Prayers for a New Mother

Details here.

“Lord, the one you love is sick…”

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  • Mr. Graves

    Our family remembered her in our rosary tonight.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks, Anchoress, for posting this again. Melanie continues to improve, glory to God! They have set up a site where people can donate through Pay Pal if they are so inclined, to help Melanie and Doug with huge medical costs not covered by insurance.
    Keep the prayers coming. She has a long road of recovery ahead.


  • Stephanie

    How terrible. Sending positive thoughts, for sure.

  • gb

    All 600 participants at the Nat’l TOB Conf in Philly bowed our heads together the other night & said a Hail Mary for Melanie & her family. I’m very happy to hear that she’s doing better!

  • Mila

    Having just found out today, she will be in my prayers too.