The Madness of the Mainstream Media UPDATED

If Michael Kelly and Tim Russert were alive today, they would be sickened and appalled to see the shambling madness that has descended upon their profession, most particularly as it manifests in the obsessive and whirling mania regarding Sarah Palin.

When it gets to the point that Jonathan Chait has to marvel at his instincts to defend Palin, that’s a measure of their madness.

Let’s begin at the beginning: on January 8, a madman in Arizona, listening to nothing but his own head–there is not a shred of evidence that anything else is true–aimed point-blank at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, fired, and then emptied his automatic weapon into the crowd.

That story is quite horrible enough.

Within minutes of the event, certain persons with certain political agendas delivered their talking points to the media, declaring–while knowing nothing at all about the shooter or his motives–that Sarah Palin was directly responsible for this mayhem, and had blood on her hands, because she used words like “target,” referenced Giffords and posted an electoral map with what looked like scopes upon it.

The press, as obedient to the stimuli as Pavolvian dogs, instantly ran with those talking points, without taking so much as a second to wonder why their messenger was busily scrubbing similar graphs and Giffords-referencing rhetoric from his own site.

Misreporting Giffords death, unsure of anything about the shooter, mostly disinterested in the stories of heroism that helped to end the gruesome attack, the media lined Palin into their sites and pulled a trigger. They called in all the usual suspects and the narrative rang forth: Sarah Palin–and by extension anyone who agrees with her, supports her, or works in alternative-but-non-liberal-media–was the deliverer of death to America.

With their villain in place, the press was quick to make a hero of the local Sheriff, an elected Democrat who expressed sentiments in support of the narrative (and appears to have something to hide), but was willing to take the back-slaps that were still going unexpressed toward the real heroes.

Many of us who are not emphatic fans of Sarah Palin–and even some who vociferously dislike her–have watched the press with jaws-ever-dropping. A democrat operative who, within hours of Gabrielle Giffords’ entrance into the crucible, pondered about how the Democrats needed to be “deft” in their political exploitation of the tragedy, and no one in the press expressed disgust at his words; his identity–or hers–remains protected.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand–who released a brief, appropriate statement of prayerful support for the victims, and said nothing more–was excoriated in a manner so out-of-control, so wild-eyed and over-the-top that it was reminiscent of the press in the aftermath of her 2008 speech at the Republican Convention, where they had resembled nothing so much as fulminating beasts of rage, unable to hold back their frustrated howls.

Some of them, beginning to realize that the narrative is backfiring with the public, are trying to get to the end-game, which is the putting into place of their long-desired restrictions on speech, gun-control measures the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”

Others, not so savvy, are still trying to beat down Palin with any available rock. Yesterday, they were complaining that she was “hiding” from the media, who insisted on making her part of a story to which she had no connection.

And so, today, Sarah Palin–probably aware that she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn’t–made a statement. It was actually a very good, if a trifle long, statement. Immediately upon her delivering it, the media, like jackals went on the attack. ABC news, in a breathtaking example of cognitive dissonance, wrote: “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way (!) to become part of the story. ”

The (!) is mine. The press hauls this woman into the story, makes her a focal point of it, and then asserts that she has inserted herself into it. Staggering.

Other talking heads were spittle-spewing over Palin’s use of a very common phrase that had actually been all over media they day before thanks to Glenn Reynolds’ essay in the Wall Street Journal: “Blood libel.”

The press had almost–almost–been forced to put their Palin-toy down, but those two words–which had not offended when used by Reynolds, or by Andrew Sullivan in the past–gave them something new to bite on. “Blood libel!” “Palin still using violent rhetoric!”

And the Palin-madness–a madness unto rabidity–is reinvigorated.

“Today was supposed to be set-aside for the victims,” someone posted on twitter, “Palin decided she is one of them.”

No. Sarah Palin made a statement that was contextual, relevant and appropriate to the day. The press, if they really wanted to put the day aside for the victims, could have simply reported that Palin made a statement, and moved on. In truth, they could have utterly ignored Palin’s statement altogether, because she really is not part of this story.

But they did not, because they cannot. Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in “Carrie,” armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it.

They are repulsive in their clique; one wants to take them by their shoulders and shake them and say “grow up! GROW UP!”

