Wednesday Link-Around

I really wanted to write about Halloween today, but that’s going to have to be for tomorrow; I’ve been so busy writing or editing today that I’ve had no time to really blog, sorry. But let’s take a look at some interesting stuff you may have missed:

In keeping with the Halloween idea,
though, let’s start by seeing the “experts” debate whether or not Demons are real?.

I vote yes. And they come in all sorts of guises.

Which is why it helps to listen to Pat Gohn discuss how we can raise up saints for the church.

The 9th Circuit Court upholds a terrible idea:

Last Friday, an eleven-member panel of the Ninth Circuit Court dismissed a claim by Catholics in San Francisco that the City Board of Supervisors violated the Establishment Clause when they denounced Church teaching and urged the Archbishop of San Francisco to defy the Vatican.

Read it all; you’ll be outraged.

The Ethic of Control; Margaret Sanger, Eugenics and Planned Parenthood

The rare event that is conception

Looking at biomedical ethics and the questions raised by experimenting on human beings both in embryo and in adulthood.

“Sacking groceries”
if the Dems win on Tuesday

Frank Weathers: celebrating Blaise Pascal some more. You’ll like it.

Dallas Catholics: liking their new bishop!

Religious and Seminarians run a Beijing marathon for charity.

Dominican Sisters of Mary: hoping to build a house of studies in DC, right near Catholic University of America. With the friars a block away, the Dominicans are going to become a dominant presence in DC.

Leadership: Not Truthful about the Deficit. I’m shocked.

Mark Shea: “Imagine” is a dumb song

Studying Spanish: Smart

Another look at St. Andre Bessette

Talking about Spiritual Friendship with Mary DeTurris Poust.

Gotta dash – happy reading!

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  • Gayle Miller

    Of course demons are real. How else to explain George Soros and his endless and destructive meddling in American life over the past 8-10 years?

    I frequently refer to him as the “Devil’s Imp”! This is a man who nearly brought down the entire British nation a few years ago via his currency manipulations!

    He recently bragged about how much money he is making from our current financial problems!

    I do believe that there are evil people in this world. People who were born that way or who got that way early on in their lives.

  • Old Fan

    GREAT LINKS, thanks.

    Here is another not to be missed:
    The Clinton – Obama State Department calls it:
    “smART Power”

    Please review the NYTimes take on this very misguided attempt to exploit the ARTS. I hope the mighty Anchoress will contemplate this, and offer more insight, to bring some attention to this poor policy. It is truly important to this old fan.

    I truly support the ARTS. However, it is clear this “smART Power”, which finds a name via Hillary Clinton’s childish demeaning of the prior Bush Administration (as if they were stupid), is another waste of US Taxpayer capital.

    Do you notice the Democrat Party is advertising endless spots for their campaigns, all crying foul of sending jobs “overseas”? Well the Democratic Party funded this overseas effort, sending more US taxpayer funds overseas, to do overseas artistic jobs, building art projects overseas. Will the ARTISTS chosen for this overseas adventure, be US Citizens? Or are those selected for heading overseas, actually be originating from overseas to begin with?

    In this curious case, the Democrats who took over the US Congress in 2006, increased the State Department’s Cultural Affairs Budget by 40% since 2009, to send overseas their ideal version of Artists (* probably loaded with a certain political philosophy) to act as Diplomats!

    And these Democrats advertise to local Union Labor Organizations as being concerned with jobs in the USA? This is the ‘NPR-ism’ via the State Department, using taxpayer funds to build things overseas.

    Democrats are sending potential anti-US Artists overseas to spend taxpayer funds on projects to aid other Nations? To bundle millions of Taxpayer funds, buying votes in the ARTS Community, and fatten the budgets of select ART Institutions (who just happen to be comprised of those having given Hillary Clinton campaign donations)?

    Here is the NYTIMES ideal selection for the overseas job…
    “One artist who Ms. Block said might put in a proposal is Judi Werthein. Born in Argentina and based in Brooklyn, Ms. Werthein received threats from anti-immigration groups after an art project she did in Mexico in 2005, in which she created special sneakers and distributed them to people in Tijuana who were planning to cross the border into the United States. Each pair was equipped with a compass, flashlight, painkillers and insoles printed with maps of the border area.”

    What an irony, someone who from Argentina? Maybe not even a US Citizen? Who profits from living in the USA, who obviously exploits the concept of art for political purposes (or plays politics to further a career), who also encourages others to engage in a truly dangerous endeavor – to break the law. This is the kind of ARTIST the NY Times thinks would be a fine Diplomatic representative for the USA?

