I read the news today, oh boy…

… Don’t you love how mainstream media exhibits the highest journalistic integrity and gets their facts straight, presenting all the pertinent information to the public?

What wait?

Interestingly, WaPo, BBC, and CNN all failed to mention one bit of crucial information, that Nordine Amrani is a Moroccan born Muslim. The only thing all the news sources seem to go through great pains to point out is that this was not a terrorist incident.

Contrast this with the media coverage of the Italian shooting that happened the same day. When Gianluca Casseri shot two Senegalese market traders in Florence every single reporting agency noted he was an “Extremist Right Winger” in the headline or mentioned the fact within the very first paragraph. Every. single. one.

In other media news; Time Magazine names The Protester the Person of The Year. To quote that great professor of higher learning, Severus Snape, “How touching. I think I’ll vomit”.

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  • honeybee

    According to the local papers here in Europe, Amrani is Belgian of Moroccan descent.

  • kenneth

    They failed to mention that Amrani is Muslim because it’s not an established fact, and there’s no evidence whatsoever that his rampage was motivated in any way by religion or politics. In the case of Casseri, it’s not that hard to draw a straight line between his membership in an extremist group and his choice to selectively target foreign nationals.

    The most comprehensive story I have seen about Amrani to date paints a picture of a man who was simply a thug and drug dealer who harbored a hatred for society and who was determined not to go back to jail under any circumstances. It is by far one of the most common profiles of men who die in murder-suicide rampages, behind only domestic disputes and mental illness.


    According to his family attorney, Amrani not only was not Muslim, he apparently had no real ties to Morocco or the Middle East beyond ethnic extraction. He grew up in Belgium in foster homes and didn’t even speak Arabic. He was a gun nut with a fairly deep criminal history who had just barely skated on hard prison time a few years ago, and he knew the hammer was coming down on him for some new offenses, and he decided to go out in a blaze of sick glory at the expense of innocent people.

    So even though the facts don’t support this as a terrorist act, the fact that the “liberal media” said so is supposed to elicit a wink and nod from those of us who know the “real” facts because “we all know how those people really are”?

  • kenneth

    Amrani was born in the Ixells district of Belgium, according to the BBC. That fact, along with his lifelong criminal involvements and total lack of evidence related to Islamic extremism make it awfully unlikely he was a terrorist or sleeper agent. If he had any Islamist leanings, he hid it awfully well and it was like the fifth thing wrong with him.

  • honeybee

    Thanks, Kenneth, for doing the heavy lifting on this. Well done.

    Here in Belgium, I have the same information that you sited in the Telegraph, but had neither the time nor the energy to set the record straight.