They are also stupid. They are stupid because they favor instinctive damnation over intellectual discernment. If they had simply reported the horrific story of Arizona’s chaos, without passion, without prejudice, and followed its course, like professional journalists, Sarah Palin would not be on anyone’s mind today. She would not be garnering the sympathetic defenses of people like Chait, or Charles Krauthammer or Alan Derschowitz or even little old me. This event would have transcended Sarah Palin–and all of their hate–as it should have.

But they are owned by their hate. On the furled lip and malicious smear of one small man, the mainstream media let lose the dogs of their own hellish madness; they have exposed themselves, in a shocking way, as unthinking automatons, incapable of reason, interested only in establishing a framework or a narrative that will destroy those whom they hate, and uphold those they love, and there is no middle-ground for thoughtful wondering.

There is only the pig-blood in a bucket, ready to be released or stayed on instruction. If that metaphor is not true, then the members of the mainstream press should wonder why–in the parlance of the very truthiness to which they subscribe–it feels so accurate.

My first heroes were journalists. With the passing of Mike Kelly and, perhaps, Tim Russert–those departed contemporaries of today’s media, whose memories are shamed by the current crop-on-top–the pickings for real, grown-up, intelligent, curious and reason-processing journalists who have the courage to think and speak beyond the established narrative, has become very slim, indeed.

UPDATE: Kyle A. Roberts on the Christians’ best response to vitrol and violence

UPDATE II: Been waiting for days for the “finally, have you no decency” moment. This might be it

UPDATE III: Neo defends Palin’s use of “blood libel” while pointing out its weakness, and Bookworm says no, she was blood-libeled

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  • Melissa

    Consumed. And their acid burns them from within and serves as a catalyst to inflate the power of the one they scorn.

    Great post.

    [Whoa. Great line! -admin]

  • francesca

    Right. We have an unspeakable tragedy, a national moment of prayer and the potential for reflection, analysis, and, the hope which is audacious poised for change, and instead, what do we get but this tired old obsession, trotted out, with, the Palin, of all things. We’ve been robbed. We have myriad elephants in the room that we can’t address collectively since now we get to have a journalist versus the Palin war. The moment is squandered on the woman everyone loves to hate, the pundits all vent and rage at her apparently all the more, and, then what? No game plan from the pundits. No solutions offered from the haters. And our elected officials gather to pray. So the rest of us without soapboxes or following are left to hope that at least those prayers are answered.

    All that can be said of the debacle is that the media’s hatred for Palin, and perhaps even that they perceive her somehow as truly threatening, even though out of office, is so great and omnipresent that all national interests in policy and security and welfare of citizens must be shoved to the side for fear of drawing precious time away from the engineered take-down.

    It’s just that the commercial media and journalism establishment isn’t the same, can’t ever substitute for, an educated, robust, engaged electorate. And there is no accountability there, so much less for media than for politicians. People can and do actually think for themselves, they reason things through and make up their own minds. At least with elected officials, one can lobby, discuss, raise an issue, and there are ethics regulations. The electorate can make their needs known. This case really shows that journalists and opinion makers are essentially a type of entertainment in this country, and they have no better solutions or ideas than the next person, and certainly nothing better than our elected officials. They play upon emotions and people feel as if a fan rooting for a team, which is unreality. The media gives us the Palin; we, whether we hate or like her, at the end of the day see no causal link between her and the killer’s motives. And what comes next from the talking heads? Nothing, silence, a vacuum. Then more Palin. At least our elected officials are accountable to voters and can propose needed change. You can either be part of change or be into the sideshow.

  • alison

    Brilliant. From afar over here in the UK I admit to never being a fan of Palin at all but I have enormous sympathy for her now. The media and talking head FRENZY over this has been nothing short of disgraceful political hay making without a shred of evidence to support their theories or an ounce of compassion over this awful tragedy. May cooler heads and calmer voices prevail. Good luck America. In the UK we are well used to the Left’s often ugly senseless tactics.

  • HMS

    Is this blog part of the Catholic Portal of Patheos or is it a forum for a political party and/or agenda. I need to know so that I can respond accordingly.

    [I think I've answered this question already, no? It seems to me a gospel-value to defend the unjustly accused. My words may be strong, but they are not false. -admin]

  • Andy

    And I guess we will ignore the conservative pundits who state that the shooter has the support of the entire democratic party; or the individual who stated that Loughner was the liberal of liberals, or perhaps the individual who said that Loughner knew Obama. Instead of attacking the left and ignoring the right can’t we start to see that both sides are wrong. That reprehensible lies and violent speech no matter who says it is wrong. As a country we must rise above this hyper-partisan attack mode and see that people can disagree and that disagreement does not make them the enemy to be eliminated.
    I guess I am saying that it is time for America to grow up and learn to deal with difference and learn to accept that all of us are children of God.

