Yesterday I joked about inviting people to watch the real In the Arena” (shades of “The Real Ghostbusters!) and not Eliot Spitzer’s secondary show, but today I invite you to read David Mills’ piece about the real Gospel, and Catholic branding:

Last Thursday an annoyed columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News complained that Chestnut Hill College, a small Catholic college in the suburbs run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, had let go an adjunct religion professor who served as a pastor in the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of America. James St. George was, she wrote, a great teacher, loved by students, so why would the college fire him? The Philadephia Daily News ran a news story yesterday indirectly suggesting (by giving the last six paragraphs of the article to his supporters, for one thing) the same point.

On Friday, the latter reported, “the college issued a statement accusing him not only of being gay, which it called contrary to traditional Catholic doctrine, but also of misrepresenting before he was hired that he was a member of an independent branch of Catholicism.” (That “which it called” is another of the indirect suggestions.)

The college seems to have acted in response to an e-mailed complaint from a local lawyer, who pointed out that “Having someone like Jim St. George teach theology at a Catholic college perpetrates a fraud on parents who send their daughters and sons to Chestnut Hill for a Catholic education.” He sent it to Cardinal Rigali as well as officials at the college and the Daily News’ columnist.

I figured you’d want to read it all and discuss!

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  • Bill

    It’s no different than what happens at many other “Catholic” colleges. Although this case seems a tad more extreme. I can’t remember who said it but the advice to send your Catholic children to non-Catholic colleges if you want them to keep their faith is very sound. There is no confusing pretense there that they are going to a Catholic college. No energy wasted getting upset at the false advertising.

  • Anonymous

    However did this person get hired? Did he lie about his parish or did the hirer not know it’s nature? Is this another case, like their having Chris Matthews, known for his pro-choice anti-Catholic rants on TV, as a speaker, of political correctness run amok? Of my many nieces and nephews, the only ones with any sign of still being Catholic, are those who went to Catholic colleges.