Post-Christmas Veg-Out – UPDATED



Christmas is exhilarating, but tiring. We’re tired over here, too. And my poor Mother-in-Law is sick because she tries to do too much, can never do enough. If you could whisper up a prayer for her, I’m sure it would turn a good effect.

Too tired to write anything–I have a splendid rant inside me about irreverence at mass, from the sanctuary to the pews, but ranting takes energy.

I do have some nifty videos for you:

From Vanderleun, this one is pretty adorable:

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Sticking with the kids, Fr. Steve brings us their Christmas Story. Catch the kid singing at 2:01.

Fr. Steve has lots of good stuff, btw, so you should just head over there, and scroll down.

A virtual tour: St. John Lateran in Rome

“Word became flesh” and “the first born of many brothers.”

Fr. Dwight:
contemplates ending his blog

UPDATE: Ever wonder if knowing all he learned from Clarence the Angel had a corrosive effect on George Bailey’s Soul?

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  • Manny

    My mother is the same as your mother-in-law, completely exhausted from doing way too much. I think you once said your M-I-L was of Italian ethnicity. My mother is Italian. They must come from the same stock. They just don’t make women like that any more.

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  • Dave G

    I love the Hallelujah Chorus video. If only they knew that “kings” and “lords” aren’t spelled with apostrophes!!

  • J

    In my small town in MA we have two churches. Last year I went to the one who has a priest that cannot give a sermon without bashing the USA. I went to the other church this Christmas. Behind me sat a mother and 8 year old child. The little boy brought his Christmas toys to mass to entertain himself. The mother, in a normal speaking voice, attempted to instruct her child in the mass. When she was not standing, with her child, in the middle of the aisle, talking in a normal voice, she was sitting behind me drowning out the priest. Meanwhile, the child was either playing with his toys or hanging upside down over my pew. It was a challenge to hear and pay attention to mass.

  • dry valleys

    You can go for a walk to reinvigorate yourself.

    [Digging out snow does the trick, too! :-) -admin]

  • Anne Marie

    TLM = A cure for irreverence during Mass, and it’s not just the little old lady and SSPX crowd sitting in rapt attention. My 10yo son was memorized right from the start announcing after Mass that he liked the music better and that he wanted to learn to serve this Mass, and can we please come again ASAP.

  • Mandy

    There is irreverance at Mass and there is also some “disturbances” that are really quite lovely. I was sitting near a woman with down syndrome at our crowded Mass on Christmas. We sang Joy to the World and she contributed with as much gusto as she could possibly achieve. She was unable to actually sing the hymn but it was beautiful as far as I was concerned. I look forward to your “rant” re irreverance.

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  • Kensington

    I really want to hear your irreverence at Mass rant.

  • Sally Thomas

    Re Mandy — friends in our parish have, among their many children, a twenty-three-year-old daughter with severe developmental disabilities. She’s basically a young-adult two-year-old. In Mass — which in our parish is generally quiet and reverent — she’s often quite vocal, and we’ve all just gotten used to it. One of the things she does, which always strikes me as remarkable, is to say much of the Prayer of Consecration along with the priest. Now, as a congregational practice that’s not exactly appropriate, but I’m always struck by the fact that this barely-verbal person KNOWS those words by heart. Her “amen” is also very vehement. Her mother does try to quiet her as much as possible, as you’d do with a “real” toddler, but her presence is a constant reminder of our childhood before God, and of the need to have His words written on our hearts.

    On the other hand, my daughter said that the people behind her talked all through the Mass, and the child with them was playing with some very jangly toy — why *that* toy for Mass, she kept wondering. Having had very noisy, restless children myself, I really sympathize, though — at the same daughter’s second Christmas, I was singing in the choir and had her sitting with me in the stalls (in an Anglican church, with choir stalls at the front). At one point she tore away from me and flung herself down on the floor in front of the Christmas crib, screaming, “I want Baby Jesus! I want Baby Jesus!” So I am in noooooooo position to point fingers at anyone else . . . I’ve been that person whose child made Christmas memorable for everyone . . .

    [Sally - what a story you could write about that 23 year old! I hope you do. admin]

  • F

    Just played the kiddies telling the Xmas story. Laughed til I got asthmatic and am now wheezing. That is priceless! My mom and my brother were spellbound.

    We also so appreciated the Alaskan kids and the Handel chorus. Priceless. As are you, Anchoress.

    Merry Christmas from a pack of wild fans in San Fran! xo!!!

  • Gayle Miller

    Blessed and beloved friend, of course your MIL will receive my prayers, as will you. I too tried to do too much and ended up having a meltdown on Christmas Eve – from which I was entirely recovered by Christmas morning! Just needed a good snooze and I was back on my feet. Made dinner, entertained Sis and her roommate Bobby – the cats were ecstatic to have their beloved Auntie over to fuss over them – especially Buddy who is besotted with her! She’s so generous with treats, don’t you know! Hope you have a grand Christmas and will enjoy a blessed and bountiful New Year. Love the new picture of you. You are a beautiful woman and your light shines forth. Must be the Irish in you. My friend Joyce is Irish as well and she nourishes my soul constantly.

  • Sally Thomas

    Elizabeth — Believe me, this family is a story, but it will probably be a long time before I can really write a lot about them. Suffice it to say that they’re the same family who also, in the last year, had a baby die and a daughter join the Nashville Dominicans. All joy and heartache, all the time.