Curt at Flopping Aces writes: Since I’m on a ‘everything but politics’ kick today…” and he links you to a story on the Buried Belvedere Unearthed. You’ll like. I think I’m going to say “anything but politics” too…but for more than a day. Too much rage both left and right, and so much of it feels like a giant illusory overlay. I read a blogger today – can’t remember which one, but it doesn’t matter, there are so many right-wing… Read more

Fausta, who is writing and podcasting gangbusters over at her site, sent these puns. Shame on her. And on me for enjoying them so much! I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me. Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now. The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. The… Read more

Deacon Greg writes: St. Paul thrown from his horse can hardly compare with what happens to Simon Cowel in about four minutes… I think of this child’s singing as a sword of innocence thrust into the psyche a fierce world that has forgotten how sharp and bright is it’s guileless tip. UPDATE: To clarify my meaning – I listened to that that haunting and unadorned little voice and found it so innocent, so fresh and free of pretense, of cynicism,… Read more

I’ve written often about the wonderful book My Life With the Saints by James Martin, SJ, which is a must-have, must-read, destined-to-be-classic bit of modern Catholic writing. Now Deacon Greg at Deacon’s Bench delivers Martin to us via youtube, speaking to a gathering of booksellers, and it’s a treat to listen to him talking about humor and joy and the saints. Don’t miss it. It’s a day-brightener. Enjoy. Read more

I was considering doing a series of posts on the various “communal” prayers which are said at Mass. It’s struck me for a while, now, that we Catholics, who begin each Mass with a Penitential Rite meant to free us from the lesser – not grievous or mortal – sins, have been short-changing ourselves by our choice in how we do it. In most parishes today, the Penitential Rite will be a series of affirmations tied in to the Kyrie,… Read more

I like it just fine, myself, especially when the reader loves reading, as you know Julie at Happy Catholic does. Since she’s not busy enough raising two smart kids, running two smart blogs and her own enterprise, Julie has decided to podcast “Forgotten Classics” at a new site called, appropriately enough, Forgotten Classics. Check out Episode One (you have to go there to find out what she’s reading) and Episode Two…and if you listen to Episode Two, you Heyer readers… Read more

My Li’l Bro Thom just sent this to me. Incredible. A humble quiet phone salesman takes the stage at “Britain’s got Talent” and announces he wants to sing opera. The judges look skeptical to put it mildly. Then he sings. Translation: None must sleep! None must sleep! And you, too, Princess, in your cold room, gaze at the stars which tremble with love and hope! But my mystery is locked within me, no-one shall know my name! No, no, I… Read more

Not only is it weak, lame and tired…it’s not even imaginative! Leslie Moonves, CBS chief executive, on Tuesday suggested that sexist attitudes were partly to blame for the faltering performance of Katie Couric, the news anchor he recruited to the network with a $15m annual pay package. “I’m sort of surprised by the vitriol against her. The number of people who don’t want news from a woman was startling,” Mr Moonves said of the audience’s reaction to Ms Couric, who… Read more

A super busy today – I’d love to expound on some of the themes being sounded in some of these posts, but they are so well done, they really don’t need my additional and extraneous blather: Before you read any of this, though, head over to this site (H/T Pianogirl) and see why art is important and why it matters. Stuck in our little gerbil cages (especially here in the ‘sphere) and tucked into our own little worlds…stuff like this… Read more

:::UPDATE::: CALIFORNIA PASSES GAY MARRIAGE::: MY THOUGHTS here :::END UPDATE:::: Let’s put this in chronological order, shall we? Primo: The dispute began in January 2003, when the two Oakland employees created a subgroup at their workplace called the “Good News Employee Association.” It was partly in response to a group of homosexual employees having formed their own group 10 months before and being given access to the city e-mail system. One e-mail, dated Oct. 11, 2002, invited city employees to… Read more

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