Wednesday Link-Around

I really wanted to write about Halloween today, but that’s going to have to be for tomorrow; I’ve been so busy writing or editing today that I’ve had no time to really blog, sorry. But let’s take a look at some interesting stuff you may have missed:

In keeping with the Halloween idea,
though, let’s start by seeing the “experts” debate whether or not Demons are real?.

I vote yes. And they come in all sorts of guises.

Which is why it helps to listen to Pat Gohn discuss how we can raise up saints for the church.

The 9th Circuit Court upholds a terrible idea:

Last Friday, an eleven-member panel of the Ninth Circuit Court dismissed a claim by Catholics in San Francisco that the City Board of Supervisors violated the Establishment Clause when they denounced Church teaching and urged the Archbishop of San Francisco to defy the Vatican.

Read it all; you’ll be outraged.

The Ethic of Control; Margaret Sanger, Eugenics and Planned Parenthood

The rare event that is conception

Looking at biomedical ethics and the questions raised by experimenting on human beings both in embryo and in adulthood.

“Sacking groceries”
if the Dems win on Tuesday

Frank Weathers: celebrating Blaise Pascal some more. You’ll like it.

Dallas Catholics: liking their new bishop!

Religious and Seminarians run a Beijing marathon for charity.

Dominican Sisters of Mary: hoping to build a house of studies in DC, right near Catholic University of America. With the friars a block away, the Dominicans are going to become a dominant presence in DC.

Leadership: Not Truthful about the Deficit. I’m shocked.

Mark Shea: “Imagine” is a dumb song

Studying Spanish: Smart

Another look at St. Andre Bessette

Talking about Spiritual Friendship with Mary DeTurris Poust.

Gotta dash – happy reading!

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