The Constant Reality of Christ

Sister Briege McKenna likes to tell the story of King Badouin of Belgium, who remarked that sitting before the Blessed Sacrament was like sitting in the sun; nothing is required of you but to come out of the shade, and you only feel the strength of its effects, later.

This is Truth:

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The Cardinal Newman Society is promoting Eucharistic Adoration
to high school and college students — people who can very much benefit from some quiet, focused one-on-one time with His Majesty.

We can all benefit from spending time in Adoration, of course, but it is especially important for our youth, who are pulled in so many directions, and offered so many distractions that disorientation is a genuine problem; when we become disoriented, we get lost. In that respect you might call an hour at Adoration, an hour facing True North – an aid to becoming re-oriented and re-focused.

Adoration has changed my life. It truly is as subtly powerful as a sunbath – only you get warmth, and singed, by the Son.

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