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Church of Geeks

WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN:Poor Glen Lafantasie. The Civil War historian from Kentucky is freaking out over the sesquicentennial of the war's declaration. He fears it will trigger a nostalgic frenzy among the amateurs -- particularly the reenactors, who seem to him touched by the obsessiveness that’s made sci-fi and comic fanboys such an easy target for stand-up comedians:Civil War reenactors and buffs seem to have a far greater tolerance level than I do. They live and breathe the war r … [Read more...]

Dating, Si; Cohabiting, No?

WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN:Yesterday, I was impressed to see so many readers celebrating the royal wedding as a validation of marriage. At First Things, Meghan Duke takes a slightly different approach: she sees it as a rebuke to the practice of permanent cohabitation:“It’s probably best that they live together before making a commitment,” one random fellow interviewed by the AP opined. According to anonymous “Royal commentators,” cohabiting on and off with his girlfriend has put Prince Wil … [Read more...]

Virgins, Martyrs and Vermin

[GUEST POST, WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN]A few more thoughts on the quirks of the canonization process...Regarding the round-the-clock publicity surrounding the capture and liberation of Private Jessica Lynch, Larry Flynt sniffed, "{the government] force-fed us Joan of Arc." If Larry had done his homework he'd have known that far greater scoundrels than anyone in the Bush administration had promoted the cults of -- sorry, Jessie -- far holier women, the Maid of Orleans being only … [Read more...]