Beatification: Raw Video

Two minutes of history, y’all: Benedict formally asks that his predecessor be included among the blessed.

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It’s official:

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CBS News: Cardinal Wuerl weighs in; some shots of pilgrims in the rain. Can anyone spot Elizabeth?

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Footage of the vigil. (Yes, the announcer mispronounces “Dziwisz,” though not so badly as the other one):

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Update: World News offers its overview. It estimates the number of attendees at 1.5 million. I’m not sure, but I think that’s a record. And yes, the Poles were gettin’ mighty happy with the Lord:

Cheers of “Polska! Polska!” rose from the crowd that was in a carnival-like mood nearing midnight local time, NBC correspondent Anne Thompson reported on Twitter. Some chanted “Giovanni Paulus,” she said.

“John Paul was a wonderful man and it’s a privilege to be here. It’s wonderful to see people from all across the world,” said Anne Honiball, 48, a nursing home administrator from Worthing, England who carried a small Union Jack flag.

A place of honor was reserved for Sister Marie Simon-Pierre Normand, a French nun who suffered from Parkinson’s disease but whose inexplicable cure has been attributed to John Paul’s intercession with God to perform a miracle, thus providing the grounds for his beatification

  • Manny

    Thanks. I’ve missed the coverage. 1.5 million is awesome. I wonder how many watched it.

  • Victor

    When I saw the picture of Blessed John Paul II, His picture seem so life like.

    I hear ya! And why not Victor? Don’t you know that nothing is impossible for God if you simply have enough faith.


  • Greta

    Blessed John Paul II had a huge influence on the Catholic Church of our time in ways that will bear fruit for generations. He has led many priest and religious who were in alignment with him and actual Catholic teaching to their vocations and as they rise in the Church, we will see a strong return to these teachings and opposed to the ongoing dissent. His Theology of the Body will become standard fare for teaching within the Church and become part of our everyday life during this same period.

    For those who did not like John Paul II because he did not agree with their dissented from Church teaching, their hatred is showing in the way they blast away at this blessed person who without a doubt is sitting next to our Lord. There is no doubt that this blessed man and soon saint will be with us into future centuries until Christ returns while their dissent will blow away with the wind. Thank God we can all count on the Divine Mercy of our Lord.

    We are certainly in the springtime of the Catholic Church. If the bishops and Cardinals had only listened to this Pope and our current Pope and the actual teaching of the Catholic Church and obeyed with humility, most of the sexual abuse we have had to endure would not have occured. It was not the fault of either of these men, but with those in dissent who allowed and maybe even fostered the growth of non celebate homosexuals into the seminaries dooming the soon to be abused.