"Recognized as a House of Prayer"

Earlier this month, Sr. Mary Catharine of Jesus, OP shared some wonderful insights into the value and meaning of the religious habit and wrote:

The experience of one’s clothing day remains etched in heart and mind. For Dominican nuns, that means etched in lines that are black and white! White for purity; black for penance. Two years after her clothing, a novice will profess vows, and a black veil will be placed on her head signifying that she has become “recognized as a house of prayer . . . and a temple of intercession for all people.”

That’s a tall order. Humanly it is not possible. It is only because God wants it so that the newly professed nun can carry the world in her heart.

For those of us not called to a life of intense prayer for the rest of the world, it seems downright miraculous. It takes an awful lot of “yes-ness” toward God and away from the self, and that must be grace-inspired.

Today in Sr. Mary Catharine’s own community, one of the novices professed her first vows, and became “recognized as a house of prayer,” and in the pictures at their site, Sr. Maria Teresa of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OP is downright luminous; she is alight with joy!

Let us give thanks that there is yet another “temple of intercession” pleading, praying and even doing penance for the rest of us, who can’t or won’t do it for ourselves. And congrats to the community and to the sister!

Check out the pictures–more are–promised. As Sr. Mary Catharine wrote in her piece: Such love can only radiate joy!

And since we’re talking sisters, here, the PCPA’s of St. Joseph’s Monastery, who recently relocated to North Caroline, from Ohio, are celebrating a solemn profession.

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