On the Measure of Food

Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 39 – for March 18

Let a good pound weight of bread suffice for the day,
whether there be only one meal or
both dinner and supper.
If they are to have supper,
the cellarer shall reserve a third of that pound
to be given them at supper.
But if it happens that the work was heavier,
it shall lie within the Abbot’s discretion and power,
should it be expedient,
to add something to the fare.
Above all things, however,
overindulgence must be avoided
and a monk must never be overtaken
by indigestion;
for this is nothing so opposed to the
Christian character
as overindulgence,
according to Our Lord’s words,
“See to it that your hearts be not burdened
with overindulgence.” (Luke 21:34)

Damn. Convicted.
I have been reading the Holy Rule through Lent, and it is the first time I have read it with Lenten eyes.

What a mess I am. How much help I need!

But I do love this edition of the Holy Rule. By far my favorite. With its calendar-oriented lessons, it speaks to me very clearly, finally, and I have so much to learn.

But ouch. For my own good, but ouch.

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