Well played, Palin

In my continuing quest to remain a dispassionate observer of Sarah Palin (even if it means I am forever to be misidentified as a “hater” by her base) I’m happy to acknowledge the former Governor’s extremely well-played strikeback at a reporter who clearly was so eager to attack her that he left himself wide open for her riposte. She quite deftly scored a “very palpable hit.”

“So Palin was right once again, and once again a reporter winds up with egg on face from starting out with an assumption that Palin couldn’t possibly know what she’s talking about.”

Note this story, as well:

Stressing the risks of Fed “pump priming,” Mrs. Palin zeroed in on the connection between a “weak dollar—a direct result of the Fed’s decision to dump more dollars onto the market”—and rising oil and food prices. She also noted the rising world alarm about the Fed’s actions, which by now includes blunt comments by Germany, Brazil, China and most of Asia, among many others.

“We don’t want temporary, artificial economic growth brought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings,” the former GOP Vice Presidential nominee said. “We want a stable dollar combined with real economic reform. It’s the only way we can get our economy back on the right track.”

Mrs. Palin’s remarks may have the beneficial effect of bringing the dollar back to the center of the American political debate, not to mention of the GOP economic platform. Republican economic reformers of the 1970s and 1980s—especially Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp—understood the importance of stable money to U.S. prosperity.

Talk more about policy and less about the personal. Good move.

But I’m still not going to allow anyone to tell me what to think, or how to write, about Palin. Or anyone else.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    You are extremely fair and honest. Anyone who says or writes anything else is on a different journey. I myself disagree with some of what you write about Palin, but I don’t hold it against you. Keep it up!

  • Jeff

    Palin growing by leaps and bounds, making a WSJ reporter look ill-informed.

  • Kurt

    Maybe Katie Couric will add the Wall Street Journal to the list of newspapers that Palin looks at.

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  • newton

    “A hit. A fine hit!”

  • Warren Jewell

    Not for anyone has a ‘cult of personality’ been a help, except maybe to bring a saint to exposure toward canonization.

    It is a cult of personality which has given us this incompetent President. We very, very surely do not need such for any political candidate, with or without solid credentials.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I think highly of Sarah Palin, but I don’t think she’s Presidential. We may have the same position if that’s how you think of her. But on this she scored a direct hit. As soon as i read her statements yesterday, I was thinking along the same lines as you. She is definitely growing. Go Sarah go!

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    Again, what is it with the gratuitous swipe, the backhanded slap? Is it really all that impossible to say something nice about her without also making sure that you get that dig in?

    However highly one might think of every other presidential aspirant out there — especially those that are definitely running (and Palin has not indicated as yet that she it) — none of them are “presidential.”

  • kt

    I’m getting really tired of this “cult of personality” insult hurled against those who defend Palin from constant nitpicking. I don’t worship the woman and I see her flaws. She’s not presidential? Well, gee, neither is our current President.

    It’s amazing to see how the woman has clearly gotten under your skin, Anchoress. Does it threaten you that somebody out there has control of her life and is willing to speak up fearlessly? I happen to be from your part of the world, and I’m beginning to believe the hype that they are putting stuff in the water there to make you all compliant. Just live with the broken traffic lights and potholes, right? Don’t want to complain all the time, after all…

    [Palin's not under my skin at all. I'm just fed up with the people who, even when I praise her, can't deal with the fact that my admiration is not whole, unquestioning, absolute, or that I won't allow others to tell me how I must feel or write about her. You may not like the "cult of personality" stuff but look at the responses. It's not enough to acknowledge her strengths, I must also "love" her or just shut up. Sorry. Can't, won't don't. And I would venture that Palin wouldn't require it, as her admire seem to -admin]

  • JDC

    What I find particularly interesting is that for all the coverage of Sarah Doing Something Right For Once, there’s scarcely any talk at all about the fact that WSJ responded back, clarifying the figures. Basically, overall food prices are not going bananas – mainly just a few of them are, and if you examine the article she herself referenced, you’ll note that this rise is mainly due to a rising demand for meat in industrializing nations. So, it doesn’t even have anything to do with our currency.

    Besides, most of the concerns about QE are misplaced. The fed can do it all they want, but ultimately they’re not “printing money” (an inaccurate meme) any more than they ever were; monetary policy creates money endogenously. Only fiscal policy can insert money into the economy exogenously. They’re just buying up securities. It doesn’t even increase banks’ total holdings; it just shifts their portfolio composition towards liquidity to make lending more attractive. Unfortunately, since lending is not reserve-constrained, don’t expect much to come of it.

    It’s like finding out your car has a busted alternator, so you try to fix it by filling up the gas tank. To complete the analogy, this should be a car that can already refuel itself on the fly by automatically teleporting gas into its own tank. That’s about how useful quantitative easing is.

