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Thank you

It's difficult to think about anything but politics when it's been such a big news week. But I wanted to say thanks to The Anchoress, to my co-hosts, Kathy Schiffer and Father Longenecker, and to all the wonderful readers for a great week. I have so enjoyed the thoughtful posts of my co-guest-bloggers, and the excellent commentary in the comboxes. Before I sign off, I wanted to draw your attention to a book forthcoming in March from Our Sunday Visitor. A little over a … [Read more...]

“I Did My Work, Time Went By”

I organized my husband’s sock drawer yesterday. It had to be done, all those mismatched and threadbare tube socks emerging from the drawer making it impossible to close. I also went through his undershirts and put the dingy off-white ones in the washer with bleach. I might have made a bleachy paste to remove the underarm stains, if I knew how to do that. I could have looked on the internet for a bleachy paste recipe, but it seemed more prudent to stick to the task at hand until I saw it c … [Read more...]

Where does the Christian Fit Into the Gender Wars?

I knew if I spoke critically of the "The  Manosphere" I would encounter some angry men. My column today at Patheos, "Complementarity, Not Competition" has already brought out a few to make my point for me.Here's a taste:There is a corner of the internet known as the "manosphere."  In a backlash to perceived cultural bias against men due to the mainstreaming of feminist principles, some men, feeling oppressed and trampled into submission by strong women, are pushing back by schooling one a … [Read more...]

Why Catholic Women Don’t Make Good Mommy Bloggers

Up to date on the news as usual, I'm here to comment on Jen Fulwiler's post at the Register last December, "Why are there no Catholic Mom Bloggers on this Top 100 List?" The article references Babble's Top 100 Mommy Bloggers.The question has been puzzling me, this long wintry month, as almost all of the blogs I read are written by Catholic women who are mothers but who elude the title  "Mommy Blogger" for a number of reasons, as Fulwiler herself does.While several of my favorite bloggers … [Read more...]

How to understand the Culture of Life

Hello Everyone! I'm thrilled to be here alongside my esteemed co-hosts at The Anchoress, where the best readers on the internet congregate.If you've never heard of me, or my blog, Betty Duffy, that puts you with the vast majority of people online who read blogs. Kathy reports that my schtick is organized and happy, which causes me to fear that I have gravely misrepresented myself online. Keep reading, and I'm sure you'll encounter my miserable and disorganized side as well.I tend to run … [Read more...]

The Migratory Patterns of Nuns

BY MAX LINDENMANEverybody loves nuns. A priest has to get lit up by a death squad before anyone will give him credit for parting his hair in a straight line, and the Church is still too unused to deacons to have set them any reliable benchmarks for success. But if one smile from a woman religious can't melt your heart, then brother, you ain't got one.I am no exception to this general rule. The person who’s come closest to filling in as my spiritual advisor, my guru, both Blue Fairy a … [Read more...]

To My Mother, the Reluctant Catholic

BY MAX LINDENMAN -- GUEST POSTMy mother is the best Catholic I've ever known. That might sound a little strange when you consider she hasn't been to Mass since the fall of 1962, but there is is.While raising me, by herself, in Manhattan of all places, she was stewardship personified. When we moved to the City in 1979, she was working as some kind of sub-sub-sub-editor for the company that published The World Almanac and Book of Facts. I don't know what her salary was, but it was low. … [Read more...]

Abberant Priests, an Abberant Blogger

BY MAX LINDENMANMy more socially responsible friends tell me that part of a soldier's first general order is to quit his post only when properly relieved. Elizabeth, the once and future Anchoress, has asked me to remain on duty for a little while longer. Her arrival home has found her under the weather. I'm sure it's nothing major -- just one of those bugs a traveller's bound to pick up when consorting with new and exotic germs. The last time I was in Rome, I came down with a wicked case … [Read more...]