Remember “Catholicism” and How I Raved? Welp…

Okay, regular readers must remember how much I loved Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, both video series and book? I wrote about it a lot, because it was like a call to revolution — a Revolution of Re-appreciation of the church, from its earliest beauties and truths. For me, Father Robert Barron’s book (and video) remains one of the first great Evangelical tools of the new century.

Okay, enough gushing. So, I get a note from Image books, asking me if I’d like to participate in a “blog tour” for the release of the paperback book and I say, “thank you for thinking of me, but blog tours make me feel ughy (I didn’t even do one for my own book!) and besides, I so thoroughly beat my readers over the head about Catholicism that I really don’t want them to feel abused, so I will take a pass.”

And the woman was so nice, and said, “well, I’ll send you a copy of the paperback, anyway, just for yourself.”

And I thanked her. Even though I have 7-8 books coming in a day that are all piled up around me, waiting to be read, I innocently thanked her.

And then, the book came and…well you know how I am about books, right? I baby them and barely open them as I read, so they look perfectly untouched, even years later. And when a book feels good in the hand, I find it irresistible.

Catholicism feels so good in the hand, it’s ridiculous. It’s a perfectly-sized paperback version of a terrific book, and it even has full-color plates, too!

So here I am, raving about a book I’ve already raved about, because I am a neurotic bibliophile and when a book feels and looks this good, I have to talk about it again.

So, yeah…I got played a little bit, by a clever bookseller, I admit it. Props to her; she was smart. She knew the book was beautiful and if I had it in my hand (and it fit so well) I’d never not be able to talk about it! Well played, young woman! Well played!

And I feel guilty about plaguing you with it, truly, I do. But you’ll forgive me when you hear about what I found in my email this morning:

It’s a promotional sweepstakes! From Barron’s Word on Fire organization, and Image Books! And it’s a trip to Paris and Rome! And you need to enter it! You have to! Do it now, because if you don’t, I’m going to.

Even if you don’t win the trip, you could be one of the folks who wins the Catholicism DVD Set, which is worth like, $100, and is both a beautifully wrought series and an excellent way to bring your parish together for a few weeks.

So, enter the sweepstakes. No purchase necessary.

But the book really does feel excellent in the hand…

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