I'm Like This

You are a
Social Liberal
(63% permissive)

and an…

Economic Moderate
(55% permissive)

You are best described as a:


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  • Steve Colby

    Fascinating. I didn’t know I was a Libertarian.

  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    Not a very good test– about half the questions didn’t have a good answer. (Example: “is one American life worth that of several foreigners”? Morally, no; as a matter of public policy, yes.)

    The notion that I’m a *capitalist* is hilarious; I just don’t trust the government all that very much, since it’s made out of people….

  • Tonestaple

    I always come out Libertarian on these tests which, since I’m not any more, tells me that the test writers don’t really know what that means. Or maybe, in my dim distant past, I spent too much time with people who insisted that you had to be a 100% true believer to be a Libertarian.

    And I have to say, I do not feel like I am 70% socially permissive or liberal.

    And Foxfier, if you don’t trust the government to run the economy, doesn’t that pretty much make you a capitalist by default?

    Finally, their notions about totalitarian ideology are hopelessly confused: Fascists are extremist Republicans? Socialist and Fascist are somehow different from “Totalitarian”? On the other hand, they did correctly peg our president.

  • macbeth

    “The fact that many people starve to death is unfortunate but unavoidable.”

    Hm…if I disagree, am I calling starvation fortunate (rather than unfortunate), or do I really think starvation is avoidable?

    Like all of these silly online quizzes, they never really tell one anything real about oneself, but are a reflection of the opinions of those who compose such questions.

  • tim maguire

    It lists me as Social Liberal (66% permissive) and Economic Conservative (71% permissive), a Libertarian.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with that assessment (most of these tests have me as a “left libertarian”), but as with most here, I want to know how they interpret my answers as I’ll bet I have a different idea of what my choices mean.

    Starvation isn’t inevitable because famine is a product of irresponsible government. People don’t have a “right” to basic necessities but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make sure everyone has life’s basic necessities. I just prefer we be careful throwing around the word “right.” I would subsidize certain museums, but not others and neither theatre nor artists since, as a group, they do best without subsidies. So how should I have answered that one?

    And so on.

  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    Capitalism, when folks used it in terms of politics around me,meant policy is formed by the most effective businesses.
    I’m big on private property rights, including that the big, effective wiffle-waffle maker can’t make rules that make it harder for Newbie Wiffle-Waffie, Inc or Resale Wiffle Waffle Co to get off the ground. Mostly because I think folks are more likely to do well at taking after their interests than a third party who’s doing it for their own good.

    On an economic front, I’m a capitalist, but once again– it’s because I don’t trust folks in general.

    Macbeth found another one that was poorly phrased. -.-

  • Nicholas Jagneaux

    I’m with Tonestaple about their lables: Mike Huckabee is a fascist!? Thomas Jefferson is an anarchist!?

  • http://fineoldfamly.blogspot.com Sally Thomas

    Wow. I’m a totalitarian. Who knew?

  • http://minoroutside.blogspot.com cminor

    I got Centrist, with a Social Liberal score within a point or two of the Anchoress and an Economic Conservative score in the 70%ile. And I’m with Foxfier, et. al. on the questions. What the hell do my personal feelings about people giving their kids funny names have to do with my political views?

    This is what happens when you turn a bunch of math nerds loose with a social science problem. Yeah, I’m a bigot. Fire me.

  • Sam

    I’m a social moderate and an economic conservative, hence a … centrist? LOL, yeah a number of questions didn’t have the answer I wanted. Nothing like nuance in an internet quiz.

  • http://www.northernskyart.wordpress.com Beth West

    I was scored as a social liberal and an economic conservative which caused me to be labeled a libertarian. I agree with all of those who pointed out that many of the questions had problems and there was not a good answer.

  • dancingcrane

    Most of the answers could have been interpreted several ways, and i’m not sure my interpretation always jibed with theirs. Social Liberal (61% permissive) and Economic Liberal (30% permissive) made me a Democrat. Maybe a Dem of the 1900s, but all the labels mean something else now. I get my politics from Pope Leo XIII, Pope JPII and Chesterton. Small and decentralized means power stays in the hands of those with strong bonds to each other, who all take responsibility for their own actions and the fruit of their labor. The more you give up to the ones who seek power rather than achievement, the more they will control you.

