A Travel Mug Coffee Press!

When I announced the good news the other day — no, not that Good News, but the other good news that assists in our salvation, the re-emergence of Jingle Bell Java into our universe — someone noticed that I neglected to include my usual rave for Mystic Monk Hazelnut Coffee. They wondered if I’d soured on it.

Good heavens, no! The Hazelnut (and the Rum Pecan) are late-night decaf staples around here — great relaxants at the end of a long day! It’s all good stuff.

But during the day — the runaround day requiring caffeine and mobility — this has become my new favorite gizmo of the world: The Mystic Monk Travel Press!. I this thing because it has a “storage” area in the base, where you can store grinds for a second cup of coffee!

It’s sort of decadent but not excessive, you know? A little treat! I gave one to a family member for her birthday and I think she would marry it, if she could.

Sort of a thoughtful little addition to a Christmas gift package, too!

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  • erica

    oh my! jingle-bell java and a travel mug/press worthy of marriage??? thanks for making my day better! :)

  • Teresa

    Thanks. I shall order two mugs for Christmas gifts. My vow this year was to shop only locally in my town but this seems too good to pass up.

    [I try to shop locally when I can, too, but I also try to support monasticism, too by purchasing things I really love from monastery sources; they really need it. -admin]

  • Steve

    My mug/press has become my favorite coffee cup! And don’t get me started on the Monks’ coffees o’ th’ month!!

  • David K. Monroe


    I saw this item and was intrigued, but is it a good choice for someone who takes creamer and sweetener in coffee? Or is it primarily for the black coffee drinker?

    It seemed to me that the press might become a bit of a mess with creamer and sweetener.

    [You know how I do it? I add the sweetener and milk to the grind b/f I pour the water. It's not pretty. But who cares about pretty! -admin]