Its Jingle Bell Java Time!

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeear!

That would be the time of the year when the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming bring out their twice-yearly limited special-blend Jingle Bell Java, and children dance in joy as their harried parents settle down for a cup of this so-incredibly-delicious-God-had-to-have-inspired-it blend and all becomes right with the world.

No kidding. This is the stuff. With its notes of white chocolate and bourbon, Jingle Bell Java has come to be the Christmas gift that people routinely go wild for at my husband’s job, and in the neighborhood, and it’s out in time for Thanksgiving!

The monks have put together a special Jingle Bell Joy giftpack, too – looks like it will be great for the hairdresser, the bus driver, the teacher, the letter carrier, and for you, too, because once you smell it, you have to brew it up and have some!

Their limited-edition Christmas Blend is pretty special, too.

Yes, I buy it as gifts, but I also lay in a supply of this stuff, because it disappears after Christmas, and I need it to help me get through those long, cold nights. I usually buy enough to get me to Easter, when Jingle Bell Java reappears as Pascha Java, and the world burst into rainbows, bunnies and song.

As some of you may recall, I have impossible fantasies that someday the Monks will open up a Java Drive-Thru, just for me:

. . . since the good monks at Mystic Monk Coffee have not yet figured out how to create a chain of drive-through monasteries at which I may satisfy my daily longing for their incredible, smooth, rich java I went to a different drive-through chain for an inferior but fast and hot blend.

(Aside: I love the idea of a drive-through monastery/coffee house. At the intercom you hear a chant: “Benedicite…Caaaan weeee heeeelp youuu?”

Me: “Monks! Gimmee coffee! The Dark Roast! The incredible Hazelnut! GIMMEE IRISH CREME COFFEE! And a Novena! And put it in a Saint-of-the-Day cup!”

Monk: “Deo Gratias…Wouuuulllld youuuu like a bleeeeeeeesssssinnnngg with that jaaavaaaa?”

Me: “Yes! Bless me till your blesser is broke and throw in a Pater Noster!”

Monk: “Alleluia Alleluia! Driiiiive thrrroooouugh toooo the seecond winnndoowww In nomine patrie…

I would love that. But I digress…)

As ever, when you purchase any of the delicious Mystic Monk coffees or useful accessories, this blog receives an affiliates stipend for which I am always tremendously grateful! Thanks for buying your coffees, mugs and Gregorian Chant CD’s from this website!

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  • tomg51

    sorry, unrelated, but:

    where did littlemissatilla go?

    [?? I don't understand your question? -admin]

  • Courtney F.

    Dang it. I was looking forward to finally trying this coffee this Christmas…but then I discovered I’m expecting, and am thus relegated to decaf!

    [Jingle Bell Java comes in decaf! And congrats! -admin]

  • Kris, in New England

    Ah – I got the e-mail from the Monks this morning, announcing the JBJ was back.

    The angels sang.

    I’m like you Anchoress – I have to stock up to get me thru to the next batch at Easter. And I’m going to treat my office to some in December. We do a monthly goodie table and I provide the coffee. They won’t know what hit them!

    It’s like Christmas in a cup. Ahhhh.

  • MJ

    Ahhh!!! My new supply arrived on my front porch yesterday!!! I was on my last of my Pascha Java so I’m good again.

    Courtney F. — Congratulations on the baby!! By the way, Jingle Bell Java comes in decaf so you would be able to partake.

  • Courtney F.

    Well, color me surprised! I checked the site, but I completely failed to see the little “Regular-Decaf” selector!

    I really shouldn’t be surprised–after all, why shouldn’t coffee made by monks come with a small, complimentary Christmas miracle? ;)

  • Estragon

    I’m no fan of “flavored” coffee – honestly, doesn’t real coffee have enough flavor for you? Of course, when offered cream and sugar, I always reply, “When I want cream and sugar, I order a milkshake!”

    The monks do a great job roasting, though, and their “real” coffees are fantastic. MM blend, Hermit’s, Midnight Vigil, Cowboy blend, Sumatran, are all worthy, and I stock up for every Easter and Christmas season since finding them about three years ago.

    Their CD is wonderful, too, the two-handled mugs make great gifts, and the tee shirts always get a second look.

    [Agree with you - the Hermit's Bold Blend is one of my very faves! -admin]

  • Roger_the_Shrubber

    Just ordered three bags to give to friends.

  • Gayle Miller

    While I absolutely adore Cowboy Blend and usually disdain flavored coffees – for JBJ I make a huge exception – to the point that I have a couple pounds stashed in my freezer so I don’t have to wait for delivery!

    By the way – try their new travel/french press mug! It’s FABULOUS!

    [My husband was wondering about that! -admin]

  • Kim

    Apparently, more than one monastery is selling coffee – and Starbucks has issues with the term “Christmas Blend.”


  • Kurt

    The Jingle Bell Java sounds pretty good. I might have to order some. Any chance they also produce a holiday coffee with chocolate and peppermint in it, as well? I got one like that a few years ago on clearance at a store after Christmas and it was fantastic. I haven’t seen it anywhere since, though.

    [The Christmas blend changes every year so I don't know what it's like this year, yet. Usually it's a fairly rich roast. I think the monks have a mint coffee, though. -admin]

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