  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas

    That test is not at all reliable. I’ll have to see if I can find you a better one……..tomorrow.

    It had some questions on it that were rather bogus.

  • John

    #7 Nicholas

    No, Jefferson falls in the Libertarian range, go to windows two and three and you will find that only the unibomber is in the anarchist range. I came out as Libertarian (and I am -76% Social Liberal, 80% Economic Conservative) and was graphed directly over Jefferson’s face

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  • Sarah

    I was a 63% social liberal and a 75% economic conservative. A libertarian.

  • Portones

    Reading between lines, most previous commenters are bristling at being categorized by this test … all good people proud and defensive of their independent thinking.
    Generally, I enjoyed the test. However, I kind of agree with the comment of cminor. “This is what happens when you turn a bunch of math nerds loose with a social science problem.”

  • Maureen

    It’s not so much the categorization, as the stupidity of the questions having no best answer for anyone. For example, most people would say we shouldn’t let anybody in their town starve to death. But many people would feel that to be the province of relatives, personal and local voluntary charity, churches or other voluntary organizations, businesses that offer jobs voluntarily, and so forth, rather than taxes and federal bureaucracy — or at least, that the federal and state involuntary charity should be the last resort of someone who otherwise would die like a dog, because obviously no person with a shred of pride would want to take welfare money and food stamps if there were any alternative.

    And then, there are people who want college kids to get food stamps instead of work study jobs; their viewpoint isn’t represented by the answers, either.

    This pattern is repeated for pretty much every issue on this test. It’s laughably inadequate.

  • Jeffrey Quick

    Praise God! We’re finally moving the center back over toward the Right.

  • zmama

    Social conservative and economic moderate, hence centrist. I’d agree with that. Even in my peace and justice lefty Catholic full-time volunteer days with Covenant House I was still a strong social conservative thanks to the influence of my very active pro-life parents. My exposure to the teachers’ union and the bloated administration of the Philly public schools turned me into what I would consider a fiscal conservative but according to this test I am moderate. Maybe that’s why I could never get into Ayn Rand and be total hard core capitalist.

  • Martha

    *falling about laughing*

    I’m a Totalitarian!

    My compeers are Darth Vader, Osama bin Laden, and Stalin.

    Tells you all you need to know about me, I think.

  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    *laughs* Free thinker? Bah. My favorite definition of the liberal/conservative spectrum is this:
    Liberalism presumes the best about people and creates systems that the evil can easily exploit.
    Conservatism assumes people are self-interested greedy b**** one step away from blood-flecked anarchy, and creates a system to channel those base desires into a world in which good can prosper.

    People are fallen; not an original thought!

    *I’m* bristling at such shoddy work!

  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier

    Here’s another flawed one, although they did a lot better on qualifying the questions.

  • dry valleys

    If you’re a centrist I’d hate to meet a right-wing person :)

    I too didn’t like some of the questions, it would take too long to explain why but they are by no means perfect.

    It says I am a Democrat, unsurprising, unless people thought I was going to be a hardcore socialist. I didn’t so much like them calling me a social moderate (perhaps because I tend to “agree/disagree” rather than “strongly” agree/disagree). If you ask me, I wouldn’t want to be economically centrist by their definition because the roots of neoliberalism are now so deep that I don’t like anyone’s economic policies, even though I wouldn’t call myself a socialist.

    [Actually, I consistently come up centrist or "centrist, leaning right" on these things. I'm more of a classical liberal than a conservative, although a classically liberal outlook has somehow morphed into "conservative" as the left has stepped further and further out. -admin]

  • Appalachian Prof

    A “Neither agree nor disagree” option might have helped, but not by much.

    I’m a totalitarian. One of the reasons I studied Russian in college was my desire to battle totalitarianism.

    I was dumb, but not as dumb as this quiz.

  • Miriam

    You are a

    Social Conservative
    (36% permissive)

    and an…

    Economic Conservative
    (60% permissive)

    You are best described as a:


    You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

    I don’t think of myself as a centrist but according to this I am.

  • http://minoroutside.blogspot.com cminor

    Oh, give us a little credit, Portones. I’d bet most of us would have objected less to being categorized had the test gotten it right!