Thinking About Gentrification and Church Plants

I have several friends who are heavily involved in church planting. While I myself have never had a particularly strong call toward being a church planter (though who knows if God will change that in the future), I have a deep appreciation for those who are called to such a vocation. That being said, a recent [Read More…]

Cultural Liturgies and the Power of Nationalism

I’ve recently been reading through James K. A. Smith’s book, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Baker Academic, 2009). I’ve interacted with some of Smith’s thought on the nature of cultural liturgies and how they form people before, but this is really my first deep dive into his writing on the subject. It is extremely [Read More…]

“Living Stones”: A Sermon on 1 Peter 2:2-10

  I have posted a few sermons on this blog over the last several months. This is my most recent one on 1 Peter 2:2-10 from just near the end of this past academic year. It was my first time preaching from one of the catholic epistles. While most of my time in both New Testament [Read More…]

Destroyer of the gods: Round Two

If you can only read one book about the history of early Christianity this year (or this summer, whichever comes first), I would highly recommend Larry Hurtado’s recent monograph, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Baylor University Press, 2016). It was my top book in the New Testament/Early Christianity category in my [Read More…]

So What Is The Story of the Bible?

I have been posting a good deal of Bible Project videos here as of late. But that is only because they are so great and help readers to look at the larger story that animates the whole of Scripture. In addition to their videos on biblical books and biblical themes, the Bible Project has recently [Read More…]

The Day of the Lord

My apologies up front to readers of this blog. This past week has been incredibly busy for me, what with final assignments, family coming to visit, and all the other things that life throws at you. As such it has been a whole week since I last posted anything. Never fear though, I am back [Read More…]

Aquinas on Faith and Reason

As I’ve mentioned in my last few posts, I’ve been on a bit of a Catholic reading kick over the last couple of weeks. Much of this reading has centered on Thomas Aquinas and his thought, particularly his Triune metaphysics. One thing I love about Aquinas (among others) is how he interweaves faith and reason as [Read More…]

The God Who Exceeds All Our Concepts

I’ve been on a bit of a Catholic reading and listening kick lately. I think of it as my way of engaging in ecumenical dialogue. One of these books has been Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith (Image: 2011). The book is intended to be both an introduction to Roman Catholic Christianity [Read More…]

Bishop Robert Barron on Catholics, Protestants, and Why Nominalism is No Good

I am a Protestant. Granted, I am a Wesleyan with strong Anglican leanings, especially in my view of the sacraments and theology. But I am, nevertheless, still a child of the Reformation; the English Reformation anyway. That being said, I have really come to enjoy reading and listening to Roman Catholic theologians and biblical scholars. [Read More…]

Book Review: Salvation by Allegiance Alone

What exactly does the New Testament mean when it speaks of faith? More specifically, what does it mean when it speaks about salvation by faith? Especially for those of us who inhabit one of the various Protestant traditions of Christianity, our understanding of salvation by faith typically revolves around a conception that emerged first with [Read More…]