Most Excellent Vid on Mariology

Sent along by reader Vicki, who is not Catholic, this video is one of the best brief expositions I’ve ever seen on the theological role Mary plays in this whole pageant of salvation in which we live, and for which we seek understanding.

It may seem a little long at 11 minutes, but it moves quickly and covers quite a lot of ground. Stick with it and enjoy!

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  • Steve Colby

    Anchoressss! It seems long at eight minutes because it is really eleven minutes!
    What was it your son was saying about everyone looking like robots?
    Put your feet up, take a deep breath, sip a cup of tea, and know we love you.

    [Heh. Thanks for the headsup. I am a little tired today! -admin]

  • Stuart

    Oh this is just fantastic! I’m converting from Anglicanism via the RCIA and will admit the RC understanding of Mary has been somewhat baffling. This goes a long way to clearing the mist, thank you.

  • Patrick

    Thanks so much for passing along this wonderful video!!!

  • Mandy P.

    I am especially appreciative of this video. As I’m going through the RCIA process, I’m trying to explain some of the more controversial (to Protestants, anyway) beliefs to my mom. She’s been extremely supportive, but has a lot of questions about things and the veneration of Mary is a sticking point for many outside of the Church.

    So, I’m going to send this video to my mom. It explains the love and respect we have for the Blessed Virgin in a much more succinct way than I ever could. She’ll especially appreciate the comparisons between the Old and New Covenants.


  • Lisa Graas

    That’s awesome. I would add one thing.

    Contents of the Ark of the Covenant:

    The Rod of Aaron was a shepherd’s staff. The staff of the Shepherd shows ‘The Way’ the sheep must go.

    The Ten Commandments were ‘The Truth’ delivered that must be followed.

    The Manna provided ‘Life’ to those who ate it.

    Contents of the Ark = “The Way, The Truth and the Life”

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  • Stuart

    @Lisa Grass, wonderful, thank you for that insight….

  • Lisa Graas

    Stuart, I am rejoicing for you that this has been opened up for you! Blessings, my brother…and welcome home.

  • Gloria

    Wow! Christians certainly do know how to read.

    Many years ago, I went to a lecture by a Professor of medieval French literature. She pointed out that Western men had been civilized and taught to treat women with respect because of the profound reverence for Mary in Roman Catholicism practice. This reverence ended up percolating into European culture of the time and we see it in the heroic lays sung by the court poets in France. The lays describe the Knight having a platonic love for a Lady in the kingdom and fulfilling a quest that the Lady sets for the Knight. In the process of fulfilling the quest, the Knight slays a dragon. I had never connected the dragon to Catholicism until I saw the video today and realized dragons are mentioned in Revelations.

    The French Lit professor pointed out that the reverence for Mary was the source for European men learning from their culture that they should respect women. Around the rest of the world at the time, and even now, we find very little respect for women.

  • Lisa Graas

    Thanks for your comment, Gloria. That’s very interesting, insightful….and important. You’re right, of course. Reverence for Mary is one thing that helps men to understand the dignity of all women. I know some protestant men who have little respect for women precisely because they see women as the daughters of Eve, but not as the daughters of Mary, whom they do not know to be so special.

  • wpdunn71901

    I’m Not Catholic, but i LOVE Mary, something about her makes me smile and realize just how tough that ‘lil gal was
    Thank You Elizabeth for bringing comfort to a semi-pagan and best wishes in the coming new year

  • dianne

    Back when I was a Prostestant, I thought the idea of Mary being the new Eve, just as Jesus was the new Adam, was a doctrine that developed over hundreds of years. As a Catholic I read that Irenaeus wrote in 190 A.D. that Mary was the new Eve.

  • Mandy

    Thank you Mrs. Scalia. Can someone who is a techie tell me how to access this so that I can forward it along to my friends via email? Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Brother Paul Mary

    I am quite please to note that this video gets a plug on a site that gets regular links from newadvent.

    Most of the makers videos are quite good.

    Brother Paul Mary in Cork Ireland :)

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  • Victor

    Adam, Eve and God’s Object of their time vs Jesus The Christ and His Blessed Mother of our Heavenly Father’s Time who always has the final “Word” and that’s how I see “IT” as of today.

