Jeter's 3,000!

And he homered into it! One of the greatest ever played the game.

And I missed it because I always forget weekend day games! Arghghg.

Thank God for video, but it’s still not the same as seeing it as it happens!

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  • Elizabeth Scalia

    5 for 5, brings in the winning run and when the press asks him about it, ” it was fun… “

  • Cathym

    I was just coming to your website to email you about this!! What a great day for you and Derek!!

  • Manny

    Congratulations to Derek. I’m not a Yankees fan, but he is a great player. Kudos.

  • Manny

    Actually I meant to add, an all round good man as well. Sorry I have 22 month old pestering me on my lap as I try to type away. ;)

  • Annie

    Encore on YES at 7pm!

    Love, love, love Jeter. They just did the game preview and they ended it with Jeter kneeling and blessing himself…so sweet.

  • Marianna

    Definitely a true hero. So was the young man who caught the ball. I did not know about Jeter’s faith but watching,actually listening, (like Bartlett Giamatti I prefer baseball on the radio) to the game today I became more and more aware that it was God’s grace in action.

  • Max Lindenman

    Here’s one selling point for Jeter that no one outside of Brighton Beach has ever remarked on:

    Homeboy is a dead ringer for the great Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin. Except Jeter would have lit up d’Anthes, rather than t’other way ’round.

  • Mike G

    You do know that Jeter is well known for fornicating with dozens, if not hundreds of women (known for participating in threesomes) and is currently cohabitating with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly – right? This is your hero?

    [Hero? No. Great ball player? Yep. Part of a whole poorly catechized generation that really doesn't get why continence and chastity matter? Probably. - admin]

  • Fr Christian Mathis

    Jeter is the one Yankee I like!

  • Marianna

    Sorry……….did not know about his sex life. I only pay attention to what happens during the game. But I guess these days we can’t look to sports or any media figures to be our heroes……..Best to stick to the Saints ( not the ones in New Orleans)

    [In fairness, I believe that comment was left as a spite-note -- the writer was trying to get back at me for imagined judgments he/she believes I have made about Corapi, or he/she hates the Yanks, or both. I have no idea what Jeter's sexual past is, but I do believe we've done such a poor job of catechizing our young, as a church, that they haven't the first idea why anyone is "hung up" on things like chastity. I do think he's been in a committed relationship for the past 2-3 years. I thought I'd heard a rumor that they were engaged, but really have no idea. But I agree. Sports figures, as much as we admire their gifts and abilities, ought not be our heroes. The undue adulation and excessive compensation helps to disorient us and our values. My current living "hero" is my husband, who slaves for us in a very difficult job, and just hangs in, day after day. Also, he puts up with me, which is not easy.-admin]

  • richT

    who said anything about him being a hero to anyone? we’re just excited for what he did as a baseball player, and a kind one at that. I thought I saw him make a sign of the cross(?), I don’t even know if he’s Catholic…I consider him just equal as a person to you and me…walking through fog…each of us sees something a little more clearly ,and we should light the way for each other….but the sign of the cross might imply he knows, ultimately, who the light from light is …

  • oddball

    My Dear Anchoress,
    I’m a notorious life-long Yankee hater dating from my youth in Cleveland and continuing here in Massachusetts. However some players transcend that stigma in my mind, and Mr. Jeter is certainly one of those men-an amazing career. :)

  • Annie

    Obviously, I know that a baseball player making the sign-of-the-cross before his at bat doesn’t mean that he is a saint…or even a believer…but it doesn’t mean NOTHING either.

    Jeter’s not perfect, but he’s a good guy and a fabulous ball player.

    Here is a little backgrounder on his beloved and devout grandfather: