New Drinks from the Mystic Monks! – UPDATE

Regular readers may recall that I have have ardently sung the praises of Mystic Monk Coffee for ever and ever — or at least since the boys opened shop. The Carmelite Monks, based in Wyoming, are hoping to soon begin breaking ground for the building of one awesome monastery and church, and it’s mostly being build on the basis of their incredible coffee. My day isn’t right unless I’ve had a couple cups of Hermits Bold Blend in the morning or the Hazelnut or Royal Rum Pecan (or Espresso) after supper.

So imagine my surprise when I popped over there to order more brew (it is my one extravagance!) and found that they have added not only custom teas — which I fully intend to try — but iced coffee blends, as well!

Yeehah! Not sure I need the Ice Coffee Maker they offer but the coffee blends themselves sound yummy!

I will say, however, that the Monks French Press Travel Mug, which stores a bit of grind for another cup in its base is also — I know I overuse the word — awesome!

Check it out!

Someone just sent
this my way, re the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration who recently moved from Ohio to North Carolina. You might say this is another way to fund a monastery, although, frankly it may be a little dear, these days.

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  • Kathy Schiffer

    Someone gave me a gift of their Midnight Vigils coffee. I never understood whether it’s (1) high-octane to keep you awake for prayer, or (b) decaffeinated, to let you sleep when you drink coffee late at night. It’s good, though!

  • Theca

    Kathy, I have had the very same question!

    [Midnight Vigils...very bold. Keeps you up alllll night. I go with the Hermit's Bold Blend, which is bold but I can still sleep! :-) -admin]

  • Liz

    I love Mystic Monk coffee and I love knowing that my coffee habit goes to support praying, Carmelite monks! :-)

  • James

    I’ve been buying Mystic Monk Coffee for about two years now. The Royal Rum Pecan with a splash of cream is nothing short of sinful. Seriously, the smell alone is addictive. And the Hermits Bold Blend packs a punch that feels like an entire pot in each cup. Good stuff.

  • Sharon

    I feel guilty, as if I am a petrol sniffer, when I inhale the coffee from the bag. lol My favourite is hazlenut but, based on your recommendation, I will try the Royal rum Pecan.

    [If I could only choose one, I'd be hard-pressed to do it; they're both great! -admin]

  • Jim Hicks

    Glad they have added tea. Don’t think I have had a cup of coffee in 5 years. Their blend that includes flowers is a popular blend that Russians enjoy.

  • Andy

    Thanks for this article about Mystic Monks, we have been buying their coffee for two plus years. Our oldest daughter swears by the Iced Coffee Blends – we gave her some for her birthday and she has decided she is addicted. My wife and I love the Midnight Vigils in the winter and the Hermit’s Bold in the Summer. It seems almost sinful to support the monks and enjoy their product this much. I now have an excuse to make more coffee. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Mandy P.

    I’m a flavored coffee drinker and the Mystic Monk coffee is the best I have ever tasted. My favorite is the Carmel. Wen I got my first bag of that stuff, I opened the box it was shipped in and was hit with the smell of candy bars. I knew I was in for a serious treat. Yummy!

    I picked up a bag of their Coconut Cream iced coffee blend on my last order. I don’t particularly care for iced coffee, so I just brew it and drink it hot. It is divine. Even my husband, who is not big coffee person, wants some whenever I make it. I’ve got my mom drinking their coffee now, too.

  • Teresa

    I shall try it. Occasionally, I give our parish priest (a Franciscan) a gift. This sounds like a good idea for him as well. Thanks.

    [Every Christmas I give our parish priests Mystic Monk coffee, and they're always all, "you remembered the Jingle Bell Java, right?" -admin]

  • MJ

    I’ve been buying Mystic Monk coffees for about 2 years (at the Anchoress’ recommendation) and have enjoyed many of their flavored regular and decaf coffees. But, my absolute favorite is Jingle Bell Java/Pascha Java. I always order plenty when those flavors are available. Even my husband who is not a coffee drinker enjoys the smell of a fresh brewed pot of Mystic Monk coffee!!

  • Sally Thomas

    Oh, the Poor Clares in Charlotte! We love them. And that video is full of people we know — what fun to see it! Thanks for posting it.