Can you name all these celebs? -UPDATED

Look at how people used to dress! Like grown-ups! And this seems to have been a fairly casual, “lets get together this afternoon and chat” sort of occasion, circa, say…1945.

I’ll give you a little while, to see if you can name all of the celebrities in the photo, and then I’ll tell you why it matters.

UPDATE: Answers Here

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  • Andrea Harris

    Expect a load of comments and emails from males asserting that they’ll never ever dress like that ever unless forced to for financial reasons (job interview, they have to appear in court — as a member of the bar) or they’re going to a funeral, and how it’s t-shirts, sneakers, jeans, and baseball caps 4-evah, and how uncomfortable ties are and how they hate them, and suits are for funerals, and did I mention they’ll only wear a suit at a funeral?

    To be fair, I will say that panty hose and girdles suck.

    [Agree with that last sentence, whole-heartedly -admin]

  • Jeff

    is that William Holden in the right rear?

  • Jeannine

    I spy Irene Dunne, Loretta Young, and William Holden.

  • arb

    Back row, Eddie Anderson and Jack Benny. To his left, Mary Livingstone?

  • Dangerous Dan

    The ones I recognize are Leo McCary, Ann Blyth, Loretta Young, the underrated Paul Douglas, William Holden, Irene Dunne(?), Jack Benny, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson. I don’t recognize who’s playing the priest

  • Ellen

    They do look nice. But I will wear heels for no one.

  • Dangerous Dan

    I figured it out and went to you-know-where and found that it’s James G. Keller playing himself. I won’t give the answer. ;-)

  • newguy40

    Is that Pat OBrien in the back row?

  • Annie

    Gee whiz! The Christophers make the cast of “Madmen” seem downright sloppy!
    I think they look fabulous!

  • Veronica

    I am extremely glad I wasn’t born in that era. I hate, utterly HATE pantyhose and high heels (an invention of the devil himself), and I will only wear a skirt in very formal settings. Long live jeans! :)

    Anyway, curiosity is killing me, why did you post that picture? I’m afraid to say that I don’t recognize most of the celebrities, save for Loretta Young. *blush*

  • SuzyQ

    I don’t trust women who don’t wear heels. Flats are for quitters.

    That’s Cary Grant on the far left, right? Irene Dunn with the big smile in the back row.

  • Maximus Decidius Meridius

    I don’t recognize any of them, but my, aren’t they dressed smartly?!

    And for the record…coat and tie every Sunday to Holy Mass. Don’t care if you girls ditch panty hose, but can you please keep stockings and heels? (And I’ll wear my hat if you ladies wear yours…)

  • DWiss

    I watch Mad Men in large part for the clothes the characters wear. People, especially the women, knew how to dress then. Now, in the office where I work, people mostly dress “casual”, which more and more means lazy, dull, sloppy. Women look like men; men look like women, as though there’s no difference. Oh for the days when people were aware of the difference and dressed to accentuate it.

    A dad came to pick up his daughter at my house last wekend. He had on baggy shorts, a t-shirt, flip-flops and a ball cap worn backwards. He looked like his ten year old son. What happened to adulthood? The guy is 45 for cryin out loud.

    By the way, dressy clothes that fit are very comfortable. I wear a suit every day (my clients still expect it) and I’m not uncomfortable at all. In fact, being underdressed makes me uncomfortable, but I’m almost alone in that.

    Been to Mass lately? Most people come ready to go right to the next event, which seems to be swimming. Flip-flops at Mass? Really?

  • Conor

    I wish we men still dressed like that, and I wish it was easier to do so. Dress clothes are not cheap, but I find them more comfy, and certainly more respectable.

  • Tim H

    A celeb in any age is always ready for a photo op.

    I recognize almost all of them from TV and movies, just don’t know their names. The two in the upper left are commedians. The big guy standing in the dark coat smoked cigars as part of his schtick IIRC.

    Who’s the priest?


  • Jesme

    Was this a cast meeting for that old radio show where stars did religion-themed dramas? It was produced by a priest, wannit? Called “Family Theater” or something?

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  • RT

    Can you please tell us why this picture is posted, Anchoress? I’m sure my parents would know these people, but I don’t! They do look very well dressed!

  • Larry Sheldon

    I’m wondering if pantyhose had been invented when that picture was taken.

  • Judy

    Are these the Catholic stars who worked with and helped Fr. Peyton with his tv programs and his Rosary crusades? Who cares what they are wearing (although this was when people actually cared how they looked in public)….these people knew what being Catholic REALLY meant!

  • newguy40

    OOOps… I thought Jack Benny was Pat O’Brien!


  • Jess

    Are these genuinely celebs?! I don’t recognize any of them, or even the names that others have identified. But, I certainly wish people still dressed well!

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  • Kate

    Pantyhose were not common until about 1970. I know this because I was expecting my first child then, and they came in very handy for wearing to work.

  • James Stephens

    Check an etiquette book and I’ll bet you find that this attire is ‘informal.’ I usually don’t wear a tie to teach–yeah, I’m in academia–but I’ll never wear jeans. And I don’t even own flip-flops or a pair of baggy shorts, and wouldn’t wear them to take out the trash.

  • nonick

    It’s apparently a photo posed for the Family Theater program. That’s Paul Douglas on the right. Leo McCarey, Ann Blyth, Loretta Young, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, Jack Benny, Irene Dunne and William Holden are the others.

    Family Theater was non-denominational in its casting and programming and included many more of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They’re still with us at link

  • Elson Martina

    I have no clue, but want to know why it matters.

  • Geoffery Williams

    Is that Father Edward Flanagan- the founder of Boy’s Town

    As to the Dressing issue- IMO_ maybe people don’t take you seriously because you don’t ACT?DRESS seriously- Honestly what is your selfworth….WORTH?