Listing the Year-End Lists

Am down with a bad headcold today, but wanted to share some year-end lists. Check back again, as I will add more “top ten lists” as I find them. Why do we do these lists, anyway? Is it part of “our pagan ritual”?

Look here tomorrow for my predictions for 2011; for now here are NRO’s:

First Things Lists its 25 Most Popular Articles from this year’s On The Square column. Hey, I’m in there!

At Patheos:
a look at their “best of”. I’m very happy to see the “Habit of Witnessseries included, but for my money this was the most moving and wise piece of the year.

Jim Geraghty: What are you “finished with” after 2010? Bein’ nice. I’m finished with bein’ nice. Next year, I’m gonna bring the pain! :-)

Emily Miller: Tea Party Dominates Politicians Top Ten

OSV: The 8 Top Stories of the year. Written before the snow, obviously.

Top Ten Religious Books of the year.

Michelle Malkin: Top 10 Nannies

The headline of the year?

Top ten: Viral Videos; I was just thinking about the Dobson one the other day!

Time: The Top Ten Everything

Robert Reilly: 2010 in Music

Top Ten stories touching on religion in 2010

Eric Sammons: Looks at his ten most popular posts for the year.

Man of the Year: Sandro Magister says it’s Benedict XVI, for his homilies, alone!

Random stuff:

Top Government Interference: It may well end up being this

A better way for new year’s

Fascinating: A comparative study of 3 manuscripts of the Rule of St. Benedict for women.

Benedictine Nuns, UK: Top Nun iPhone apps

A suggestion for 2011: Drop the bipartisan mush? Hmmm.

Jonah Goldberg: The Rise of the Gay Bourgeois

Mark Shea: Called and chosen

Joe Carter: When Nothing Created Everything

All I know is I am longing for baseball.

Catholicism: on the edge of a Demographic Precipice. I’m not unduly concerned. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

City Journal: The Original Birth of Freedom

Science: Relationships are better if if you wait to have sex. Makes sense to me.


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