Hey MSM: Bachmann & Palin not the same!

Max Lindenman has a really good analysis up over at his place, looking at why the press is making a mistake in trying to treat Michele Bachmann like Sarah Palin:

Heading up Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone profile is a caricature in which a a wild-eyed Bachmann sits astride a horse, wearing armor and brandishing a sword. This is not rally a picture of Bachmann at all; it’s a picture of Sarah Palin with Bachmann’s face, or something like it. If the media really expect to rattle Bachmann, they’re going to have to put that kind of wishful thinking to bed. They’re dealing with an altogether different animal with altogether different weaknesses. Unless the media can sound those out, they may have to get used to another conservative president who, like Reagan, dressed for success in Teflon.

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

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  • Mandy P.

    Yeah, the latest Bachmann nonsense is that she’s an anti-Catholic bigot because she used to be a Lutheran. GASP!

    I guess we’re all supposed to be shocked that the old Lutheran creed had something in it about the Pope being the anti-Christ. They must think most Catholics missed the part about the Protestant Reformation in World History class or something. It’s stupid.

  • Will

    There are reports that she quit her church within the past few months.

  • Mandy P.

    The original hit piece on her from the Atlantic said that she officially resigned recently but that she hadn’t been attending or active in that particular church for more than a year.

    But even if she was, so what? Are we really supposed to be surprised that Protestants think we’ve got it all wrong? I’m a recent convert and am one of only two adult Catholics in my entire family. About 90% of my relatives think I’m going to hell for converting and have damned my children by having them baptized Catholic. And they’re from several different Protestant denominations, so its not just one kooky sect that thinks this way.

    The reality it is that a very large chunk of Protestants who take their faith seriously have strong feelings about the Church. Most think that we worship idols by venerating Mary and the Saints. A good number of them think that the Church is the system by which the Anti-Christ will force people to worship the devil. And those Protestants who are more liberal mostly think the Church is evil because we reject gay marriage, women’s ordination, contraception, etc. This isn’t really news to me, so I’m kinda surprised that it’s news to anyone else.

    The question is whether or not Bachmann or someone else who is a Protestant would try to suppress or discriminate against Catholics and I’m pretty sure the answer to that is no. All of the Protestants I know or am related to may have serious misgivings about the Church but they wouldn’t dare mistreat a Catholic or try to interfere with our religious practices.

  • Greta

    The way the left attack women in the Republican Party makes me sick. If half of the things said to and about them were leveled at the democratic women, they would be calling for heads to roll. Their crime? They do not support the murder of babies, and do support marriage between one man and one woman, support the text of the constitution as law and not judges legislating from the bench, and other assorted crimes against perversity.
    Of course we have a few exceptions in the Republican party who are Republican in name only. In many cases, they are slightly better than having a Democrat in those seats, but not on things like life issues and often not to stop giving gay behavior special rights.

    Note the atheist Bill Maher and his “panel” of perverts and hacks attack …watch for usual language from the likes of Maher. But imagine if this were about Michele Obama instead of Michele Bachman…


  • Ceecee

    There are only so many times the media can scream “monster, monster” and have people believe them. I think they may have used all, or most, of those times up with Sarah Palin. The public will get weary of it after a while if every pro-life Republican woman is painted as the wicked witch of the west. They will stop believing what they are spoon fed.

    There will be a woman president some day, and she might NOT be a Democrat. She might even be (gasp) pro-life. She might even be (double gasp) a pro-life feminist, thus redefining what it means to be a feminist in our culture. Wow, would that ever be a nightmare for the hard core pro-aborts. But it could happen, so get used to it.
    BTW: You might end up wishing you had Sarah in the white house when God gets through judging this country.

  • tempus fugit

    My main qualm about Bachmann is that she’s a lawyer. If it were up to me, lawyers would be forbidden from holding office.

  • SKAY

    “My main qualm about Bachmann is that she’s a lawyer”

    She is a tax attorney. She may have some good ideas about reforming our tax system.
    My daughter works for oil and gas attorneys and they are conservative Republicans – not at all like trial attorneys who support the Democrat Party and never want tort reform on anything-hence no tort reform in Obamacare.
    I understand your point-but there are some that are not always trying to twist the Constitution in ways that make the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves.

    We Christians need to recognize that this is a (well funded) tactic being used by the left to divide pro life Christians of all stripes in order to achieve their agendas. Since 51% of Catholics voted for this pro abortion President–they have had some success .

    As a convert many years ago-I have heard both Protestants and Catholics say untrue things about the other. It would be better to concentrate on the things that we agree on–concidering the war that is being raged on Christianity all over the world these days.

  • Elizabeth Anne

    Mandy P – Lutherans at large may have set a lot of that aside, but believe me: WELS Lutherans are a different breed entirely. They do still actively preach that the Pope is the anti-christ, among a great many other anti-Catholic teachings.

    I can’t speak to anything the Congresswoman believes personally, but don’t underestimate how deeply seated anti-Catholic sentiment is in this church.

  • Mandy P.

    Elizabeth Anne,

    Prior to my conversion, I’d spent time with various family members in several Churches of Christ, a Church of God, a Baptist church, a Southern Baptist church (and yes, there is a difference), a Holiness Pentecostal church, and two Presbyterian churches. If what the WELS teaches classified as deep seated anti-Catholic sentiment, I can guarantee that the stuff about Catholics that comes out of those pulpits I’ve listed would turn your hair white. There is a LOT of anti-Catholic sentiment in Protestant churches today. Most just aren’t publicly strident about it outside of their religious communities like they used to be.

  • boaz

    WELS subscribes to the Lutheran confessions without revision. That means they believe the office of the papacy is antichrist because its doctrine opposes justification by faith alone. (Which, as faithful Catholics, you must admit it does, given Trent anathemized the doctrine of justificaiton by faith alone and Trent is “good doctrine” in the Catholic church.) That also means they subscribe to the parts that state they would rejoin the Catholic church if permitted to preach the Lutheran doctrine of justification from within the Roman church.

    Most WELS members have never heard of the doctrine that the papacy is antichrist. It’s not preached. Of course, works righteousness is criticized severely. But still, most WELS Lutherans are closer to Catholics than they are to Baptists.

    If you want to know how confessional Lutherans view Rome, this is a pretty good summary: