Come on, Monday…

Help me get it in gear!

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    HELP indeed…

    I could not think of a more well intentioned political player like Mr. Lennon, whose naive insight ended up enabling the exact opposite.

    Sort of like when he was telling everyone to drop out, use drugs, then realized how destructive the drugs were and went out to try to tell everyone not to use drugs. At least he tried in earnest. Somedays that is all one can ask for.

    Sir Paul’s ugly ‘library’ slander of the fine Bush Family – puckering for the fashion he perceived with Obama, makes me feel he needs the HELP most of all. What a pathetic display, from someone who used to sing, “all we need is love…”

    Love for all, except a Republican.

    Hey, but HELP is certainly needed on the good side of history today – those who wisely oppose the disastrous Democratic Party. The hubris and fashion provided by many has led us to provide weak TEA PARTY EXPRESS candidates. I have learned more and more over this weekend, even a few phone calls this morning, that the association of the likes of O’Donnell is weakening all of the Republican offerings in the EAST. Paladino is just another poor example, greatly enabling the horrid Democratic Party offering. The endless (they run O’Donnell imagery on various Democrat Media Outlets like MSNBC) attempts to make some very poor offerings the symbol of the Republicans – Conservatives. And it is working – playing on the old ugly stereotypes Democrats use to get their devotees afraid of the opposition. Of course many are just on the Democrat Payroll, but my sources suggest the poor reputation of the likes of O’Donnell has indeed had an unflattering impact, where as the attractive likes of the sound Brown, Christie, etc., had a positive impact on the last voting push.

    Hannity, Levin, Malkin, Limbaugh, etc., those who pushed the fashion, especially the TEA PARTY EXPRESS, may have just hurt the cause as much as they believe they “HELP”.

    There are silly offerings which are simply easy prey, and we on the serious side should know better. I had the same concerns with McCain long ago. And I know I will gain further condemnation and vilification, if I mention these doses of reality. However, I do know, the same easy prey on stereotypes is welcomed when Democrats discuss Mrs. Palin. Their eyes glow and they smile, as they now play her association with the opposition to the Democrats just as they do with O’Donnell. They see easy stereotypical prey – easy pickings to further their disastrous hold on all.

    The DNC TITANIC needs “HELP” most of all. But they cannot see it. They willingly seem eager to sink everyone, so insecure as to admit their own folly. It is deeply concerning, and one can only hope the likes of O’Donnell will not diminish a needed – severe intervention this NOV.