading at Vigils (Office of Readings):

Sacred Scripture celebrated the beauty of Carmel where the prophet Elijah defended the purity of Israel’s faith in the living God. In the twelfth century, hermits withdrew to that mountain and later founded the Carmelite Order devoted to the contemplative life under the patronage of Mary, the holy Mother of God.

The Feastday of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is kept with great joy by Carmelites active and contemplative. We remember Mary and we remember the holy men and women, doctors and reformers of the church, who have come through the Order and taught us so much.

It is kept with great joy by the laity, as well. Especially, it seems, in the streets of Brookyn! Go watch that video; it’s a riot, but it’s also moving; it’s cultural, it’s religious, it’s traditional, it’s neighborhood-building. It’s a good thing. I bet Mary would like it! Deacon Greg has the whole story

Also, today, some of us who wear the Brown Scapular (the giving of which is commemorated, today), will replace their old, worn scapular with a new one. I won’t, yet. I credit the faithfully penitential wearing of my tiny hair shirt an abundance of graces and a wholly different outlook in my life. I think I will wear this one until it just can’t be worn, anymore!

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