    [I agree; it's time for the whole country to grow up. But we start by being honest and fair. You cannot compare a few random voices of nobody making vague statements against the left as anything remotely similar to the media-wide and influential frenzy of an attack on Palin. We grow up by saying, "this is wrong," not "well, what about them?" I can certainly see that now.-admin]

  • George @ Convert Journal

    I am disappointed in the MSM / left. They are supposed to be the “smart” ones.

    All of this makes them look like the biased, rabid fools that they are.

    To be honest, I am not a Sarah Palin fan but am getting to see her potential more and more. She handily beats the left with simple grace and intelligence.

  • Newt Love

    Anchoress, thank you!

    Alluding to “The Phantom Tollbooth,” you are Milo, who seeks to bring the princesses Rhyme and Reason back to the Kingdom of Knowledge, to banish the daemons of ignorance.

    After reading you blog above, I’d like to suggest that you are the heir to Tim Russert’s mantle. Perhaps fame and fortune will follow.

    Again, thank you for your balanced, entertaining, and yet analytic exposition of these frenzied events.

  • Teresa D.

    Their reaction to Sara Palin is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning. First go after radio talk show hosts, specifically Rush Limbaugh and when that tactic doesn’t work they go back to their old standby Sara Palin. It makes their jobs much easier because they don’t have to do any actual reporting. It is not just the professional jornalists. On the National Review website they posted comments made by bloggers after Palin’s speech. After looking at two comments I had to stop (apparently there is along list). I have never seen such horrible vitriol. When people are so consumed with hatred that hatred will finally end up consuming them. The only saving grace for us is that many sentient, grown-up Americans are on to this behavior and are saying this is wrong. It is not selling anymore.

  • HMS


    I do not have your response to my previous post:

    How does this partisan post resonate with the goals and objectives of this website?

    “Founded in 2008 … Patheos is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information or resources about religion.”

    [It jives perfectly well, as I am both defending someone who is unjustly accused, doing so truthfully and even linking to articles discussing how Christian perspectives fit into this sort of madness. This is a blog, not a column, not a feature. I'm not going to keep responding to your passive-aggressive bullying, however. Neither the time nor the inclination. -admin]

  • Billiamo

    I’m ashamed to admit that my first reaction to news of the shootings was to dread the inevitable torrent of noise and hype generated by the punditocracy.

    It’s enough to make you want to retreat into a kind of media quietism: no more TV, no more blogs, no more radio. But what good is that?

  • Andy

    To the administrator
    I think that there is a false equivalency being presented – I recall no leaders of the left saying that George Bush should be taken out, that the speaker of the house should be poisoned – the attacks on Sarah P. are largely of her own making – using crosshairs (and I hunt and know what they look like) language such as reload or the like is problematic. I also have not seen or read of any leaders blaming Sarah P for the tragedy – they have said that her language and behaviors aided in creating an environment where the violence such as this is possible. By the way the person making the comment about the democratic party was the font of much conservative action Rush L. and lets not forget Fox news and their 24 hour cycle of we do not preach violence with a straight face, especially with Glen B. on their staff and he wanted to poison the Speaker of the House. The media wide frenzy is not that large – it seems to be kept alive by many people on the right who say that any critical comments about what they say is an attack on free speech. I am ot sure they are nobodies.
    As I said lets all grow up – put away false equivalencies, put away the he said she said and lets grapple with the problems in America – distrust of the government from both sides of the spectrum, a mental health system that is broken, a health system that is broken, an economy that is at best ill. It might be best if Sarah stayed in Alaska for a while until the passion of the moment has passed by.

    [Your last sentence is astoundingly presumptuous and condescending, even to my ears, and I am not a Palin supporter. The rest of your response is so determined to ignore a decade of vituperation that I don't have time to give you all the links it deserves. But yeah...I still do agree that growing up would be good. I don't think Palin needs to stay in Alaska though, for that to happen. You know what's really odd? The Palin fanatics make me dislike Palin. And the Palin haters make me like her. Perhaps they deserve each other. -admin]

  • Teresa D.

