"Tolerant" Left Watch

Two weeks before a tough election, they’re exposing themselves continuously to be the exact opposite of who they say they are.

They’ve been saying “tolerance” for decades. Like Inigo Montoya, I do no think the word means what they think it means.


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  • Mutnodjmet

    This reminds me when I met several NPR reporters at a press event being hosted by my gracious political editor at the San Diego News Network. One of them boldly stated to our faces that the Tea Party participants were racists. Tea Party veteran Charles, who came with me to the event, stepped in, and calmly engaged this individual on the realities of Tea Party participation. When another NPR type insisted all Tea Partiers were fundamentalist Christian Republicans, I countered I was a Catholic Democrat and a co-founder of a Tea Party group. Truly, a special night.

    More details here:


  • Joseph Marshall

    I don’t get all this business about Liberals supposedly being “more tolerant”. The ones I remember from the 1950′s and 1960′s were mostly bare-knuckled blue-collar union men who’d had their share of dust-ups with company hired scabs and “deputized” goons, and had fought their way through Anzio, Iwo Jima, or Inchon besides.

    Or, if they were younger, they’d been on the Freedom Rides down South, fully aware that they were courting a bullet in the back from ambush and an unmarked, hasty grave dug by people who would never be convicted for the crime.

    If you can get hold of it sometime, look at the film of Edward R. Murrow taking Joe McCarthy to pieces, read some of the old Pogo comic strips from the same era, the political cartoons of Herblock, or the original Popeye The Sailor film cartoons of a little earlier.

    That’s the Liberalism I remember, and that’s the Liberalism I’ve practiced for nearly 50 years.

    It was always based in moral outrage, just as much moral outrage as any contemporary so-called “values voter”.

    It was not about making nice.

    It still isn’t.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/shanasfo shana

    So they are saying, thou shalt have no President before Obama?

  • Barbara

    Funny how they like Lincoln – the guy who suspended habeus corpus!

  • http://ritestuff.blogspot.com Karl Lembke

    I’m surprised they didn’t have the gardeners go through and scour the landscape of all bushes.

  • R.C.

    I like the comment by Joseph Marshall. Goes to show that today’s “liberals” (a.k.a. progressives) are the inheritors of the mantle of the regressive shoot-you-in-the-back types of sixty years ago…and the Tea Party folk, in their justified moral outrage, are the inheritors of the mantle of the pre-progressivism “liberals.”

    Time and change make the terminology confusing. (The idea of a person who fought through Anzio or Iwo Jima holding common cause with modern Chavez-style progressives is not only ironic but hilarious.) But you can still tell who the good guys are: Mind-tough, gut honest, and principled.

    Forward the Tea Party! (And may the GOP not fail to avail itself of this one last-ditch opportunity to redeem itself as an upholder of conservative principles. If it doesn’t: Third Party City.)

  • http://lightseekinglight.blogspot.com/ D. B. light

    It wasn’t Inigo who said that, it was Andre the Giant.

    We are indeed living in a new age of intolerance.

  • Doc

    Mr. Marshall, why do you put values voter in scare quotes and deride it as “so called”? Since opposition to abortion is the most obvious cause embraced by values voters, how can you imply that the accompanying moral outrage is illegitimate?

  • http://sjkelk@ship.edu Signe

    OT :-) My name, ees Inigo Montoya, you keelll my father, prepare to die! (With Rs appropriately rolled – favorite movie line..)

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  • AvantiBev

    I am working for a Republican candidate running against John Daley for one of the C(r)ook County commissioner seats. I have a brand new phone which I had to purchase yesterday thanks to one of Daley’s female goons who broke mine when I tried ot snap her photo as she was destroying our campaign literature. She was a “good” Catholic by the way who after tearing up our signs hustled her broad rear in into 5 o’clock Mass.