SkyDaddy Bloomberg Takes a liking to Playing Deity UPDATED

A couple of winters ago, I slipped on the ice and needed x-rays. Came home with three days worth of pain pills. A few months ago my son had an accident, needed x-rays and came home with three days worth of pain pills. No over-prescription, here.

But apparently New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg perceives painkillers as being too-available, and he needs to control it. And if you have to suffer so he can feel better about things, well, that’s too bad. Via Instapundit:

Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city officials unveiled a new initiative to limit supplies of prescription painkillers in the city’s emergency rooms as a way to combat what they described as a growing addiction problem in the region. Some critics, as documented by The New York Times, however, felt the move would unnecessarily hurt poor and uninsured patients who use emergency rooms as their primary care doctor. Needless to say, Mr. Bloomberg was not swayed by this line of argument.

“The city hospitals we control, so … we’re going to do it and we’re urging all of the other hospitals to do it, voluntary guidelines. Somebody said, oh, somebody wrote, ‘Oh then maybe there won’t be enough painkillers for the poor who use the emergency rooms as their primary care doctor,’” the mayor said on his weekly radio show with John Gambling. “Number one, there’s no evidence of that. Number two, supposing it is really true, so you didn’t get enough painkillers and you did have to suffer a little bit. The other side of the coin is people are dying and there’s nothing perfect … There’s nothing that you can possibly do where somebody isn’t going to suffer, and it’s always the same group [claiming], ‘Everybody is heartless.’ Come on, this is a very big problem.”

In the same interview, Mr. Bloomberg stressed the initiative’s simple rationale is to prevent extra pills from piling up in the cabinets of New Yorkers who no longer need them, where they can pose a health risk if they’re abused.

As the Deity’s presence in the public arena is reduced, it is replaced with control freaks like this guy, who has decided so what if you have to suffer a little, as long as no one has unused pain killers in their medicine cabinets.

Christian theology has the means and the practices to help us bring meaning to our suffering, if we must suffer. Under secular theology (seculalogy?)if (because the mayor of the city wants to make sure you don’t have an errant Vicodin laying about) you must suffer a bit, well…”offer it up” for the sake of heaven Bloomberg’s burgeoning SkyDaddy sensibilities.

Of course, Bloomberg is in his third term of as Mayor in a city with a two-term limit. He doesn’t feel accountable to much of anything but those sensibilities. Lame Ducks — whether they intend to ever leave office or not — have astonishing “flexibility.”

Megan McArdle has more thoughts: “I assume that this will also make it harder for addicts to get the prescription drugs with which they are currently screwing up their lives.  But it’s hard for me to view this as a worthwhile tradeoff.  It seems fairly horrible to keep people in bad pain, incurred through no fault of their own, in order to protect other people from themselves.  I’m not minimizing the problem of prescription drug abuse, mind you; I’ve known a few people who’ve had a hard time with it.  But I’ve also known a few people who were in chronic pain, and I know which one I’d choose.”

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  • Manny

    Let me get this straight. People have to suffer so others won’t get a hold of the spare pills? And what constitutes an acceptable level of suffering? Does the Dr. Bloomberg–oops, sorry–Mayor Bloomberg catagorize what the appropriate level of pain a person can take before he qualifies for relief? Bloomberg is my mayor and boy do I need a painkiller from his obnoxious nannyisms.

  • FW Ken

    Well, he’s on his third term, so apparently, someone in New York likes him. I probably wouldn’t vote for him, but I wouldn’t live in New York either, so My opinion doesn’t really count.

  • The FatMan

    Dear Anchoress, This is a comment relating to the link: “…bringing meaning to our suffering.” Sorry to backtrack but I would love feedback/clarification. Thanks!
    Per the link: As Paul writes to the Colossians: “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and fill up on my part that which is lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church . . .”

    My Comment: After re-reading St. Paul’s statement, is it possible he is not referencing what is lacking in Christ, (as seems to be the most common understanding) but that St. Paul is saying the afflictions of Christ that are lacking IN ST. PAUL’S OWN BODY? As in, “Yes, I have been afflicted with this one thorn of suffering but it is nowhere near what our Lord has suffered and so I fill up on WHAT I LACK: more suffering to be more aligned with Christ’s Body, His Church.”
    (,,,that which is LACKING of the afflictions of Christ IN MY FLESH.)

  • Fiestamom

    I’m still angry that I have to show an ID to buy Sudafed.

    This idea of Bloomberg’s is scary. My mother has a nerve disorder that is known to cause people to commit suicide because of the pain. Recently, she had a surgical procedure that went horribly awry, and wound up in the ER in such pain, she was banging her head against the wall. I feel like I can literally feel the tyranny encroaching.

    Did you see Althouse post today about the emperor of Austria? She could have been writing about Bloomberg! History repeats….doom…etc.
    “The ordinary people were not happy. They loathed the Emperor’s interference in every detail of their daily lives.Why should they be forbidden to bake ginger-bread just because Joseph thought it bad for the stomach? Why the Imperial edict demanding the breast-feeding of infants? Why the banning of corsets? From these and a thousand other petty regulations, enforced by a secret police, it looked to the Austrians as though Joseph were trying to reform their characters as well as their institutions. ”

  • Ellen

    Since I live in Kentucky, where sad to say addiction to prescribed pain killers is a terrible problem, I sort of, kind of understand where Nanny Bloomberg is coming from. Of course, all this is going to do, is make it very difficult for patients who legitimately need pain relief and who would not DREAM of abusing the system to get the medication they need.

    I know a woman who is in the throes of terminal cancer and who is on three pain meds. They do nothing. I’ve thought that in her case, she should just go ahead and take some heroin.

