"Are you a woman of God?" UPDATED

That’s the question Sr. Lisa Doty got from a kid in trouble:

“Yes, I am,” I responded, “is there something I can do for you?”

Looking down at his feet, he stammered, hardly audible, “I’m not sure what you can do, but I really could use your prayers.” He went on to explain how he had gotten into a lot of trouble at school, and as a result of it, he was expelled. Naturally, his folks are angry, and they worry he won’t be able to go on to college. “I’ve ruined everything! I have no future now!” Tears escaped from the corners of his eyes.

I asked if he belonged to a particular church.He said “Southern Baptist” but that he and his family hasn’t attended for a long time.
Our society is becoming more and more out of touch with reality. Our actions tend to be more disconnected from the consequences. In video games, when we make a wrong move, we can start again; movies and television often portray the protagonist as a bright, mischievous person; the audience is encouraged to cheer when they bend the rules and come out ahead. In real life too, we see popular figures caught up in adultery, drugs, violence, and vandalism who appear to resume their lives of success and fame with seemingly no long-term consequences for their actions.

The reality is, everything we do has a consequence. Here before me was a young man, in some ways still a boy, having to find a way through a tough lesson. I knew what I had to do.

You’ll want to read it all, here

Also, some other young sisters talk about their apostolates and habits

Something Unusual: Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma post pictures of a solemn profession. Nice.

And, let’s read about a good priest appearing on PBS

If you did not get a chance earlier, don’t forget to read Marcia Morrissey’s wise and warm column and Joseph Susanka’s lovely piece on an Iraqi film I’d never heard of!

Also, don’t forget!: Deacon Greg will be moved into his new digs by Monday, so set your bookmarks!

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  • http://onlyGod Posey

    Holy Spirit is the only guide thru the world of abandoned children.

  • http://onlyGod Posey

    loss of parental love (regardless of sex) devastates children.

  • tim maguire

    He could start by thanking the good lord he is an American. We are still (though no longer only) the land of second chances. Fitzgerald’s silly claim notwithstanding, we are a people who believe in letting people make their mistakes and try again.

    I haven’t read the full essay yet, but I take exception to the lament, “popular figures caught up in adultery, drugs, violence, and vandalism who appear to resume their lives of success and fame with seemingly no long-term consequences.”

    That is not a fault of our society, it is a strength, a great one in my opinion. Perhaps her mistake is assuming it is a privilege of rank, that renewal is available only to popular figures, but it is not. It is available to anyone and for all but the most serious crimes.

  • tim maguire

    By “no longer only”, I meant other countries have also become lands of second chances, but that we were once nothing more than a land of second chances. Sorry for the lapse.

  • Timon

    I think the point about continued fame and success may also be that it covers up the real difficulty that poor choices create in a person’s life. There are opportunities permanently lost, although others remain, and there are relationships permanently lost or damaged for a long time.

  • F

    Thank you, Anchoress, for the post by Sr. Lisa Doty. What a great example of the charism of intercessor she is, and charity and many other charisms. I like how she asked God to help her see. That made an impression on me.

  • http://bouquetbridal.blogspot.com/ Coco

    Kids don’t just turn out bad for no reason, parents and the structure of society with parents working more and more and leaving the child raising to virtual strangers has much to do with it, Children need proer guidance and mentors.

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