A little slowdown, but…

I’ve often said that like a cheap wine, I don’t travel well; shortly after a flight, bronchitis often follows, and that’s what’s going on now. Will be linking to more re Benedict’s trip to UK in a bit; things are just a little slower, today.

But if you’re peaking in around 10:30 this morning, go here to hear First Things editor Joseph Bottum talk to Fox News about the pope’s visit.

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  • dry valleys

    If you ask me, Joan Smih summed it up when defending modern Britain against another supposedly unrepresentative churchman.

    For the rest, words fail me. I just think if you can read Thompson & Cranmer without wanting to REALLY get “aggressive”, or quote that comment of Benedict’s approvingly, it just shows that we can pal around but there is a massive division between us. That’s one thing no accuser could ever say, that the Vatican was lacking in definition.

    I do, though, hope you get well soon. If not for any other reason because there’s all sorts of things kicking off that the world needs commentary on!

    [Thanks, DV; no one ever said the chasm between us was not wide, but if we can be civil in our disagreements, that helps! :-) I am feeling lousy. The pope has more vigor than I. He's getting ready to speak at Westminster Hall, now. And you are right. There is nothing nebulous, relativistic or murky in what he proclaims!-admin]

  • SKAY

    I hope you feel better very soon.

    Thank you for the link. I too am a “piano in the corner” person.

  • alexandrag

    REST! Enjoy Pope Benedict’s visit to England from afar, and forget about blogging. Really. You know that’s what you want to do anyway, and the rest of us can just tune in to Pope Benedict, as well!

  • F

    Vigor? You bet. I saw him genuflect at the consecration. I’d PAY to have my parish priests, half his age, do as much! Argh! Brings out me Irish piratess! And that ain’t pretty!

    Now, lassie, get in bed and stay there or I’m going to send over this really mean Blog-Her-ess who threatened to go slap down the Vatican Press office!

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