    Well, it certainly is a type of waste from the Clinton State Department, which has made a mess of relations everywhere. Hillary Clinton has been enabling Iran to gain Nuke Power, embarrassing all with the Russians, abandoned fine Allies like Poland – the Czech Republic, advertised she won’t make ‘human rights’ a priority in China, told Israel it cannot build on it’s own land (while lecturing the USA for meddling), etc. Hillary Clinton is making Ms. Albright look a little less disastrous as Secretary of State.

    To clarify, I don’t believe there is nothing wrong with promoting the ARTS. I am deeply linked to the ARTS, and even support some Governmental funding – if taxpayers agree. However, I know to ask some taxpayers to fund someone else’s career, expression, politics, which often contradicts their own personal beliefs, is truly wrong. Also, the State Department should be invested in serious diplomatic endeavors, not wasting taxpayer money, with typical Democratic Partisan Machine laundering. More importantly, Governmental financing in this manner is never a fair competition for the ARTS, as this empowers a few – usually connected in political terms to gain. All of this invites corruption, and a STATE which ends up controlling a societies expression. It is far more healthy, for a free society to lower taxation, spending, regulation, to allow all to compete in a Free Market. The FREE Market often is the best environment for the ARTS, especially because of the freedom created, but also because of the lower cost of living, which can empower the individual (it also helps the poor – like ARTISTS – the most as well). If the Democrats did not abuse the Government in this predictable manner, the ARTS would thrive in the Private Sector. The 80’s are a prime example. Today’s terrible economy is killing the FINE ARTS, and it is directly related to this form of Democratic Partisan taxpayer abuse. Private Companies could be encouraged to fund the ARTS in a far more advantageous – FREE effort.

    There are so many things wrong with this folly… I could go on and on, please forgive the rant.

    Many ARTISTS I know are lost in a fashion, which supports the romanticism of collectivism. They have it so wrong, and I know this from experience having lived in socialism overseas, even having personally visited a few forms of the communist failures. These Democratic Partisans who think they are ‘liberal’ are dedicated to the fashion peddled for years via a very unethical Media Establishment. This Media Monopoly of Democratic Partisan obsession in print, tv, music, film, etc., has pushed such a mindless Partisan Mantra. They played the “to be a Democratic Partisan is cool” game, and many without thinking, bought it to be accepted. It is sad, but they have preyed upon ugly stereotypes to push the Democratic Party, while their opposition is vilified, dehumanized, debased. There is nothing enlightened or inclusive about it. It could not be more misguided, following a similar pattern of some of the more fascist efforts humanity has encountered in the past.

    And many ARTISTS today, have blindly followed the swindle. Some even know the only way to get ahead is to play the Democratic Partisan political game, to advertise what the Partisan Machine wants to hear. The ugly nature of politics exploiting the ART World in the USA has taken it’s toll in the USA tremendously. So many truly talented Artists, have taken the road of the “fool”. They have sacrificed credibility by lowering themselves to such a cheap Partisan level – desperately seeking attention, acceptance, and acclaim. The endless production of ‘GW Bush is a Monkey’ imagery, being peddled as lofty artistic expression over the past decade is a prime example. One need only study the massive donations to various ART entities by the likes of the ugly Mr. Soros, and the anti-US influence in various themes, produced by the likes of numerous establishments, like EXIT ART of NYC. This paid for propaganda has had an enormous affect on the ART Community as a whole. It is rather sad.

    Every time in history, when an ARTIST becomes dependent upon the few in Government, a society loses. Culture, freedom, expression, etc., all become choked by the interests of a few.

  • Dad of Six

    Mark Shea is spot on in regards to “Imagine”. I don’t know which is worse, Lennon moaning out that piece of doggerel, or Whitney Houston screeching out “…learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”!

  • Andrew B

    Very interesting discussion on demons. Some valid points were raised, but I balk at a few of the notions put forward. One doesn’t have to accept the Bible nor the idea of demons, but it is pretty strange to pick out the bits that you like, hold them up as authoritative and discard the rest. I hope nobody tells Christ that those were just metaphors he was casting out. How upsetting for Him to discover that he was only healing demoniacs of literary styles. Perhaps the Gadarene swine were only afflicted by stray similes?

