Unemployment Numbers & a Timely Meditation

The unemployment numbers are looking pretty dismal and bleak, aren’t they?

A while back, I was praying for someone’s job intention when it turned into a meditation through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, which adapt themselves perfectly and powerfully to the feelings of abandonment, isolation and exposure that those suffering a job loss can experience.

The folks at Our Sunday Visitor wondered if I could adapt that post, after some revision, to a pamphlet that could help prayer groups, parishes and ministries serving those seeking jobs in this depressing climate; what you see above is the result.

I’m very impressed with the job OSV did with the editing, graphics and layout. This is a very nice little pamphlet and I’m both happy to be part of it, and and humbled to think that the meditation and presentment might help someone who is becoming downhearted or losing hope.

Tonight I’ll be on Currents, the Catholic nightly news broadcast at NET-NY, talking by phone with Nathalia Ortiz about the pamphlet and prayer in this difficult job market, and how even lapsed Catholics (and non-Catholics) may be able to look to the Passion of Christ for both expression of their feelings and consolation. If you want to listen in, you can watch the live stream here at 7:30 or 11:30 Eastern.

Pamphlets can be ordered in packs of 50 from OSV


Sr. Lisa Doty has Thoughts on the usefulness of the Rosary

The Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery on Their Rosary Pilgrimage Sunday

Phoenix Catholic: Our Lady of the Rosary and the Victory at Lepanto

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  • jane


  • jane

    I’m trying to post on the pumpkin bread pudding thread and my comment won’t post … :-(

  • Joe Odegaard

    If you add to the 14.8 million unemployed, the 9.5 million who want full time work but can only find part time work, and the 1.2 million who are “discouraged” and no longer looking for work, the “failure of the economy from a human viewpoint” rate is:


    That is about one in every 6 people.

    Mene Tekel.

    Statistics are from the Labor Bureau link above.

  • dave

    Thanks so much for including a reference to your rosary meditation. I became an unemployment statistic 3 weeks ago, and am fortunate enough to have received a relatively comfortable severance package. However, as lead after lead withers, the sense of fear increases (along with feelings of inadequacy!) and the meditations you offered spoke so clearly to what I have been going through and it’s only been less than a month — I can’t imagine the pain and insecurity of someone whose search may be continuing after months or years. Again, thanks for sharing a way to help bring peace in our struggles.

  • Mary

    Months is not fun. I hope it will not be years. . .

    Let us all pray for one another.

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