“Catholicism” Tonight on EWTN

With his beautifully filmed series “Catholicism”, Father Robert Barron has done for the church what Ken Burns did for the Civil War and Baseball — brought it to life in an immediate, meaningful and accessible way. Some parts of the series have run on some PBS stations, and tonight EWTN will be debuting six episodes.

I cannot recommend the series enough and urge you to gather your family (and friends and neighbors) together — even those who roll their eyes at “church stuff” — to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to grow in understanding about who we are, what we believe, and why we believe it. This series has breadth and depth; it is not a couple of people standing around talking — it is, rather, a literal “journey into the heart of the faith,” just as the book says.

Speaking of the book, Catholicism, last weekend I heard a priest enthusiastically urge his parishioners to “buy it and read it, and give it away from Christmas.”

This is who we are, and we need to learn about our faith, and to appreciate it at its core, if we are ever going to be able to defend it with heart and fortitude when we must.

If you are not sure where to find EWTN in your area check here

my interview with Father Barron
on the Catholicism project.

Read Chapter One of Catholicism and a variety of reviews and excellent commentary on the book and series.

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  • http://thecatholicgiftshop.com Cathi D

    Our parish offered a viewing of one of the episodes on Saints. It was terrific!

  • Paul

    Why are they only showing episodes 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10? I really want to see it but I don’t think I want to start in the middle and miss a bunch of stuff. What a tease.

    [It's not a tease -- each episode stands up very well on its own; you don't have to see the whole thing, in order, from start to finish, to appreciate each episode. PBS aired the first four (and in some areas, five) episodes. It's a lot for anyone to air all ten episodes. But if you really want to see it all, in order, the whole DVD set can be purchased. That too, would be a great Christmas gifts. -admin]

  • Anonymous

    I’ve watched two episodes on PBS and really enjoyed it!! It’s true, each episode stands very well on its own. Looking forward to watching these.

  • Paul

    @Admin & Anonymous Thanks for the assurances. I’ll try to watch tonight if I can. (I would purchase the set, but it’s out of my price range.)

  • janice

    Way out of my price range also. Maybe after its out awhile the price will come down. I understand why its expensive as I read it cost $250,000 to make. $112. is not bad for 10 dvds. I’m just too broke. lol

  • http://facebook Anita Kelley

    I am excited about watching this series. I have programmed my TV to tape each episode in case in have to miss any one of them. I am so greatful that EWTN is airing this series since PBS in the Boston area has decided not to broadcast it.

  • Katherine

    I have it set on TIVO, thanks Anchoress

  • Greta

    Yes, I watched two that were on the local PBS but then it disappeared. It seemed to be replaced by a hatchet job called God in America which was filled with distortions and outright lies. I am not supposed to know it but the grandkids have purchased the full set for me for Christmas. I have purchased the books for my kids and several friends (and myself) for christmas.

  • http://learnfromthewildflowers.blogspot.com Jo-Ann

    I gave the book to our pastor for his birthday and he has been using bits and pieces of it in his homilies. He too recommended it and we put a full page ad in our bulletin about the airings on TV. I didn’t get the chance to see it on PBS but I am watching Fr Barron on EWTN now and then I’ll watch the episodes over the next few days. We are ordering the DVD for the parish and hopefully I will be showing them after daily mass along with coffee and cake and good conversation after the viewing.

  • Paul

    Okay, I just watched the first installment on EWTN and it was excellent–Fr. Barron has done a wonderful job.

    However, I didn’t realize EWTN was going to show an abridged version of episode IX. It was, in fact, a terrible, terrible tease. So there’s that BOTH-AND thing.

  • Patrick Thornton

    The series cost over $3 Million to produce.

    Many PBS stations are still airing it. I believe NY starts next month.

    You can find complete PBS listings at http://www.catholicismseries.com/watch/tv-schedule

  • Ellen

    Every Christmas I give myself a present and Father Barron’s series is it for this year. I watched last night on EWTN and loved it. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    It was very enjoyable. I got to see most of the two episodes last night.

  • Ellen

    I wonder why EWTN only aired part of that episode? Anyone know what the contents of it were originally? What did they cut?

  • Stargazer

    Does anyone know if they will stream it online at any point? I’d like to see this, but I don’t get EWTN and the Boston area PBS stations aren’t airing it.


  • Barbara P

    I bought the DVD series directly from Word on Fire ministries to support Father Baron’s work. More expensive than Amazon’s price and it means I will be going without some other things for awhile but I wanted to support Father Baron’s evangilization efforts to disaffected Catholics. He is a clear and passionate teacher of our faith and I know he has the gift to open minds and hearts to the Gospel. May God continue to be with you Father and all of you who work at Word on Fire.

  • Barbara P

    Sorry, I misspelled your name Father Barron!