This. Is. Awesome.

Just go read!

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  • saveliberty

    That was wonderful! Thank you for posting it!

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  • Ellen

    In a just world, Iowahawk would have won several Pulitzer prizes for commentary by now.

    I laughed until my sides hurt!

  • Piano Girl88

    Bravo, Iowahawk, and thank you for posting it. I don’t always get to his blog on a regular basis.

  • maria horvath

    Does anyone know the identity of this genius?

  • bridgit

    Iowahawk is a genius. My favorites are his satire on the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Iliad. They’re brilliant.

  • Judith L

    Ohmygosh! Thank you, Anchoress, for starting my day with such brilliance!

  • Dagwood

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Others that are worth the trouble to track down are Iowahawk’s takes on JournoList and the beer summit.

  • Sarah

    Should get award for “Cleverest Piece.” Thanks.

  • kelleyb

    Bravo! Bravo! I love this!
    Thanks for sending us down the street and round the corner for this.

  • Nerina

    LOVED it!

  • Noah

    Very Funny. thank you…

  • Judy Anderson

    Iowahawk is THE BEST! My husband and I laughed until our sides hurt.

    I’m going to make a contribution to his “Beer Fund/ Pay up sucka”. Anything you say, Iowahawk!

  • Doc

    I’ve read all of Iowahawk’s stuff since I discovered him. Going through the archives is well worth the time spent. My favorites were his series of guest commentaries by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, including the one he submitted from what he thought was supposed to be paradise. I believe Dave Burge is coming out with a book soon.