    HMS look at your previous post above for the answer.

  • Newt Love

    OT but funny. Back in the 1980s — I was in college and full of mischief — I had an elderly neighbor that was very liberal. She absolutely hated Ronald Reagan. I used to play with her by dropping his name in conversation so she would spew for a while.

    One day, I tried “the ultimate” trigger test. I said “I went to a science fiction convention and saw some nice ray gun props.”

    She blew a gasket. “How can you say Reagan is nice? He’s a &^#($ a–h-le! If he were here…” After about ten minutes of spewing venom, she went into her apartment and slammed the door.

  • clarice

    With the exception of your comments on Tim Russert who I think was not at all honest in the Libby case, I’d say you were on target and en fuego, Elizabeth.

  • HKatz

    You know who has been one of the most reasonable media commentators on this? Jon Stewart. His monologue is on a clip found in the link; it starts at 2:28.

    Link here

  • HMS

    Thank you:
    You have accused me of a pathology, because I do not agree with you. Shame on you! Is this Gospel-Values?

    [I "accused" you of behaving in a passive-aggressive manner not because you have disagreed with me - I'm perfectly fine with people disagreeing with me - but because that is what you have done. If you HAD simply disagreed with me, that would have been clear and gameless. Instead, rather than disagreeing with me, you fell back on a trick and you know you did. So, sure, shame on me. But I am not the one who is trying to skulk my way into a confrontation using roundaboutation rather than forthright discussion. Humility is truth; truth is humility. If you have a problem with what I've written, address the specifics and stop playing that fingerwagging nonsense. I won't play from here on out. -admin]

  • Nerina

    HMS, your comments seem to indicate that a religious person can’t be interested in or involved in politics. Might I suggest Archbishop Chaput’s book “Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life”?

    Also, blogs are venues that allow individual authors the chance to express an opinion. You need more perspective regarding this blog in particular. Recent highlights include stirring stories about the effect of religious habits, abortion, different types of prayer, religious communities and yes, politics. The past few days have been quite a media frenzy, to be sure, but don’t judge the content of this blog just by the last day’s worth of postings. You will shortchange yourself if you do.

  • HMS

    HMS, your comments seem to indicate that a religious person can’t be interested in or involved in politics.

    Lret me tell you that I am a very committed Catholic and very aware of the Catholic Church’s position on political issues.

    Why do I need to defend my commitment? I can give you my credentials and the also several high ranking prelates in our Church here in the U.S who will attest to my commitment. Why do I need to do this?
    I am also one who has been interested in our political system e.g., John Courtney Murray (having worked at political centers for more years than I would like to admit.)

  • SCSoxFan

    Ms. Scalia, we had a bit of a debate over this in your post of yesterday. I hope you can understand why I reject your characterization of Palin as thin-skinned. This is what she gets, day after day, relentlessly. The go after her, after her husband, after her kids. It doesn’t matter what she does or doesn’t do, what she says or doesn’t say. They. Just. Keep. Coming. After awhile, it doesn’t matter if it’s the entire media, McCain’s staffers, some asinine late night host, or the 17-year old twerp who got your daughter pregnant and decided to cash in on it by telling more lies about your family. This is why I defend her so vigorously.

    Am I sure about what kind of a president she would make? No, not yet. Her political skills are remarkable, equal in many ways to those of Reagan and Bill Clinton. Her policy instincts are very similar to mine, so there’s no problem there, and the policy statements she has made in speeches, op-eds, or posts have been good, if generic. I still want to see some more, though, before I’m all in. If you don’t think she’s experienced enough, or shows good political judgment, or you disagree with her policy positions, fine. That’s politics and what primaries are for. I have no problem with that. But in the meantime, no one deserves what she has been receiving for two straight years. It’s as bad as what GWB got and, in some ways, worse. So, I will defend her as best and as often as I can from the garbage, and even from people I like and respect who wish her well but who, I think, expect too much magnanimity from her.