  • Jackie Parkes

    Would you mind adding my new blog to your links

    [Nice site, happy to! -admin]

  • Sal

    With the caveat that all U.S. bishops make me nuts with their take on illegal immigration, I was very impressed by Bp. Farrell, when he came to dedicate our new parish church. Especially when he quoted Luke 17:10 in his speech at the luncheon, in that in giving the Dallas E.F. community their own parish, he was only “doing his duty”.
    He is very warm and encouraging- energizes followers.

  • Bender

    Disheartening that so many “experts” should so easily dismiss the idea of actual, in-person “demons” or devils or fallen angels or “evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls,” or thinking that if they do exist, they are rather powerless and spend all their time sitting around the fire in Hell drinking hot chocolate.

    Be forewarned — if they were to appear to you in physical form, they would not have red skin with horns and a tail. They deal in lies, and so would appear very attractive to us. And even if they did not lie, our ability to see evil is impaired, such that we could not see the corruption in them, but would probably still see their angelic nature.

    And if they did not appear to you in person, but merely whispered in your ear, again it would all seem quite reasonable and even good. They deal in lies, especially the lie that good is evil and evil is good. And again with our impaired judgment and will, we would find ourselves giving in to all sorts of sinful temptation, yet believing it was all good and moral.

  • Doug V

    Anchoress, I love your blog. I’m not a Catholic, and not particularly religious, but appreciate and admire your spirituality (and conservatism.) My wife, who is less religious but more spiritual than me, suffers (actually, deals with) ankylosing spondylitis (I won’t bore you with the details.) She is an artist, and has started a personal blog – Art Apple a
    Day – that has recently garnered the attention of the Spondylitis Association. If you get a chance, please check it out. link

  • newton

    It’s never a good idea to dismiss the existence of demons.

    A reading of The Screwtape Letters serves as a good reminder, together with a few episodes of the Discovery channel series A Haunting.

  • Bender

    together with a few episodes of the Discovery channel series A Haunting

    Is that like all those awful ghost shows on Syfy? Talk about evil demons taking possession of something and corrupting it. Really now, why is it so hard to show sci-fi shows on what is supposed to be a science fiction channel (and not the stupidly named Syfy channel)?

  • Guy

    Regarding the studying Spanish link: “When the INS raided Swift meat packing plants, religious leaders pointed to the injustice of separating children from parents whose “crime” was working at jobs most Anglos would reject. While I sympathized mightily, I couldn’t express it in a language they would understand. ”

    You support this??

    First, “working at jobs most Anglos would reject.” Really? The author knows this? Or is it pure speculation? How about “working at jobs at lower wages than the company would have to pay legal employees”?

    Second, “I couldn’t express it in a language they would understand.” Seriously, you agree with this nonsense? How about “sad that these workers, though living and working in the United States, failed to even attempt to learn the dominant language”?

    Learning Spanish is lovely. Learning Spanish to acccommodate those who refuse to assimilate to the culture they have inserted themselves in is idiocy.

    [Longtime readers know that, while I support building a wall and enforcing immigration laws on the books, I do not support "shipping everyone back" or disrupting families. And I applaud people learning Spanish (I am no hand at languages, myself) because whether we like it or not there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people here, and the best way to win people over to one's ideas is to be able to express those ideas in ways that can be understood -admin]

  • Sal

    If the laws say ‘Not a legal immigrant, you go back to your country of origin”, then how can you not be for deportation? Or do you support the law selectively?

    [Way too busy to rehash this. Immigration/Naturalization system is broken and unfair and needs overhaul; humanity of people can't be forgotten; practicalities must be considered, etc, etc, etc.. You're welcome to peruse the archives. -admin]

  • dry valleys

    A milkman living in an Asian area once learnt Gujarati to help him speak to his customers. here

    Personally I don’t think it is in any sense right that there are enclaves of people who don’t speak English. They are holding themselves back in so many ways. I don’t think the wider society is missing much to be honest but how does it help, & how would they be able to deal with things like the domestic abuse that happens in a lot of Asian households unless they were confident in approaching authority figures?

    Barriers can be quite hard to break down, I support more language teaching for adults but less translating documents etc into foreign languages (except Welsh, or I suppose Native American tongues would be the equivalent).

    Myself I don’t support open borders because the denizens of mosques, black churches etc are known for their social con views & are certainly not in any mood for secular liberalism. You know how it’s often said people in the third world will be the standard-bearers for your values? But not mine. May sound a bit cynical or self-interested but there you have it.

  • dymphna

    At the Swift plant the American employees cheered when the INS came. Don’t tell me Americans don’t want to work.