Slubgrip Instructs; Luciferian Lessons for Lent

From now and through Lent Fr. Dwight Longenecker will be providing twice-weekly peeks into the inner-workings of the mind and classrooms of Prof. Slubgrip, as he tries to snap some Luciferian fire into his wormish students

. . .over the next few sessions my dear fellows, we will be considering the delightful area of temptation called popular culture. The whole area is expanding exponentially at this time, and while we have some real experts already working in the field, there is always room for specialists. Perhaps some of you, when you advance to the amphibian and then finally to reptile class, will find a certain aptitude and be assigned to field work. It will seem glamorous of course, to be working in film, television, and ‘media’, but don’t worry my dear slugs and flatworms, the glamour will soon wear off and you will realize you are just an ordinary tempter—working for little recognition and no reward except to know that you are serving our dark and glorious Lord below.

This is a fiendishly fun homage to C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, one which Longenecker expands from his book The Gargoyle Code; look for Slubgrip to shove his students headline into pop-culture on Friday. Longenecker is clearly having a good time and his words sizzle and pop…not unlike the sound of a good roasting over hot flames…

For Lenten reading, you might want to also consider Longenecker’s More Christianity, too. And of course, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist.

Speaking of which, don’t miss Simcha Fisher’s review of same. It is interesting to read the perspective of a “Hebrew Catholic.”

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  • dry valleys

    Any observations of mine are of limited use, and I know I say things along these lines often, but I honestly think that amongst the main temptations for the devout is secular right-wing politics. They say so often that leftism is incompatible with observing Christianity: maybe it is, but as a heathen I am not troubled.

    Yet wouldn’t it be a more subtle wile to get people, for example, enthusiastically supporting nationalism or “libertarianism”? They are not obviously anti-Christian but the same this-worldly principle is at work.