  • Greta

    Palin has huge name recognition now and over the next year I think she can emerge with thoughtful speeches about various issues that she believes at a core level. Ronald Reagan had years to form his opinions and spoke at thousands of various locations before he really hit prime time. She is not there yet, but at least you know where she is coming from on some core issues such as smaller government and pro life. That is more than you can say about many of the so called republican contenders.

  • jerseyflash

    Palin/Rubio 2012 & 2016***Palin to clean house
    bring in the OIL & GAS boy’s (weren’t they going to pay for HEALTHCARE??) Rubio selling the world that we are back and if you “Want to get onboard-buy a ticket” (I think that Marco is onr of the best salemen I have ever seen**Hey Barry-you just lost your LATINO vote) Get Ryan on board immediately with his Roadmap. By 2020 Marco should be in great shape.

  • BE

    Given the present global economic uncertainties, where highly intelligent economists who have trained for years to think about this field of studies disagree about solutions, would anyone rational want to entrust our economic destiny to the likes of Sarah Pailn? Give me a break!!! If she were President (God forbid) she would have to take advice from someone. On what grounds would she pick her advisors?

  • Terrye

    Policy is always better than personal.


    The entire problem is, this is following, as this was simply repeating many offerings of other Conservatives concerned about the FED’s moves.

    She is always a few days late, which indicates she is listening and following what she feels will be popular for the base. Yes, Mrs. Palin needs to focus on policy, but in interviews this is often really hard to come by – for we see endless simplistic talking points, never a really worthy showing – which I am certain she is capable of, or used to – in regards to serious issues.

    On another note, many grew nasty long ago, when some referenced her opportunity for a Reality Show. They tried to tell us it was a travel – documentary program. But having read the Producer discuss his “let’s have Todd and Sarah do something and film it” strategy – this is indeed a Reality Show.

    Here is another link regarding the Hockey Mom Celebrity’s new program worthy of a fair review (or polite effort):

    “So what does Sarah Palin hope to achieve through this program? (Besides, of course, the rumored $1 million per episode in pay?)”

    1 MILLION an episode?

    Oh my…

    You betcha.

    The selling of an image to the BASE, a fashionable offering, has paid off very well.

    But again, everytime I encounter Mrs. Palin, with hopeful optimism and objectivity, the hype proves way too much, and a let down is experienced.

    I would wager, this program may be a hit with some devotees, can really show a nice side of the Palin family, but will not help her politically in the long term.

  • Terrye


    That cult of personality thing would get hurled around a lot less if you did not feel the need to respond to every remark or article about Palin in a paranoid way.

  • Terrye


    What gratuitous swipe?

  • Kevin

    BE, I’d be more than willing to trust Sarah Palin on fiscal matters thank you. As Governor she kept her state out of the recession and cut taxes while maintaining a billion dollar surplus, not to mention the historic natural gas pipeline deal that no previous Governor could make happen. I suppose I should also remind everyone here that she’s been writing Op-eds, chiefly about energy policy, for years in the WSJ, NYT, and IBD.

    If people wonder why Palin supporters like me tend to be a little overzealous in our defense of her, topping the list would be the chronic laziness of her detractors, content to form their entire opinion of her based chiefly on an SNL caricature and a sixty-second clip from a five hour interview instead of looking up her record of accomplishment in office. But then again it would be far too painful for them to bear the truth that Sarah Palin was, is, and always will be more qualified to be President than the Third World socialist that the obsequious media carried into the White House on their shoulders.

  • Terrye


    Yeah, but why should everyone else pay for the behavior of certain of Palin’s detractors? Politicians are always in the public eye, they have to take criticism. I am not saying that makes it okay for people to be mean to Sarah Palin, but it does mean that a certain amount of scrutiny is inevitable.

  • gs

    I first noticed Palin in September 2007 and was elated when McCain picked her. Loved her convention speech but was disappointed by her subsequent performance. I rationalized that she had not sought the nomination and looked for her to build a record as governor and bone up on policy. Her resignation was the last straw.

    One of her supporters asserted to me that “The normal rules don’t apply to her.” What is that but magical thinking? It reminds me of Obama zealots in 2008.

  • JDC

    Kevin: You do realize that a government surplus is almost universally a Bad Thing, right? It represents unallocated resources, and a government taking more than it is giving to the public. Running a surplus during a recession is pretty much the worst policy you can adopt without taking to the streets and actively lifting your constituents’ wallets.

    Not sure what to make of this, also.

  • Ellen

    I go to the grocery every week, and prices have certainly risen, often very sharply. The price of gasoline has gone through the roof as well.

    I will admit I know less than nothing about finance, but I do know that there is something seriously wrong with this. The price of a gallon of milk gives me sticker shock.

  • c matt

    Given the present global economic uncertainties, where highly intelligent economists who have trained for years to think about this field of studies disagree about solutions, would anyone rational want to entrust our economic destiny to the likes of Sarah Pailn?

