On the Craftsmen

If there are craftsmen in the monastery,
let them practice their crafts
with all humility,
provided the Abbot has given permission.
But if any one of them becomes conceited
over his skill in his craft,
because he seems to be conferring a benefit
on the monastery,
let him be taken from his craft
and no longer exercise it unless,
after he has humbled himself,
the Abbot again gives him permission.
If any of the work of the craftsmen is to be sold,
let those through whose hands the
transactions pass
see to it that they do not presume to practice any fraud.
Let them always remember Ananias and Saphira,
let perhaps the death which these incurred
in the body,
they themselves and any others
who would deal dishonestly with the monastery’s property
should suffer in the soul.
And in the prices let not the sin of avarice creep in,
but let the good always be sold a little cheaper
than they can be sold by people in the world,
“that in all things God may be glorified.”

As I’ve said before, I really do appreciate this version of the Holy Rule. It is coming across to me this Lent with a clarity (and conviction) I have never appreciated before. As a writer, I need to hone my craft more carefully, and with more humility.

But since I am a Catholic writer, I never have to worry about being overcompensated!

Speaking of which, I have been remiss in pointing out to folks that the Main Landing Page of the Catholic Portal now has a link to the Mystic Monks, and their delectable coffees, including (fanfare, please) the Pascha Java, which is full of white chocolate and bourbon notes and is like no other coffee you’ve ever tasted, and your purchase will help to support Patheos!

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