  • Amy

    Maybe this is part of the “let’s wait and see” what is in the Obamacare bill after it was passed.

  • Kathleen Sexton

    There may be another insidious issue working here. Cost. Poor people in pain, suffering in the ER, may pay little if anything should narcotics be prescribed. Expect more hidden savings as Obama Care unfolds.

  • Gloria Enoch, ofs

    I am shocked to hear that a person, not a doctor, not liscensed to prescribe is prescribing. That is what Bloomburg is doing. Since I am writing from Canada where lay people, i.e. non doctors CANNOT prescribe I am confused. I think you folks in the U.S. have much more serious problems that need fixing regarding Health Care and Health Care Delivery than this. You need to tell Bloomburg NO, set some boundries or you will soon be taken over by people who are qualified for nothing making all of your personal medical decisions.

  • Stacey

    Ellen, I’m a doctor in Kentucky. Since the severe restrictions on narcotic prescriptions came out, the emergency rooms are now seeing great increases in heroin use.

  • fats

    change the subject matter around to read ” gun Control” rather than painkillers, and there you have it..

  • Cowboy

    What’s the attraction of this guy, Bloomberg? He does seem like a control freak on a power trip all the time. He launched a string of initiatives against smoking, transfats, salt and then Big Gulps in turn, but at least some defense can be made that these things were matters of public health. I’d say bringing the heavy hand of the state into these matters is an unwarranted exercise against personal freedom, but, okay this guy’s a statist activist of the hyperactive stripe. But look, doesn’t he all too willingly cross lines that ought not be crossed? At his direction the NYPD turned up at gun shows in Virginia arresting bewildered people for violating NYC laws. After Hurricane Sandy, Bloomberg was for shutting down the Navarro-Narrows Bridge (the major relief corridor to badly stricken Staten Island) and also kicking refugees out of the city’s hotels so he could put on a marathon foot race. Now this with the pain killers. Why do the people of New York keep electing this guy?

  • Teresa

    Three terms! Voters in NYC are not very smart.

  • NBW

    Bloomberg is scary. He is a prelude to Obama care; people who haven’t a clue will probably decide on what treatments, care and pills will be rationed to all of us.

  • Klaire

    I wish Bloomberg was as concerned about the record breaking number of NYC abortions (60% abortion rate in NYC; highest in the US) as he is over a few well needed narcs.

    Interesting paradox, per Pope John Paul II’s teaching in one of his last books, Memory and Identity, is that “Suffering consumes evil.” Well, God is known to work in strange ways.

    Perhaps the Catholics of NYC who do understand redemptive suffering , as low as that number probably is, who don’t get their pain pills can now be participants in not only reducing “excess painkillers”, but excess NYC evil.

  • LadyBird

    I know someone in my life who was addicted after 3 days of painkillers for knee replacement surgery. He went to the ER thinking he was still reacting to the anesthetic. He was diagnosed with probable addiction. Most drugs for pain are not allowed any longer and docs have few to choose from. This guy was an exception to the rule getting addicted so fast. I was there when he was wrenching from withdrawal it was awful! However, the field of medicine is best left to the professionals and not to those who would be God Almighty. We are not children and we need to teach our children not to grow up to depend on people like Bloomberg or they will become serfs in their kingdom.

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  • MarkJ

    Maybe somebody can slip Nurse Bloomberg some painkillers in his 16 oz. cup and get him addicted. I guarantee if they do that, he’ll be a lot less of a pain in the ass.

  • Forrest

    Let’s get right to the heart of our woes and ban the totalitarian Bloomberg and the rest of the nanny state democrats this next election.

  • G. Cobb

    This will only encourage people to stash extra pain pills.

  • John C. Randolph

    Sounds to me like Bloomberg’s begging to be the defendant in several thousand lawsuits for inflicting pain and suffering. Hopefully, they’ll bankrupt the autocratic little twat.


  • Manny

    Cowboy: “What’s the attraction of this guy, Bloomberg?”
    Theresa: “Three terms! Voters in NYC are not very smart.”

    LOL, I guess you have to live here to see the full picture. Bloomberg ran first as a Republican and then as an Indepedent. You have to realize how extreme Liberal the politicians are here in NYC. I believe Democrat registration is something like 8:1 over Republicans. The city had become an unmanagable mess through the 1960s through 1991 when any sanity from Democrats went out the window. NYC had devolved into a jungle, a zoo, and one that was completely broke. Then Rudy Guiliani cracked through as a Republican and transformed the city. I can’t tell you enough how much of a difference Rudy made. No single politician in my lifetime has had a greater impact on my living conditions. And after two terms he gave it up because of term limits. Bloomberg ran as a Republican vowing to continue Rudy’s policies. And he has. His first two terms were very good. He’s held city unions at bay with great negotiations, by-passed the teacher’s union to get the education system under his control, and he’s done a fine job with the finances. However, he got the term limits law changed from two terms to three and that stuck in my throat. I voted for him the first two times but not the third. Between Rudy’s two terms and Bloomberg’s three terms we will have had 20 years where the Democrats have been out of power here. And the city is remarkably prosperous and safe compared to every other major city in the country. However, in these last few years, Bloomberg has become a raging nanny, trying to condition every one to what he thinks is right.

    That said, it seems the Democrats will take over once he’s gone. That will be a disaster, in my opinion. The likely candidate is Christine Quinn, a “married” lesbian who is pro-abortion on everything. She is a Liberal nightmare.

  • Nan

    I have a friend who uses a lot of salt and have told her more than once she’d better watch it or Michelle Obama will send Mayor Bloomberg to take her salt away. I hope I’m kidding.