    Great Post Anchoress

  • Manny

    This is an excellent video and to my knowledge touches all the bases. To those that would like a detailed lecture on Marionology, go to Lighthouse Catholic Media and for $3 download a lecture by Dr. Scott Hahn titled, “The Virgin Mary Revealed Through Scripture.” Dr. Hahn is a former protestant theologian converted to Catholicism. It’s well worth the three bucks. Here’s the link:

  • Steve Colby

    Wonderful post, Anchoress. Thanks.
    Lisa and Gloria, thanks for your insightful comments. I will have to re-read my Bible again.

    Mandy – copy the web page address and paste it in an e-mail to your friends:

  • Frances

    As an inquisitive Christian (no denomination … yet) I’m unsure how to handle the ‘Mary as the New Eve’ comparison. Wasn’t Eve the ‘spouse’ of Adam? They did have children together … right? How then compare Mary to her? Keeping with that same thought process, I’m not sure that I can accept the Jesus as the new Adam because of Adam’s fall from Grace … which Jesus never experienced. Although Adam was created by the mind and hand of God, he certainly wasn’t created to save mankind but to enjoy God and God’s creation (including Eve). Am I thinking in black/white terms and missing a lot of gray areas? Help!

  • Mandy

    Thank you Mr. Colby

  • Patrick

    @Frances Mary is the New Eve because she and Jesus share the same flesh, and for the other reasons listed in the video. Mary is our spiritual mother, Jesus gave her to us on the cross. Jesus is the New Adam because it is through Him “life gushed forth for souls” (St. Faustina’s diary). He is the “fount” of our spiritual life. All Christians therefore, are spiritual descendants of Jesus.

    You are right in saying that Jesus did not fall from grace, but that is why He is the New Adam–He needed to correct the actions of Adam and Eve. This is why we need a man-God: a man must correct the sins of another man (Adam), but it can only be done by God–Jesus.

    So basically, because Adam and Eve fell from grace, creation needed a New Adam and a New Eve to be restored to that grace.

    I hope this helps you, and good luck on your spiritual journey!

  • Ed

    A Protestant preacher who has some nice things to say about Mary. He’s Ron Phillips in Tennessee.The title of the sermon: “The Wonder of Mary and Jesus”

  • Frances

    Thank you, Patrick! I appreciate your insight and explanations. They are very helpful!

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  • Denis Giannelli

    Overall a very good video.The only part I have trouble with: “Enoch and Elias assumed into heaven??”
    The gates of Heaven were closed to all, until opened by Christ’ Ascension. The Tradition of the Church concerning Enoch and Elias is that they never died- they are set apart on earth(Eden?) until they return to do battle with Anti-Christ and die and are left in the streets for three days, will be resurrected and finally assumed into heaven. This will take place just before the second coming of Christ. (please see Apoc 11:11-13- “My two witnesses” refers to Enoch and Elias and “History of Antichrist”[Tan] by Rev. P Huchede-for a good, short yet concise treatment)

  • Molly

    someone below mentioned they have trouble with accepting Mary as the new eve because Eve was created to be Adam’s spouse. What I was taught is Mary is a daughter of God the Father, Mother of God the Son, and Spouse of God the Holy Spirit.

  • Miriam

    Mandy here is a direct link to the video on You Tube.

  • Miriam

    I first saw the video on Conversion Diary. I have sent it everywhere.


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  • Peter

    Regarding Enoch and Elias and the closed gate of heaven, Christ’s work in history happened at a discrete time, yet is an eternal work, so in a mysterious way the work was already done before it happened. Our idea of sequence and causality is part of our mortal state here on earth and should not be extended to divine things.

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  • Denis Giannelli

    Regarding Peter’s comment on Enoch and Elias:It is only in the Blessed Mother that a “mysterious work” was completed before it happened in time. Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Conception took place “by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God, in virtue of the merits of Christ Jesus.”(Pius IX). When Our Lord descended into Hell-He freed the souls of the Just of the Old Test. who were detained there. When He ascended “He threw open its gates, which had been closed by the sin of Adam” (Roman Catechism) Finally in Ott’s Fund.of Catholic Dogma: “Rationalism is opposed to this dogma(Christ’s Ascension) and seeks to explain the origin of belief in the Ascension by borrowing from the Old Test. carrying off of Henoch(Enoch) and the ascension of Elias or from pagan mythology, but in doing so omits to see the basic differences.” And “All human beings subject to original sin are subject to the law of death.(DeFide/Of Faith)