A Few Hours Off – UPDATE

15th-century Madonna Della Strada at Gesu

One of our first stops in Rome was to Gesu, which was around the corner from our lodgings.

I fell in love with this Madonna and Child. Amid all of the beauty of that church, and it is very grand and gorgeous, this simple image stood out. Our Lady of the Way, or Our Lady of the Road.

With the liturgical year ending,
the work (thankfully, blessedly) increasing, I realize I need to take a few hours away from the desk and the computer, so that I can get my head straight, and my feet under me, on this busy road. As I make my way, I realize how little I know.

She’s good company, I think, and a good teacher, this Madonna della Strata.

Back sometime after Vespers.

Fr. James Martin, who also loves Madonna Della Strada sends along some information you’ll find interesting!

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