    If even the so-called experts can’t figure it out, what good are they? Like Reagan said, an economist is someone who tells you why something that works in reality won’t work in theory.

  • c matt

    The problem with Sarah is that her popularity is overshadowing the best candidate the GOP has who would really put us on the right track – Ron Paul. But he’s crazy – never mind that he has been right about all our economic fiascos, he’s still crazy.

  • Ellen

    I think it was Harry Truman who said if you lined up a bunch of economists end to end they’d still point in different directions.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Meanwhile, there’s an article at Jihadwatch about increased bombings of Christians in Iraq.

    I think we’re letting politics sidetrack us from what’s really important, and what’s going on in the world.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Remember when the big question was, “Will Rudy Giuliani be able to beat Hillary in the 2008 election?”

    We all know how that worked out!

    Very serious, and disturbing things are happening in the world right now; come 2012, none of the candidates: Palin, Paul, Huckabee, etc., etc., etc.. I suspect this will be the case, since I believe we’ll be facing a whole new world, and domestic, situation, come 2012. Anyone who looks good now may seem a lot less attractive two years from now–or they might decline to run, or they might run and lose; we don’t know what’s going to happen.

    It’s time to pay attention, and look at what’s happening worldwide, not just focus on who the Republicans should run in 2012.

    (And, really, one shouldn’t base their opinions about any politician on short, media sound bites, or anything from “Saturday Night Live”.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Heh, sorry; should have said, “None of the candidates: Palin, Paul, Huckabee, etc., etc., etc., may be in the running!” Please excuse.

  • Doc

    Ron Paul is not a serious presidential contender. He polls well because he is the favorite Republican of the Lefty Jew-haters. These same progressives that pump him up in conservative straw polls would never vote for the guy against a Democrat. No politician that attracts Nazis like this guy does should be considered for the presidency.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Doc, I don’t think Paul’s a serious contender either, for the very reasons you mention—I mentioned him at all, because, sadly, some people do support the guy (and far more fervently than many Palin supporters support Palin.)

    But I don’t think his candidacy is going to be an issue, come 2012. I think we need to look around, and pay attention to what’s happening in the world.

  • Mike Mc.

    As was said above by others, why the self-justification, the sideways slam, the ridiculous assertions about a “cult of personality” with respect to Palin and those who support and appreciate her.

    She truly is a Rorschach Test.

    Because there was a cult of personality with Obama, it does not follow that there is one with Palin. That’s a logical fallacy (in reasoning) and wrong in fact. Rather the opposite – the defenders of her are not caught up in some euphoric wave of mass feeling. They have to fight tooth and nail against ridiculous criticisms and taken-for=granted assumptions about her skills.

    Here’s the bottom line: Of all of the candidates out there right now, she is the MOST Presidential. That includes Obama.

    Add to that the facts that 1) She is the most trusted; 2) She has been practically a lone warrior and exhibited more personal and public virtue than anyone – so much that there is hardly a close second in the field of Presidential aspirants – and you can see why she will almost a) surely be the nominee if she chooses; b) beat the snot out of Obama if he chooses to run again.

    Some of you people think you are way smarter than you are; and you think normal American people are way dumber than they are.

    Palin has incredible support. There is no “poll” that means anything at this point. Any poll of any relevance at all will have to wait until after nominations.

    In late October 2012, if it is Palin v Obama, do serious people out there really think Obama will be ahead of her? Get real.

    Obama may well lead a RINO. He’d love to face McCain or Romney. He’d destroy a Huckabee. Palin is his worst nightmare. That is why she is more vilified than anyone since Bush (another hated low-polling person who won 2 elections).

  • Lee

    It is disingenuous to claim that food prices are not rising. Any household manager who grocery shops weekly knows their food budget has taken a serious hit this past year. Companies can no longer hide rising costs by shrinking their products(which is a cost increase) – it’s come to the point where they must raise prices on products. Either way, food costs have increased.

    I like Palin (and I’m from the northeast) and would vote for her. To me she’s a politician not a messiah figure like Obama. We need to remember that the Left’s goal is to divide the nation, they will never be civil towards ANY conservative candidate. The key is to keep reasonable Democrats and Independents from going rabid and have a candidate WE like. Palin has proven her ability to set the agenda – what a refreshing change from all of those years of Leftist propaganda!

    Presidential? The 3 stooges combined are more presidential than the current occupant.

  • c matt

    Our choices in 2012 will be utter defeat or total destruction. May we choose wisely.*

    * apologies to Woody.

  • Trump

    When it comes to Palin, you’re not a “hater”

    Just most definitely wrong lol

    With the types of enemies she has, “deft” moves won’t cut it. Her enemies need to be smashed, in as publically a way as possibe. Quietness won’t remove the narrative. High profile beat-downs will.