    [Oh, for crying out loud, do I STILL have to defend myself about that? :-) I think my assertion that Palin is sometimes thin-skinned still stands. I understand the urge folks have to protect her; I understand when egregious things like this go on, that it is easy to lump it all together and eventually decide that the woman must always be in the right and without fault. But sometimes she DOES blow it. She's not perfect. Other times...and this is one would be quite wrong not to defend her. admin]

  • SCSoxFan

    I forgot to add one thing — I may not want her to run for president, not because I don’t think she could be a good one, or because she might not win, but because after the past few days, I am beginning to wonder if she’d live through a campaign. You should look at the YouTube video posted today – It’s four plus minutes of Twitter messages wishing violent or slow, painful death for Palin (of course, they all want her shot because she promotes violence!). For the first time, I am beginning to truly worry about her safety.

  • SCSoxFan

    Now, Ms. Scalia, don’t get all, what’s the word, thin-skinned on me (I’d put one of those smiley faces you use here, but I don’t know how to do that). I’m not trying to rag on you (at least, I don’t think so). I just want to present the view from the opposite side of the table. Can she overreact? Sure. But, I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt, all things considered. If I were in her place, I’d probably overreact sometimes, too. Given your Irish temper, I’d think you could sympathize (insert smiley here).

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And as I’ve said before—this really isn’t about Sarah Palin.

    Whatever she says at this point, the Left will be quick to condemn it.

    It’s about the Left themselves, and how they seek to manipulate us, and squelch any, and all, dissent.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    SCSox Fan, at this point, after all the garbage she, and her family, have been put through, I’m surprised the woman is still sane, and able to put two sentences together!

    Remember Andy Sullivan’s obsession with her uterus, among other asnine things? And, now, according to the Drudge Report, she’s getting more death threats than ever—I guess these oh so peaceful folk want to kill her, for, you know, being so mean and violent! I’d laugh, but it’s all too serious for that.

    And I say this as one who is not a big Palin fan!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, like you, I’m becoming seriously worried about her safety, and that of her family!

  • HMS

    OK. Elizabeth:

    I know that you are in charge of this BLOG. (I only questioned the content of your posts. That is all.)

    By the way, and, although I do not like to have to say this, I have an advanced degree (M.A.) in Pastoral Counseling and that is why I know what it means to be labeled passive-aggressive.

    I certainly would have wanted that we could have had a dignified, professional, and as two obviously like-committed to our Catholic faith, a conversation.

    Does this sound like a passive-aggressive person?

    I would welcome further conversation with you in another venue that is not so public.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, whether or not the Palin lovers/Palin haters deserve each other, I think the American public deserves something better than a media that jumps to conclusions, accuses the innocent of murder without any proof and seeks to set one side against the other—or a Democratic party that seeks to censor its opponents.

    Also, I think somebody should be taking a long, hard look at Sheriff Dupnik, and his awful handling of this case. . .

  • Nerina


    I didn’t ask you to defend your commitment to anything. I simply suggested that you not sell this blog, or its content, short. You obviously don’t appreciate political commentary, so why read posts that are obviously about politics?

  • HMS


    Believe me. I would have liked very much to have been a regular poster on this blog.

    I am not ready to sell this blog short (unless it is.)

  • newton


    You don’t know good ole’ Elizabeth… do you?


    I, too, have been thinking about this. I strongly believe that, at this point in time, Sarah and the Palins are all in mortal danger. If I were some sort of security consultant, I’d advise them to drop out of the scene for a while, until things begin to dissipate. I’d tell Bristol to get out of AZ ASAP – neither she nor her son are safe there. Then, if they return, never to leave home without bullet-proof vests, bodyguards, or concealed carry. No one is safe in that family – not even the little ones, I’m afraid.

    If someone burned her church (and never be caught by police), then someone else can indeed attempt against her life.

    The bodies of the victims weren’t even cold last Saturday afternoon when the MSM shot their opening salvos at Sarah Palin. It is as if they had planned to do exactly that in the event such a massacre would occur. (Journolist, anyone?)

    I would tell you this: if I had the power to choose which channels to have on my cable lineup, instead of having to pay for pre-determined “packages”, I’d call my cable company to zap CNN and MSNBC off my bill, this very minute.

  • Trump

    There MUST be retaliation.


  • Manny

    Palin correctly labeled what the media did: a “blood libel.” It was a blood libel against her, against talk radio, and against all Conservatives to say that political debate in the USA leads to killings. Sarah has gained tremendously in all this. Good for her. She’s got spine and guts, unlike so many other pusilanimous politicians.

