Friday Fishing…

Returning with an old favorite weekly feature, Friday Fishing, is this video of the Solemn Profession of Dominican Nuns, Sr. Yolanda Del Nino Jesus and Sr. Victoria de Nuestra a Senora del Rosario of the Monasterio de Santa Catalina de Sena in Cusco, Peru. Thank you, M. Snow, for sending me the beautiful video.

Friday Fishing is a weekly feature promoting the religious life through imagery and video. Each week I feature a particular religious community and provide information about the order and community in hopes of planting little seeds. I may not be able to get thee to a nunnery but you never know who reading this may be.

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Address: Santa Catalina Angosta
Cusco, Peru
Phone: 084/223-245
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. and Sat. 9-5, Fri. 9-3:30

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  • Patergary

    Simply beautiful!

  • espolon

    pido perdon por mi ignorancia, pero hace que me ponga a estudiar más sobre los rituales ,¿ alguien me puede decir si este mantiene la tradición de la Santa Iglesia católica o a sido reformado?, por lo que veo y me guio por el sentido católico, me parece muy sensiblero tipico de los modernistas y cuamdo veo guitarras en el altar es como que tengo guitarrafobia en las celebraciones de misas, no veo un altar preparado para una Santa Misa , la única de la Santa Iglesia, me parece más que es para un show , si es una reforma modernista con una doctrina falseada y protestantizada, le bajamos el pulgar, no sirve de nada , si me equivoco pido perdon y que Dios se apiade de mi

    • Marie

      This Solemn Profession could rightly be equated to these nun’s wedding days. It is a sacrament of the Church and rightly deserves all the pomp that should go with it. We celebrate and glorify God in the meager ways we can as flawed human persons. We give the best we can to Him to show how much He means to us. Mary poured very expensive oils over the feet of Jesus and wiped them with her hair. People said that it was wasteful of her and that she should have sold it and given the money to the poor. (John 12:3) These nuns are giving their whole selves and lives to Him. That should be celebrated!

  • Faith Flaherty

    The music is beautiful too. What is it?

  • susan

    You might wanna check this order out…beautiful video!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Susan, too beautiful to get lost in the comments. I will use this video next Friday.

  • Lirioroja

    This profession is beautiful! I especially loved when they covered the two professing sisters in rose petals.

    The music is nice but I don’t know why it was picked for this video montage. It’s a pop version of the opera duet “Sous le dôme épais”, or the Flower Duet, from the opera Lakmé. It’s best known as the British Airways tv commercial theme. It’s a lovely piece of music but I found it distracting because I know the piece and it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with liturgy or the religious life.

    A la persona que escribio antes queriendo saber si esto es en la tradición católica le puedo decir que si lo es. No te guies pro la musica del fondo de este video. No se porque escogieron esta musica, es una version pop de una canción de opera. Puede ser porque es linda per no tiene nada que ver con la santa missa ni con la vida religiosa. Solo es musica de fondo para el video. Y por lo que veo en el video esta es una profession bella, santa, y católica.

  • Patricia

    I thought you might be interested in the life profession of Sister Celeste (now Mother Theodora) from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery ( as a Stavrophore Nun at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Parma, Ohio on November 20, 2011: