"Prosper the work of our hands…"

How dare these monks try to make a living for themselves?

Margaret Cabaniss has more

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St. Joseph’s Abbey and a lovely gallery of abbey photos

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  • Jaime

    I frequntly attend Sunday Mass at the Abbey and the monks need to have our support. This is just another example of how stupid government is designed to protect vested interests and not the people it is supposed to represent. The morticians’ protection board met today and this issue was on their agenda. If you live in Louisiana, please write them and tell them to leave the monks alone.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/shanasfo shana

    How silly.

    Indeed, coffins are simply boxes to respectfully contain human remains.

    I can understand the gov’t, perhaps, making certain that the monks aren’t making coffins of paper mache and sawdust and selling them as wood, but to persecute them for their 100 year old livelihood over a ‘license’? Why does one need a license to make a solid wooden box with a lid and a pillow inside of it?

    This is a waste of taxpayer money.

  • JAL

    How doesn’t this amount to an illegal monopoly by the LA Funeral Directors?

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  • Allen

    it’s not a monopoly because it’s just another licensing scheme that those in an industry use to keep others out. Look at pretty much every skilled worker and you’ll see a license issued by some board somewhere in the effort to regulate who can participate in a market.

    Everything from your hair dresser to your electrician or your doctor has a license that their profession uses to tamp down competition.

    Regarding coffins, CostCo realized that the margins were huge and wanted to sell them directly to their members years ago. They were sued by the state mortuary board and forced to stop selling them. CostoCo’s way around it was to find a licensed mortician in the state and hire him to run a coffin division. His entire purpose was to be the licensed seller of coffins for the company.

  • Bill Daugherty

    There is an unholy alliance in every state between the state governments and the powerful funeral industry lobby. Same goes for taxis, breweries and a dozen other regulated industries – the whole idea is to set the bar impossibly high for new competitors.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    How outrageous. Of course they should be free to sell their wares. Government is not the answer.