  • Greta

    When I was a young girl, I was the target of the “14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.” While it was painful, what really hurt were those who wanted to be liked or at least not become the target themselves who went along with whatever those cool people dished out. It went on for years and was long before anyone thought about having anti-bully rules in school. Watching what has happened to Sarah Palin brought back a lot of those memories. I think it is interesting to see people say without knowing her that she is not qualified to be president. Lets see, she is a mom, has obviously raised the family with her husband Todd whose job often had him away for long periods of time. She lived in Alaska which has also got to be a challenge none of us in the other 48 states know about with endless nights and cold weather. She had the guts to go out and get involved in politics on a local level in council and then as mayor of the local small town. Having lived in a small town where everyone knows everything is in many ways harder unless you are really someone that is respected dispite this local knowledge. then she bit the bullet and went out to take on the power brokers in the state and won as governor and then took on the big oil folks to win new contracts very beneficial to those across the state. She did a good enough job that she came to the attention of a guy running for president. The day she was announced, the media who already made their mind up on the next Christ being president went on the attack. She became the girl with cooties not because of anything she did, but because she was getting in the way of the next Christ Obama and actually had the nerve to point out facts about him they were pushing under the rug. So when Catie asked the question about what books she read, it was full proof that she did not know anything since she did not have an immediate answer. But if not that, it would have been anything else. She had to be taken out as a woman who had faith and was pro life and anti big government.
    But after defeat, this woman who is not qualified and so stupid picked herself up and because Alaska, the state she obviously loves, was being taken to the cleaners by the Palin haters demanding information on everything and looking to file lawsuits stepped down, this was proof she was a quitter. No matter she says she stepped aside because those on the attack could no longer stop themselves and she wanted to end the pain for Alaska. Then she went out and wrote two books, became a national presence and voice for the millions who have no voice since the republican party took a hike from their values, and was a major player in bringing the republican party together with the tea party. I know as a member of the tea party that it was on the verge of going toward third party and believe she kept that from happening. If she had given a thumbs up and agreed to lead it, I have no doubt that millions would have followed and many are not to happy that it did not happen. Republicans have the house because of Sarah Palin. She has made millions of dollars and put her family of solid footing for life. She has said she is watching to see if the Republicans produce good candidates and if so, does not see a need to run and I believe her.

    But there are a lot of people who say this woman who has done all this is not qualified going along because they do not want to be seen with those in the cafeteria that seem to like her and support her. I tend to think she has accomplished a lot for a mom from Alaska and do not know anyone who has done more or overcome more that is running today. If she runs, I will be there. I am not someone who goes into supporting a person easily and I think my history is why but Palin is the real deal. I have met her about a dozen times and from the first to the last, despite her success and books and money, she has not changed. She has not changed after all the bashing. I hope people will honestly take a look and not go along with the bully’s in the cafeteria. Measure what she has done, what her values are, see how trustworthy she is, see the fact that her original friends in her small Alaska town are still her best friends, and see how much she loves our country.

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  • SKAY

    “An aide close to Sarah Palin says death threats and security threats have increased to an unprecedented level since the shooting in Arizona, and the former Alaska governor’s team has been talking to security professionals.”

    The head of the Tucson Tea Party has also received threats.

    The sheriff is just the tip of the iceberg.
    This tragedy is being used and it is heartbreaking to watch. The families of those hurt and killed deserve so much better.

  • thereserita

    My husband said the same thing the other night: Palins are really in danger & need to stay away from the limelight. I hate that because how in the heck are we going to find anybody to effectively lead this country? We’ll end up like Beirut or Afghanistan. And the only people who will want to run the USA will be like the teenagers who are now in power.

    OT: First time at this new address & I love seeing the old banner!

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  • gah

    The vitriolic assault on Palin over the last several day, actually the last 2.5 years, can and should be laid at the feet of 0bama. When real leadership was needed, he remained totally silent, and let the democratic party, and their media minions run wild, because he thought that they could take out his most formidable challenger in 2012. Contrast his lack of response in this case to his jumping into the middle of the Fort Hood attack, and demanding that people not “jump to conclusions,” which was taken up and run with by his media lapdogs, even in the face of the facts that the killer in that case was an Islanic extremist. We can also contrast it with his total silence about the attack in Little Rock which left an Army recuiter dead at the hands of an American convert to Islam, who had just returned from Yeman.

    Last night, at the 0bama re-election campaign kickoff, billed as a “memorial service” complete with t-shirts, slogans, and cheering section, 0bama uttered hollow words about unity. That is all 0bama is good at, reading other peoples words off a teleprompter during a campaign appearance.

