Art and Faith on EWTN

While in Rome for the Church Up Close seminar, last September, it was a great and lasting pleasure to meet Ashley Noronha and her husband, John, brilliant people of faith who exude joy and warmth. It was a real grief that a return to Rome for the Beatification of John Paul II and the Vatican/Blogger Meet-up was so busy that I was not able to catch up with them for a cappuccino. As we say in New York, “they’re the sort of people who, if you can get-together with them, you should.

So it was wonderful to learn that this lovely and learned couple have been invited to contribute segments to EWTN’s Vatican Report, which will be called, “Art and Faith.”

Writes Ashely:

“The concept is to show how in Rome, art and faith come together like in no other place. The subject that we chose for the first episode was Caravaggio, to show the connection between grace, faith and art. You can catch it on EWTN’s Vatican Report on TV or on-line here). The show will air Sept 22 at 4.30am, again at 6pm and then once again on Sept 24, at 6.30pm (all times US Eastern)

I’ll be missing it as I head into retreat, but I have no doubt Ashley and John will utterly charm you, so try to watch!

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  • fiestamom

    Thanks for the heads up. I homeschool, and *this* is the year that I’m really trying to teach Art Appreciation. Also going to watch the DVD set you’re talking about above. What a great resource.

  • Jo-Ann

    I too thank you for the heads up. As a former art teacher I often bring art into my ministry especially when instructing adults on faith and theology. I feel there is a wonderful connection between art and theology and just as art was used throughout the centuries to help teach the illiterate about scripture, the saints and most of all about Christ, so too we need good Christian art more than ever to help bring the beauty of our faith back into the hearts of the faithful.

    Enjoy your retreat.