"Does the bride come with potatoes?"

So, I asked Buster to do something for me.

And he responded, that he couldn’t because he was really busy; he had to work.

I wondered, “what are you working on that’s got you so busy? You’re leaving for school in a few days; the lawn is mowed; the weeds — well they need pulling — but what’s got you so busy?”

“I have to walk the earth…and find sheep to shear.”

Frankly, when he said he had to walk the earth, I worried that he was once more channeling Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction and that any second he’d be quoting Ezekiel to me, but such was not the case.

It turns out he is doing something called minecrafting — an online thing where you grind stuff, excavate things like dirt, coal and gems, or you put sand into a forge, and light a fire with the coal you’ve mined and burn the sand into glass. For your buildings. Or you make trains, laying down mile after mile of tracks.

Basically it’s virtual Legos. And if you want wool…you have to go find sheep. And shear them.

So, my son is very busy. But not too busy that — for no reason I could ascertain — he couldn’t do a google search on how Irish folk say the word “potatoes”.

This is what he found. Make sure you can read the subtitle.

“Listen to those sheep; how hungry they are!”

Yes, I will miss him when he returns to school. But right now I’ma close to beatin’ on his head with my big shillelagh stick!

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