Oh, let's go shopping! UPDATED

My email box is full; my deadlines are pressing and I just found a jury summons in my mailbox!

I’m not having any fun, so let’s go shopping!

Yes, I know, no one actually has any money for shopping, but let’s at least pretend. In fact, let’s have a virtual cup of espresso (courtesy of Mystic Monk Coffee, whose espresso blend we’ve been slurping up almost nightly since returning from Rome) while we plot our spending. They finally have permission to build their monastery, so we can clink cups to their ambitious and worship-oriented quest!

One of my sons is complaining to me that he needs shoes and can’t find any he likes, so he wonders if I’ll help him. Oh, brother.

Like Liz Lemon, I not only don’t like jury duty, I love comfortable shoes and that’s why I wear these and these. In black, of course.

Yes, they’re crocs. I don’t want to hear it. I am aware that Buster wears prettier shoes than I do. Sorry. In my life, the feet must be comfortable, or nothing else goes well. These are comfy, and not completely offensive-looking, but it occurs to me that no one who was paying attention to my comfortable-shoe fetish would ask me to go shopping with them!

Funny thing at Amazon. For some reason they keep listing Disorientation as “out of stock,” and yet copies are being bought from them and delivered, so I guess it’s a glitch. You can sample the book by reading Peter Kreeft’s full contribution on “Progressivism or a bit of one of my essays. Last night I pulled a quote from Dwight Longenecker, on Utilitarianism and put it on facebook:

“Utilitarianism starts as an instinct, develops into a theory, and then grows into a method. Pursued consistently, it becomes an ideology. Utopianism is the misguided ambition that one can build a paradise on earth – and history has shown that such a fantasy always leads to tyranny.”

If you couldn’t get a copy of this to your college-age kid or nephew or grandchild, consider getting them a copy for their Christmas stocking!

Speaking of Christmas, the Dominincan Nuns at Summit are introducing a line of Christmas gift soaps that are pretty nice. I am curious about that frosted snowdrop fragrance!

UPDATE: Okay, just for the ladies, but seriously, I love this jacket and so I’m asking, are peplums coming back?

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  • dry valleys

    I’ve been saving a bit, both in my life savings & in the account I keep for any heavy expenditures that come up, so I’ve been able to get 10 bottles of wine today. Mostly for presents & the rest for drinking (though I never seem to end up with much, weirdly enough).

    Because it is from English vineyards, I am able to support local agriculture & get a guarantee that none of my loved ones will drink Pelosi wine without being aware of it :)

    The monks really hit upon the right idea when they decided to make work part of their life & worship. I don’t like coffee (though I suppose you’d say “You only think that because you never drank THIS coffee!”) but I admire anyone who is a craftsman & makes a proper effort over important things. If you ask me, it’s worth spending more on things like that & saving money by buying less of consumer goods which surely count for less than what goes inside our own bodies.

    I once watched an episode of 30 Rock, I don’t have a TV so I’m not a regular viewer of anything but I remember being impressed by it as a show. Also, I thought Liz Lemon was very attractive, I’d be interested in seeing if anyone else shared those sentiments.

    [Well, I for one would be very happy to look like Liz Lemon! As to the monks, prayer/work/study and a little holy leisure has been the work of monastics since St. Benedict came up with "ora et labora" (pray and work). One of the reasons I like to promote the mystic monks (and the Summit Nuns and others) is because they become artisans of their crafts and create small batches of product with a great deal of care and attention, and they're usually praying while they do it; I believe the attention and the praying makes the stuff better than if it were just machine-manufactured. There is a human and spiritual element that is unprovable, but I think it makes a difference. -admin]

  • Pete from MN

    Hey Anchoress: While your shopping for shoes -tell those Yankees to lay off the Twins!

  • Annie

    Last year I was called for jury duty at a time when I was really busy, posing a particular hardship since I am self-employed. I thought about wearing a weird hat or t-shirt to spook the attorneys…but I am too self-conscious to pull that off! Thankfully I was dismissed anyway…but I will keep the Princess Leia costume in mind for next time!

  • http://moss-place.stblogs.org Peony Moss

    Mme Anchoress, how are those shoes when it comes to staying on your feet? I have a similar pair of Crocs (Malindi) that are very comfortable for the office but useless for anything more strenuous, even housework.

  • Sandra in Baltimore

    “UPDATE: Okay, just for the ladies, but seriously, I love this jacket and so I’m asking, are peplums coming back?”

    I have no idea, I long ago stopped being a slave to fashion. If it looks good on you, and you like it, then go on hon and go get it. I finally found a jacket I’ve been looking for over the last 8 years myself. (Finally “back” in style once more)

  • CV

    That jacket is extremely cute but I think it is difficult, if not impossible, to have hips and wear any sort of peplum. I speak from painful experience.

    And I have always liked Crocs. I don’t care what people say about them. Although I draw the line at the Mario Batali orange ones.

  • Jennifer

    Love the jacket, too! I hope peplums are coming back. It’s flattering and feminine.

  • Sal

    Serving Mystic Monk at the rehearsal dinner for our church dedication. You know someone will want to know ‘Where’d you get this wonderful coffee?”

    Shoes: L.L. Bean had some wonderful felt clogs in the last few years. Made your feet look like a European grandma’s and sooo comfy.

  • bt

    Three cheers for the monks and their new monastery!!!

  • Anne

    I have LOTS of Crocs and that’s what I wear most of the time. I’ve got the ballet slipper types (Prima)in pink and hot pink and lavender; and Alice, in turquoise and purple; and some wintery slip ons in black and in hot pink. Even some black heels.

  • TXRed

    A peplum with a full skirt would be a great (tasteful) variation on the returning hourglass/ New Look shape that is coming back into vogue – normal bust, smaller waist, fuller skirt. The “hot” look is to wear a bustier, but a peplum jacket would be a lot more attractive on 99% of the distaff side of the discussion. :)

  • dick

    Funny you should mention peplums coming back. I was away for the weekend with my best friend and his girl friend and she was looking through catalogs for things to put on her list for Christmas (my friend always buys her clothes for Christmas). She picked out several peplums as being what she would like and I noticed there were a lot of them in the catalog. You might be right about their coming back in fashion.

  • http://theornithophobe.blogspot.com/ Nmissi

    I hope they ARE Coming back into fashion- I have always loved how peplums look on me- they sort of balance out my top-heavy figure, and disguise that God, in his infinite wisdom, denied me a derriere. Yay for peplums!