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  • Jack

    This is a time for courage. Sarah Palin will lead this nation out of the desert.

  • nohype

    The whole media frenzy reminds me of this scene from one of my favorite movies:

  • Bonnie_

    Okay, here’s another funny story. I’m a writer and sent in a story to a contest. I began the story by including several quotes, one from the rock band Rush. It’s a beautiful line: “All of us get lost in the darkness.”

    I received a long letter back from the judge, full of vituperation and bile, regarding my quote of that terrible person, Rush Limbaugh. Every bit of my story, evidently, was horrible because I loved “Rush.” Needless to say, I didn’t win the contest. :-)

    Liberals can’t argue, because the foundation of their belief system is based on emotion. They abandon reason and logic in order to be liberal. Thus they can deny facts because they “don’t feel right.” Sarah Palin is the enemy so therefore she’s responsible for the Arizona shootings, and that is simply that. How sad, to be a liberal.

  • darwin

    “and then emptied his automatic weapon into the crowd”.

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but he did not have an automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are illegal.

    He had a semi-auto pistol. Each round fired requires a pull of the trigger.

    The media does their very best to confuse and scare those who aren’t familiar with firearms.

  • francesca

    Agree with Anchoress that there is a whole cooties/you smell vibe that the mainstream media is into with respect to Palin in particular and the entire subject is worth looking into further from a Christian perspective. How as Christians are we to engage the issues and be active? It’s one thing for the pundits to wrinkle their nose and attack the woman as stupid, but it is another thing from Christian-sponsored blogs or bloggers to be into that. I wonder about it generally because American progressive politics has never lacked for ideas or programs, yet this seems to point to an overall loss about how to address the real issues we face and must overcome. Surely there must be something more substantive in response than to again just call Sarah stupid? Maybe there is not, I don’t know.

    Sometimes I surmise that what this may indicate is that, given the polarized climate, that the party and affiliation of the mainstream media cannot or will not lead, and given the refusal to set the moral tone, instead offers this — an assertion that “We control (through the manipulation of the media and entertainment industries) the notion of what is ‘cool’ and instead of helping our issues through winning debate we will dictate to the populus as to what is cool and who has cooties, and there will be a guilt by association, the gullible will have their food chewed for them and accept this in lieu of actually thinking through the merits of the issues for themselves.

    If it doesn’t smack of McCarthyism I don’t know what does. Propaganda to incite fear of others. Nice.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Francesca, good comments.

    As Bonnie says, the Left tends to ge guided by emotions, not reason. I also think that many of them have never really gotten over high school, hence the whole notion, as you point out, of what is “cool” and what isn’t, and some people having “cooties” and guilt by association—the whole teenage clique thing.

    This whole affair is deeply disturbing. I’m beginning to feel as if our political system is descending to a third world state: run by tribes, strong men, assassinations and who’se considered “cool” at the moment.

  • Dismas

    Dear Elizabeth,

    You will never know how consoling it is to finally see the 5th Estate (Bloggers) shining a bright spotlight of truth on the dispicable distortions and misrepresentations most now accept as journalism without a second thought.

    God Bless you always!

  • Dismas

    I apologize, I should have been clearer about what I mean about the 5th estate saving us from the delporable condition of the 4th estate:

    The concept of the Fourth Estate (or fourth estate) is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized. It now most commonly refers to the news media; especially print journalism (The Press). Thomas Carlyle attributed the origin of the term to Edmund Burke, who used it in a parliamentary debate in 1787 on the opening up of press reporting of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

  • Dagwood


    Your problem isn’t with calling traditional journalism the Fourth Estate. It’s with not identifying it as the Fifth Column.

  • David Elton

    You are right about the Palin madness in the media. I have a theory that the worst of the liberal media — Olbermann, Matthews, etc. – is now setting the agenda for the entire liberal media. Formerly “fair-minded” commentators like Fineman and Todd are being dragged into the garbage pit by the likes of Olbermann et. al. There’s been an Orwellian feeling about the liberal commentary in the last few days, as if they’re all clinging desperately to the party line – or else! It’s almost as if the more moderate commentators fear for their jobs unless they start sucking up to the crazies. I believe that the enforced Groupthink will continue to strengthen. The liberal media is desperate, and they are very angry about November 2.