It Is Right to Hate Evil: A Reflection on Charlottesville

We are right to hate evil, because we worship the God who will, one day, finally destroy it and free human creatures from its hold. Read more

Rowan Williams, Augustine, and the Insubstantiality of Evil

I have been working my way through Rowan Williams’ treatment of Augustine, On Augustine (Bloomsbury, 2016) as of late. Williams is one of my favorite theologians and, in my estimation, one of the most important theological minds of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Williams, an Anglican and the former Archbishop of Canterbury, is known for his academic work in theology as a whole. Indeed, one need only look up the list academic articles and books he has published to… Read more

Reviewing Richard Longenecker’s Book on Paul

The trend of lacking spare time and working many hours continues on through the dog days of summer. This of course means longer times between posts compared to the fall and spring. Never fear though, because I am still writing, albeit at a slower rate. In fact I just recently had a book review published in the Asbury Journal! It begins on p. 155 after you click the article link. I reviewed the revised and expanded edition of Richard Longenecker’s… Read more

Looking at the Divine Name

My life is super hectic right now, what with transitioning into a new job and finishing final coursework. Unfortunately this means that my available time for reading and writing time is quite limited. Never fear though, for in times like these the fantastic videos from The Bible Project are available to fill in part of the summer writing (and time) slump! In this video Tim and Jon look at the history of the Divine Name in the Hebrew Bible, “YHWH,”… Read more

The Bible’s Literary Styles

I’ve been a little behind on my blog posts over the last couple of weeks. This has been due to a lot of complications in starting a new job. Not to worry though, I am still blogging this summer even if it is a little less frequent than in the fall and spring. That being said, I have also been behind on keeping up with The Bible Project’s fantastic “How to Read the Bible” video series. Never fear though! The… Read more

Thinking About Gentrification and Church Plants

I have several friends who are heavily involved in church planting. While I myself have never had a particularly strong call toward being a church planter (though who knows if God will change that in the future), I have a deep appreciation for those who are called to such a vocation. That being said, a recent article in Sojourners has caused me to reflect on the nature of church planting as it is often practiced in evangelical circles. Admittedly, I have mixed… Read more

Cultural Liturgies and the Power of Nationalism

I’ve recently been reading through James K. A. Smith’s book, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation (Baker Academic, 2009). I’ve interacted with some of Smith’s thought on the nature of cultural liturgies and how they form people before, but this is really my first deep dive into his writing on the subject. It is extremely prescient writing, especially for Christians living in late-modern/post-modern Western settings. In short, Smith’s thought the book centers around the reality that the ritual behaviors, and… Read more

“Living Stones”: A Sermon on 1 Peter 2:2-10

  I have posted a few sermons on this blog over the last several months. This is my most recent one on 1 Peter 2:2-10 from just near the end of this past academic year. It was my first time preaching from one of the catholic epistles. While most of my time in both New Testament exegesis and sermon-writing has revolved around the Gospels and the Pauline epistles, I really enjoyed wrestling with this text and crafting a sermon around it…. Read more

Destroyer of the gods: Round Two

If you can only read one book about the history of early Christianity this year (or this summer, whichever comes first), I would highly recommend Larry Hurtado’s recent monograph, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Baylor University Press, 2016). It was my top book in the New Testament/Early Christianity category in my “Top Books of 2016” list that I composed near the end of last year (it was very closely followed by John Barclay’s magisterial tome, Paul and the Gift;… Read more

So What Is The Story of the Bible?

I have been posting a good deal of Bible Project videos here as of late. But that is only because they are so great and help readers to look at the larger story that animates the whole of Scripture. In addition to their videos on biblical books and biblical themes, the Bible Project has recently been working on a series of videos looking at what exactly the Bible is. They recently posted Part 2 of the series. Needless to say I… Read more

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